What is a South Park Conservative

Copied verbatim from a post at SPC by Ritchie:

A SPC is a fiscal conservative: the money I earn is mine. I understand the need for taxation to provide for the cops, firemen, military, and schools, but my taxes should not be used to pay for other people's mistakes and laziness, etc. God forbid that someone should have to take responsibility for their own welfare through hard work.....

A SPC is a social moderate and not a prude. If someone wants to be gay, then that is their business, but I don't want to see all these shirtlifters on their Gay Pride parades. You can get it on with the Goodyear Blimp if you want to, as long as you do it in the privacy of your own hangar.

They don't care if people listen to punk rock, heavy metal, Sam Kinison and Andrew Dice Clay, watch porn, play Grand Theft Auto, but think it shouldn't be exposed to people who might find such a thing offensive and unsuitable such as 8 year olds. They think if someone of an adult age and is exposed to such material, it isn't going to corrupt them and push them into worshipping Satan or turn them into a sexual pervert.

If you want to smoke pot and do drugs you can, but I don't think that I should pay for the rehabilitation of some druggie who has gone to rehab 15 times and can't kick the habit.

If you want an abortion, you can have one and as a last resort, but my tax dollars are going to fund your abortion. You breed it, you feed it, and not with endless welfare handouts from my taxes.

If you don't have to go to church to be a good upstanding person, and you don't care if people go to church; indeed, you welcome people having the right to worship at the place of their choice. You don't care if people wear religious symbols, but oppose religious fundamentalism and those who seek to impose religion in the public sphere.

Supports the military, cops, and firefighters. They are the ones who allow this country to survive.

Well, a few ideas. To sum up, people are big enough to make their own decisions and should take care of themselves, and should have every opportunity to forge their own path through hard work and self reliance without hurting anybody but themselves. If you can't be bothered to work, then you don't deserve my pity as you have every opportunity to succeed in the United States through hard work. I think Sam Kinison said it best: 'If you can't get it together in America, where else do you expect to make it work and make a life for yourself?'

... for the most part, I agree and fit that description (except that I am against abortion; and a touch more religion would do this country well ...)

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