Taken For Granted

Quick Thoughts
* Looks like the Iraqi Election turnout has been revised down to ~60%, still a resounding success considering what they were facing (some walking 13 miles to get to a polling center) ... Our prayers to the 44 Iraqis killed for trying to vote. It embarrasses me that here in the US we can barely scrape 60% of the voters out to the polls, amazing what we all take for granted. Oh, and Kerry comes out and says the vote didn't matter. Nice. (More on that below)
* Drudge : Israel might be planning an attack on Iran's nuke sites ... not too much of a secret, apparently ...

* SAY NO to Senate Bill 5475 ... sweeping "assault weapon" legislation (and by assault weapons some shotguns & some antiques are included) ... oh, and a sheriff can inspect your storage of them annually.
* Iraq: The British C130 was apparently shot down ... condolences to all of those on board. This is the single deadliest day for the UK troops.
* Iraq: An opinion on the Iraqi Elections ... and more here ... and more here
* Dean losing the race for DNC chair? ... will he yell again? Pretty please? And, he wins some backing ... and more on Dean here
* This judge gets it wrong ... extends the protection of our constitution to captured terrorists
* Hillary faints
* Death Row soon-to-be-execution halted ... maybe we can get this rapped up sometime soon?

* Phishing, now Pharming
* More on Free Speech, or the lack of it where Christianity is concerned
* More on (Or is that Moron?) Kerry ... and Soros calls Kerry flawed ... and Kennedy not a good thing either ... and A US Marine responds to Kennedy ... and thoughts on libs in general
* Hormones vs premature births
* Bush, Iraqis = Yes. Noonan = No
* More on the 1gbps WLAN
* Your car, gas fob not so safe
* This balloon has staying power!
* Say No to LOST! ... "How do you tell a Communist? Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It's someone who understands Marx and Lenin"
* CNN, the (cough) unbiased network?
* ESC into Neurons
* $100PC project
* MiniPC project
* Apple beats Google?? ... but then al Jazeera gets a nod as well, so take it with a grain (or more) of salt
* Politics as usual in NC?
* Rewriting 9/11?
* Reagan/Rocky remix ... found via CFG
* America the Beautiful
* Coulter on abortion, and she's not real happy with Bush
* Low carb hackers?
* Excellent recap of the USS San Francisco's accident & ensuing ordeal to make it back to port
* Help stop illegal immigration in Cali
* McLawsuit?
* CL on Bill Clinton
* Snoop, Sex, Court ... you do the math (and I don't mean child support)
* Bar codes vs Alzheimers?

* Should be a new OOTS at some point today ...
* "This project is so important, we can't let things that are more important interfere with it." ... and other Dilbertisms there
* ID gets the best demons
* Cheney remembers Auschwitz, forgets suit
* Iraqi Election results slowed by suicide bombers' absentee ballots
* Iraqis vote, give up right to complain
* Cubicle Warnings
* No Baby-Return Policy
* Drink the Kool Aid
* Iraqi's vote to keep blowing each other up
* Don't yell at the guy working the big pieces of construction equipment
* A 'salute' to the pessimists :) ... NSFW ...
* Google, photoshopped

Quote of the Day
All the technology in the world doesn't matter if the majority of your population is mind numbingly stupid.
thanks BASH!

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