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Quick Thoughts
* While I can agree, in general, that having HAZMAT cargo going through your neighborhood is not desirable, DC Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton's pushes to have all HAZMAT trains diverted is a bit too much unless/until the same is taken into consideration for all residential areas. Since this is not quite feasible, and wouldn't address all of the related concerns, I think the best solution is to ensure that the cargo containers are properly constructed and maintained. That would probably be just a bit cheaper than re-routing all HAZMAT trains around ALL residential / populous areas, no?

* Canada covered in mad cows? ... 3rd case found ... ok, so maybe not 'covered', but still ...
* Cel Phones should NOT be given to kids! ... radiation ...
* Weather: Cali mudslide ... 12 dead, 21 missing ... condolences & prayers!
* Ukraine: Loser (Yanukovych) challenging ... must be a Democrat :P
* DC vs Fed : who pays for inauguration? ... speaking of the inauguration : crosses have been banned from the parade! ... what?? ... "religious bigotry"
* Oil rises way too high - back in the $45/b range ... only $15-20 too high
* PowerLine, in it from the beginning, does a post-mortem on Rathergate ... and they link to Whitewash ... " The CBS Report ignores the heart of the controversy, refuses to draw conclusions, and strengthens the hand of Mary Mapes and Dan Rather"
* Dean for DNC leadership? ... might be the single best thing for the RNC!
* Is the threat of Nuking Mecca all that is keeping us safe? ... wow ... same site, same general topic : "Remember, we can all be dead in a moment"
* Bush taps as Michael Chertoff as DHS Chief (nominee) ... and more here
* Sun protection - in a pill! ... found via DGCI, speaking of which - do what Day-By-Day says and everyone go there
* N. Korea : where proper grooming is REQUIRED BY LAW ... to fend of the evil westerners
* MS -1 CFO
* Clues to origin of AIDS

* More on the Fair Tax ... excellent .. and speaking of taxes : "What year was the first permanent income tax in America created and put into full force? What were the income tax rates at the time?" ... "It was used by Lincoln during the Civil War and was later declared unconstitutional"
* Moonbat Alert: Screw You, America ... hmm, I wonder why they are losing ground? ... Oh, and profanity alert ... found via RightNation! ... (dunno how I missed this before - it is dated mid-November)
* Due to the wave of browser vuln's (IE & Mozilla), users encouraged to use Lynx ... hahahha ... I would simply recommend running a good PFW (ZoneAlarm), the usual barrage of AntiSpyware tools (SpyWareBlaster,AdAware,SpyBostS&D, and the recently unveiled (into beta, that is) MS Anti-SpyWare), and if you are really serious PIVX's Qwik-Fix is cool as well!
* Success in the Workplace, part one
* The sub hit an undersea mountain ... "it's coming right for me" ... and don't we, like, have maps and stuff?
* "SiteDigger" : Is your company's website leaking info?
* Virgin will take you into space ... I won't make the obvious mile-high-club references ...
* Like Google, but open source & without the ads? ... well, not quite ... and might be illegal :)
* Milky Way's Stellar Graveyard
* Some thoughts on Democracy in the Arabic World
* Cisco hopping in bed with EMC?
* First direct sighting of an extra-solar planet
* Rumor : Flash-based iPod?
* NASA's Deep Impact
* Bio-Computers?
* Blogger's Bill of Rights? ... found via MadTech
* Theocracy in Iraq? ... probably not ...
* Google-bias?
* Someone who feels Kid Rock should perform at the inauguration celebrations ... I disagree. While I appreciate his support, and in fact like his music (I am what Malkin calls a "South Park Conservative" :) ), The inauguration should exemplify what the party stands for ...
* Where do your Congressional Representative fall on the Political Spectrum?
* Not that it matters :), but can you name the countries of Europe?
* The Fallen Hero Project
* Anti-Spyware Showdown
* Encrypted email for non-technical people
* 2, 2, 2 video cards in one ... Gigabyte offers SLI on one card
* AARP wants to raise your taxes
* Social inSecurity : Crisis starts in 5 years ... don't believe the 35 year estimate, or that (even worse) 'there is no crisis' ...
* Government says no to spending controls ... damn ...
* Nortel -profits, -5 board members
* Apple unveils naked Mac for $499, mini iPod for ~$99 ... and more here
* IBM 'releasing' 500 patents
* 'Author' of the stupid Air Marshall dress code to be gone by FEB01?
* Feminism and Murder
* ID Thief gets 14 years to ponder his misdeeds
* Are you fighting a WiFi traffic jam ... in my ghetto I am the only one :)
* Flexible LCDs
* World's Biggest BSOD ... Times Square runs Win*?
* Tired of crappy (mostly news) site registration? Enter 'Bug Me Not'

* True: Wanna hear some moonbats?
* Sad-but-True: Life's Incompetents
* Bush proposes dividing Iraq into red, blue states
* 'Friends' fans atwitter
* Movie Reviews ... "as chilling as an unplugged refrigerator"
* Why everyone should do a show & tell once in awhile

Quote of the Day
Hibashira: Tommah
FraudulentTommah: what
Hibashira: let's make a baby
FraudulentTommah: out of what
thanks Bash!

Word of the Day
Pajamahadeen: bloggers who fact-check traditional media, and then challenge them.
... thanks Hasty Ruminations!

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