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Quick Thoughts
* Celebrating the 15 year anniversary of Mayor (for life) Marion Barry's being busted for buying/smoking crack (with a prostitute, IIRC) ... oh, and he is back on the DC local govt. Lucky them, a perfect match!

* The Junkies are BACK, on ol' WJFK ... (after 99.1 went espanol) ... and now they get to sleep in a bit longer ... although I am afraid O'Reilly is gone :(.

* Iraq: 3 of the candidates have been killed
* EVERYONE should support the HEROES ACT - "Paying more than lip service to the troops" ... raises 'death benefit' for the family or soldiers killed in combat
* Iraq: Archbishop Basile Georges Casmoussa freed!
* MLK-day notes
* Wisconsin has election fraud problems too! ... Bush may have actually won the state! (Malkin has links to lots of great (relevant) articles!) ... and more here
* 8 Chinese firms 'helping' Iran?
* Speaking of China they are exercising their censorship muscle again
* Iraq: Borders being sealed during election ... why don't they do this for a more extended period??
* Russia Security forces foil hostage taking attempt ... found via Conservative Insurgent
* False Tsunami alert in Chile kills one
* Oil hits 7wk high, keeping stocks down ... damn cold weather
* Bush on Iran ... meanwhile, Pentagon blasts the 'secret ops in Iran' doc
* N. Korea 'suffering' from a Pro-Democracy movement? ... that would be excellent if they could challenge Little Kim
* Town in Minnesota hits -54! ... and VA's 50-70 degree weather has been converted into 0-20 degree weather, but STILL NO SNOW! Argh.
* Bush WILL be able to pray during his Inauguration ... thankfully, the case was thrown out! ... and Newdow should stop his irrational quest of trying to impose his views on everyone else ... UPDATE: Atheist files emergency appeal ... again - he MUST fail; preventing Bush from praying is an explicit denial of Bush's Freedom of Religion. Plain and simple!
* Some thoughts on Lefty Inauguration Day Events ... don't spend any money, turn your back, no eating, walk-out of class(!?) ... and other stupid + pointless things to do
* Israel: "Sharon had ordered troops 'to act immediately with no political or military restrictions'" ... to halt repeated rocket fire ...
* The Windsor-Detroit Express ... immigrant smuggling tunnel
* Virgin to offer gambling on Airbus' (recently announced) SuperJumbo
* Krispy Kreme cuts some fat (or a CEO, you pick)
* Japan +1 earthquake ... 6.3, in Hokkaido
* Iraqi resistance : " We Received Money and Arms from Syria and Iran"
* Oil-for-Food fiasco stool pigeon found
* Van detonation threatened ... talk about poor timing for your domestic dispute!
* Govenator declines to halt execution of convicted murderer
* Bush : We need better HumInt
* Palestinians (finally!) combating terrorists?

* Julian Bond, from the NAACP, abuses MLK day the same way Kerry did ... NAACP is fighting to retain its relevance, and willfully misusing what should be a day focused on something else
* Rice2008! ... right now, I am thinking a Gingrich/Rice ticket would be good!
* An apology from the US to the Arab world ... interesting ...
* Imagine Jupiter moving at 99.9% of light speed ... Blazars can do it! ... and cosmic rays travel 99.99999999999999999999% the speed of light (99.9 + 19 9's)
* Fox had to pixelate cartoon butt ... FCC ...
* DDos'er arrested
* Dual-Core Pentiums to hit new record - in power consumption ... oh yeah, and they will be fast too
* Mars rover find a meteorite? ... UPDATE: Yes, it did!
* Symantec outlines plans for their latest acquisition (Veritas)
* Linux getting harder to crack? ... due to patches, better default installs ... the same concepts would help Win* (Is MS listening?)
* Amiga lives!? ... 15 years after Commodore blew it, you can get an AmigaOne Micro with OS4 ...
* More on Ali G (via Borat) mangling the National Anthem ... and don't forget “Throw the Jew Down the Well”!
* The Mad Tech on Immigration ... when he's right, he's right ... and him, he's always right ...
* Another reminder - Clinton said Social inSecurity was in dire straits!
* The lost generation? ... 18-21 year olds
* Is your church losing its way?
* Pope Pious XII and the Holocaust
* More on the Kuwait student who got flunked for writing a Pro-US essay
* Some students get special treatment - allowed to wear head wear ... "I think there should be one of two outcomes: (1) We realize that the law or rule was either wholly or partially unjustified to begin with, then change or eliminate it, or (2) if the rule or law is wholly justified, no religious exceptions should be made" ... exactly!
* Terrorists imitate Moore - make fake documentary about Israel
* Which (cough) loyal American described Saddam Hussein the dictator as "reserved, quiet, thoughtful and dignified".
* Some thoughts on Liberal Logic, Health Care
* TigerHawk, on buying press coverage
* Send Forbes to the UN? ... works for me!
* .Net GTLD management up for bid
* Some thoughts on the decline of Europe (specifically France) ... sidenote - France has maintained its unemployment rate of 9.9%, but optimistically expects that to plunge to 9.6% by the end of 2005. For comparison, the US unemployment rate is ~5.6%.
* Open-Source Biology?
* 1RU DAS unit
* Are these the reasons the 'housing bubble' hasn't burst?
* Good round-up on Iraq
* Why sue the guilty party when you can sue a rich company instead?
* Plantic : BioPlastic
* Google pushes a new HTML tag ... to help combat comment-spam
* Gmail as your second brain

* True!?: Little Billie Gates poses for Teen Beat photospread
* Cool Matrix/Bush pic
* Liberal Progressive Gangs will Clash at Inauguration ... the TurnYourBackers vs the StareHimDowners
* True: Speed Folding (of clothes)
* Bush Plan Sells Organs to Pay for Social Security
* I Am Not a Spammer! I Am a Human Being!
* CIA attacks al-Qaida with prescription drugs
* After 200 years of lackadaisical self-employment, the nation of Haiti is considering taking up a new occupation
* NBA becomes official sponsor of Genital Warts
* Prince William causes furor by wearing Yankee uniform
* America promises final solution for camp internees
* Bush was reading ‘My Pet Goat’ when tsunami news was given to him
* Baby: Over-the-hill party under-the-funny
* 24 hour drinking set to kill thousands
* True: Can Hatch survive the IRS?
* You Know Your Grown Up When........
* True: get a LOOONG email address

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Quote of the Day
tHiSiSbOb: I just lost a friend... He got into a car accident... Young people can die too. I just played starcraft with him the other day....
black_mage_s: Well, there is always the single player campaign.
thanks Bash for sharing how sensitive strangers on the net can be

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