You can’t be all that you can be if you’re DEAD

Quick Thoughts
* This is how the left supports our troops ... "You can’t be all that you can be if you’re DEAD" , originally in an email from a Wide AwakeTM reader
* Again - I have added 'Amazon's Tsunami Relief Pay Box' over to the right, please consider donating whatever you can afford to spare ... 100% of your donation goes to the ARC! They have collected $15,208,787.51 to date! (not going up as fast as before - keep giving people, remember that there are months of aid-related work left!) ... Also - reminder - January 12th is World Relief Day

* 24 rocks. IMHO, easily one of the best shows on TV. Period.
* CBS : busted & broken. See long list of resources / thoughts / quote below.

* Iraq: Allawi seeking to push elections back? ... totally the wrong move, IMHO. Nothing encourages terrorism like letting it achieve its desired effect ...
* Earthquake: US Helicopter delivering aid crashes ... thankfully, everyone survived!
* Iraq: 2 more US fatalities ... and Baghdad Deputy Police Chief (and his son, also a cop) assassinated ... condolences for them and prayers to their families ... and UK sending more troops
* More on the UN / Oil for Food Fiasco ... funneling "an estimated $1.7 billion to $4.4 billion" directly to Saddam ... and more here ... and Excellent write-up on the UN's MANY failures ... (found via The Neo-Progressive) ... and another excellent dissection of the UN ... found via Conservative Dialysis
* More on the (now damaged) US nuclear sub that hit ground ... and my condolences for the seaman that died in that accident
* Weather: Sierra Nevada = 19' of snow ... yes, 19 FEET of snow. And I can't even get 1/2 foot :( ... and my condolences to all those killed in all this freak weather!
* Rupert Murdoch spending $7B to buy all FOX shares
* Are the feds actually targeting Hillary ... that would be such a shame if she had to spend some time in Martha's cel
* Lock 7 year old in trunk so you can party = probation
* Rathergate fallout : CBS -4 employees ... and more here ... and Malkin has an interesting thing or two to add ... "Instead of relying on disinterested, qualified document experts, Rather and Mapes (grateful for Col. Hackworth's invaluable assistance in her acclaimed Abu Ghraib expose, no doubt) ignore the complete worthlessness of Hackworth's "expertise" and crusade to include his ill-informed, inflammatory interview in their hit piece on Bush" ... and from Patterico : "Here's a Recommendation for You: Report the Truth"; while CQ has a lot to say as well ... and you can read CBS's whole report(PDF) here
* New Solar Cells ... paint-able ... 30% efficiency (better than current technologies) ... sweet!
* Iraq: Iraqi Police Dogs no longer starving! ... thanks to Hill's Pet Nutrition

* Good - "The Passion of the Christ" wins Best Drama ... Bad - "Moore's Fable" (aka F9/11) also wins an award ... and a few more thoughts on Moore
* The cause of strange cosmic shapes ... magnetic fields, if you are too lazy to read the article :)
* Nanotech Muscles?
* GM - reinventing the car?
* Olive Oil - the key to cancer
* AMD announce Centrino rival
* Progressive philosophy punks progress ... "Progressive-ism the newest of special interest groups, have sprung up like a Morning Glory ... and chokes the life out of everything it touches."
* Arthritis - genetic cause found?
* Multi-tasking gadgets @ CES
* Sperm Magnet ... Infertility aid (and here I thought that was just an attractive woman)
* Iapetus (one of Saturn's moons) has an unusually large ridge
* Elections should require Photo IDs ... I don't understand why they don't!
* January 19th, 2038 - the next Y2k? ... will your Unix run out of time? (two days in a row where I have posted a " the next Y2k" scenario - sweet!)
* Proposal for Social (in)Security reform ... and* $1615 or $7256, you pick ... I just did the calculator thingie and my rate of return is expected to be 0.2%, oh and I got the nice comment of "For the government to meet all its commitments to you, the payroll tax will have to be 27.99% when you retire in 2040" ... what Social Security problem?
* Fair Tax?
* Mark Levin shares
* Here comes the Boom ... cool armor pix, more at Armor Geddon
* a few thoughts on Meritocracy
* How many U.N. Security Council resolutions has there been against the Israelis between the years 1955 and 2002? Against Palestine?
* Afghanistan update ... long, but worthwhile, read (found via TigerHawk)
* NOW is busy bemoaning Bush' win and helping child killers ... and more here
* More on Texas' mis-spending DHS Grants?
* Newt on the right track? ... "This war is not primarily about terrorism," he writes, "It is about an Islamist insurgency against the modern world." ... and Newt may be running for Pres? (the Newt-4-Pres link found via AmberGnat
* Hmm, more reasons to home school? ... what liberal bias?
* A long read on what happens during an Abortion ... this may turn your stomach ...
* Chiropractic=BS, and how FSU plays into that
* Wash State - King County off by 1807 ballots ... just one county contributing to the Dems stealing an election ...
* 2 Iceberg colliding soon ... biggest demolition derby ever
* Black Hole goodness ... and better articlehere
* Swordfish heat their eyes to increase hunting efficiency
* Are Spammers going to break DNS ... all the garbage email is bad enough, but taking away my whole internet??
* Police ask all of town's men for DNA sample
* HMOs heading to court
* Knoppix to the rescue!
* Principal cancels all remaining dances ... to cut down on freak-dancing
* 18months in jail for pirate ... not the Aaarrrrggggh type of pirate ...
* World of Warcraft 'dominating' ... wish I had enough time to get into a MMORPG :(
* Comcast pushing VoIP ... not in VA yet ...
* Cool - you can rent your forehead as advertising space!

* NEW OOTS today ... the old untrained bluff check ...
* UN Chief seeking resolution against Mother Nature
* Gonzalez testimony a ‘betrayal’
* $28,000 cheese sandwich mistakenly eaten at party
* True: Cute vs Not-Cute ... dogs vs Dems
* The Mommy Blog causing the demise of the kitchen, world ... disclaimer - not my opinion, and I'll throw a language warning on this as well ... "Drunk Drivers Against Mothers" still makes me laugh ...
* True: You might be a Liberal if ...

Click for How the UN works
Click for Dogbert as a Stock Advisor
Click for Stalin in Wash State

Quotes of the Day
PeppyTheHamster>: we got inside, and the guy behind the counter was like
PeppyTheHamster: "Why aren't you in school?"
PeppyTheHamster: We told him we were on lunch and he was like "Good. stay in school, its good for you."
PeppyTheHamster: I turned to him and said "Yeah! So we can work in a gas station!"
PeppyTheHamster: He looked at me like I was the anti-Christ. As we were leaving he went on the intercom and spoke into his microphone "Please ignore the homosexuals leaving the store."
thanks ! (edited for content)

The opinions expressed are really your opinions as well. You just refuse to admit it to yourself ... thanks Tom!

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