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* N.Korea - where the N is for Nuclear?
* Iraq: Another suicide car bomb ... 26 killed ... and they are cracking down on terrorists
* Earthquake: Nordics mourn missing 5,000 victims
* Malkin's thoughts on 'stingy Americans' ... and more here ... includes a link to pix of our American troops lending aid
* NY violent death rate falls sharply
* Rep. Robert T. Matsui (Cali, Dem) dies of Milo Dysplastic Disorder related complications
* Airplane-tracking laser - "I was just playing" ... one incident down, 5 to go?
* Europe coming to grips with Bush's re-election
* Kerry planning to run again? ... I doubt Hillary will let that happen! ... and more here
* Mad Cow confirmed in Canada ... so much for the US importing Canadian beef this Spring/Summer ...
* Avalanches in Utah
* Croatia having Presidential Election problems too
* Mexico publishes guide to assist border-crossing ... What?? Another example of why we need to lock that border up just a wee bit ...

* The Top Losers of the Year
* The enemies among us
* Super3G!
* Girl recovers from Rabies .... "first person known to survive rabies without a vaccination"
* US to see "Made in China" on cars soon?
* Thoughts on the upcoming San-Fran Gun Ban ... " Another Stupid Liberal (illegal) move"
* Vietnam != Iraq
* Tsunami, OBL, America - a thought from Cao
* Bloggers doing good things
* The will to wage war is essential to our national defense
* A Thought on Unemployment ... "Being unemployed for over a year is fairly rare here in the U.S., while in parts of Europe it is almost the norm"
* More on the 'fun' that occurred in the Wash State elections

* Dems' New Year's Resolutions
* NFL's Best and worst mascots reviewed
* Bush plays hide & seek, Rummy visits troops
* Two random links
... more later, maybe ...

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... Riley is eating Broccoli for the first time, woohoo ...

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