Not-so-random Thoughts
* Red Cross
Again - I have added 'Amazon's Tsunami Relief Pay Box' over to the right, please consider donating whatever you can afford to spare ... 100% of your donation goes to the ARC! They have collected $14,876,763.00 to date! (not going up as fast as before - keep giving people, remember that there are months of aid-related work left - and your contributions are deductible on your '04 taxes!)!) My continued prayers for all those affected ... especially since this was caused by nuclear testing (ack).
* Ohio
(Hopefully) last statement on this damn issue - I would love to hear a Democrat justify, in a logical and concise fashion, questioning the Ohio vote but not questioning the recent Washington State election. And - RTftLC's summary of Ohio
(Aside from the obvious 'they have already stolen Washington State')
* Washington State
Call for a re-vote. When you have votes counted 3 times, 2 of them picking candidate A and one picking candidate B ... and votes mysteriously appearing between each count ... I really think you need to scrap the whole thing and call a do-over.
Failing that ... Rossi should not pursue the fight through litigation - that would be stooping to a low the 'other side' has already abused all to frequently (see also : Ohio). Oh, and hey lookie here - the dead are allowed to vote there!
* Weather
Cali still getting hammered with 12"(!) of rain, meanwhile Ohio flooding for the first time in decades ... and, while Houston & New Orleans have recently been hammered with snow (and the entire North Eastern US is in the grips of a 'deadly storm convergence') , Virgina still in the 50s-70s in January. I want snow here!
* Cable News (#s from Drudge)
... congrats to FOXNEWS, and to Bill O'Reilly!
(and did you hear that CNN has canned Bow-tie Carlson?)
* Aside from HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) being a money raising scam in the first place, let me tell you - any stray thought I had of buying a Hybrid vehicle (part gas, part electric - you know the deal) has been seriously derailed. Here in Virginia, Hybrids have been able to hit the HOV lanes, effectively ignoring the HOV requirement, for ~5 years ... Well, that ends in ~18 months. That was one of the largest 'pro-Hybrid' arguments, in my mind ... Oh well, saves me the trouble of buying one :) ... I'll stick my 14mpg Jeep Wrangler (it is 7+ years old and I have larger-than-stock tires, so my mileage is even worse than the 18-20 it got when new) for all 60 miles of my daily commute :(.

* Earthquake: Death Toll up to 159k ... still haven't seen anything refuting the India=1M dead article from a week or so ago :( ... and Terrorist group running a relief camp ... the word is indoctrination, and while any aid is usually good aid this must be watched (and probably stopped) ... and interesting before & after pix ... and some thoughts on the UN's mismanagement skills
* Police impostor kills ... we have one of those in Prince William County currently as well, but no-one has been killed (yet?). It will be interesting to see how the PDs respond to this ...
* Some thoughts on Inappropriate REQUIRED High School reading ... good reason to home school!
* Iraq: Iraqi Air Force, flying again ... and Retired General heading over to do a 'full review'
* Fear Factor being sued for $2.5M ... ahem, TORT REFORM!
* 8 die from Chlorine gas from train wreck in SC ... prayers for everyone affected, but also - I can't resist saying something about green dragons ...
* Hooker busts kiddie porn ... from a bad vice to a despicable one?
* "Secrets for a good job search"
* Economy on the right track ... but they are doing something wrong, in using PR firm - and $1M in taxpayer funds :(
* Malkin, on South Park Conservatives ... hey, that's me! .. oh, and why Kid Rock should NOT perform at the inauguration (BTW - I agree!)
* Hillary Clinton's Campaign (former) Finance Director Indicted ... that certainly doesn't help her 08 Presidential run :P
* Toyota to employ robots in Japan ... use both arms simultaneously, expected to be more efficient and more capable than even cheap human-based labor ... I wonder - are the unemployment checks to be direct deposited?

* A Call to Arms - Conservative bloggers/people unite
* Malkin's thoughts on 'torture' ... and GOPbloggers comments ... go, AG, go. Oh, and more here ... and CHT on torture
* Broadband over power lines - at gigabit speeds!?
* nVidia GeForce 6 goes mobile
* Gigabyte has released dual-video-card solution
* Smart Bombs fighting cancer
* FM transmitter for your house
* Toshiba releasing 2GB 'phone HDD'
* Archos releasing Linux/WiFi/Media Player
* Sandisk releasing SD card w/ built-in USB connectivity
* Fossil FINALLY ships their PDA-Watch
* Democracy or Republic
* A conversation on Social Security reform
* Specter betraying his party again? ... not really a surprise ... and Malkin's comments on Specter :)
* Some thoughts, and a conversation, on Clinton's legacy
* Michelle's been busy - two more excellent posts this am : One on immigration policy ... and a Rather-gate refresher :)
* Mozilla/Firefox flaws exposed
* Genetic HIV resistance?
* Contagious super powers in The Sims
* NYT to charge for online version ... good, one less overly-biased free site on the net ... or could the move to subscription/for-fee services to kill blogging?
* Airlines may have to deal with Snack Strikes
* Listerine no replacement for flossing?
* BSA trying to make the odious DMCA stronger???
* Exploring stars, catching comets
* Wired's 2004 Vaporware Awards! ... Spoiler: #1 = the Phantom Game Console - ""By the time this thing ever comes out, we'll have solved the chicken-and-the-egg question, colonized galaxies, cured disease and famine and, most importantly -- moved on.""
* No more free lunch - CPU-wise, is
* Praise for the Fed
* Who, in the MSM, can you trust?
* MS's AntiSpyWare tool ... IMHO - it seems pretty nice! Although it caught SU as malware
* Privilege escalation vuln found in Linux 2.4+ ... auto SU, anyone?
* USB storage as an application Delivery mechanism
* Republicans for the environment
* Palestine's next failed Presidential candidate tries a publicity stunt
* PC + couch = a bargain, at $50k!
* Arctic land rush?
* Jennifer Aniston has made herself available ... no more 'Bradifer'

* Killer asteroid found ... and killer graphics!
* Kerry for, then against, tsunami aid
* Palestinians rise up ... against Gere
* DeLay converts to Christianity
* Sea World + Bud = Adult Fun Park
* Your choices:Hillary or Kerry. Answer:Suicide.
* President Pledges $10 thousand to teach proper spelling of "tsunami"
* Secondhand smoke merges with local consignment store
* Amber Frey changes name to Amber Lethal Injection
* AG nominee AG lucky Congress not run like Abu Graib
* Australia Apologizes For Rupert Murdoch
* NSFW: Newfie premier wipes with Canadian flag
* UF : Hot Chicks Only
* AG nominees AG will state only name, rank & serial number ... to the Judicial Committee
* Sad but True: Introducing the Thudguard ... Yes, it is a helmet. Not for bike-riding, nor skate-boarding, etc. It is a helmet for WALKING. Seriously. Seriously dumb, that is.
* True: BBC staff cannot use the BBC ticker ... not compatible with their 'firm standard build' ... sounds like a certain consulting company I work forknow of.

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Quotes of the Day
* JohnnyBlazE: i went to google
JohnnyBlazE: to look for something
JohnnyBlazE: and i forgot what
JohnnyBlazE: so i asked google what it was
thanks BASH!
* We're not vegetarians because we love animals. We're vegetarians because we hate plants.
thanks RATM!
* Amber Frey: ... she is quite beautiful, and she is about as articulate as a coffee table ... Speaking on Ms. Frey - CBS to make stupid movie about stupid Amber
thanks SlapInions!

Word of the Day
thanks Belmont Club!... Oh, and read the whole article - excellent write-up on the whole torture situation!!

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