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Quick Thoughts
* Lower taxes & tax reform, good(FAIR TAX even better!). Social inSecurity reform, good (privatization even better!). Nuclear Power & reducing our dependence on foreign oil, good. Border Security, good. Temporary Guest workers, I am still not so sure about that. Jeering the President during HIS speech, sad (especially given that they had already preemptively attacked a plan (about which they knew no details about), and that they knew they were also going to have a 'response' to his speech afterwards ... they just can't wait their turn, nor be civil).
* Riley went into strafe mode last night! (standing up, 'walking' sideways (whilst holding onto the crib rail, that is)). She can also 'walk' as long as someone provides the balance for her ... although she doesn't crawl yet :( ... speaking of Riley, I have uploaded new pics (check near the end, Riley's first computer!) ... a couple of pics below, at the end of this post ...
* On this day in 1913 the 16th Amendment was passed, enacting Income Tax ... so many comments, so little time. Mostly like "91 years of Uncle Sam taking our money" or something around the repressive tax structure we live under ... I'll leave it at that!

* Attorney General Alberto Gonzales ... confirmed, vote = 60-36
* A good month for the US of A
* Iraq : Violence resumes, 28 (including 2 US Marines) dead ... condolences to all those killed, and prayers for all of 'the good guys' over there
* Thoughts on Bush's SOTU ... in short - great speech ... and more here ... and transcript & video here ... oh, and PWL LiveBlogged it
* Some thoughts on the rebuttal to the SOTU
* Citizens Against Government Waste chimes in
* Georgia's PM (Zurab Zhvania) poisoned, dies! ... accident, suicide, assassination ... ?
* Did the US knowingly permit Saddam to sell oil to Turkey, Jordan Syria & Egypt in violation of sanctions? ... that is decidedly not good. The apparent justification was the stability of the region ...
* Ukraine sold nuclear-capable missiles to Iran, China
* USMC missing recruiting goal ... first time in almost a decade
* Vietnam : bird flu frenzy, killing all ducks ... 13 people have died in the last month ...
* Software Patents, reloaded ... EU/JURI does something worthwhile
* Frank, the brain tumor, has been removed
* 16yr old girl missing ... "police believe she was picked up by Lester B. Joy, 24, a convicted and registered sex offender"
* WorldCom Director's settlement nixed ... hopefully to pay more, and hopefully out of their pockets (not just their insurance)
* Qwest to buy MCI? ... on the heals of SBC buying AT&T ...
* Iraq : Citizens kill 5 terrorists ... excellent; keep up the good work!
* Governor Kinky? ... as opposed to a kinky governor (Clinton?) ... he is campaigning against the wussification of Texas, sweet!
* EU to ban Communist symbols? ... swastika already banned ... guess they don't quite have that freedom of speech thing over there ...
* Iraq: Dean says it is MUCH worse now! ... remember, he is the next (likely) DNC Chairman

* Un/Under-reported Heroism
* Personal aviation / Flying cars
* AARP cooking its Social inSecurity numbers?! ... and A quick example of Social inSecurity at work
* Cautious Optimism for Bush's statements? ... I'd be a little more positive myself, but we shall all see ...
* Augmented reality, in real time
* Some excellent thoughts on Social Security ... quotes CATO, "Most of us are accustomed to thinking of a trust fund as an asset. That’s what it would be if we had one. But in the case of Social Security, the trust fund is really a liability" ... and an excellent point-counterpoint Social inSecurity ...and some more : a breakdown of how to determine if it is a crisis or not ... "If you want it saved, don’t want to pay more taxes and don’t want your benefits cut ... you’re just living with your head in the sand, dirt, or local snowdrift"
* InmatesStudents running the asylumschool?
* Missing matter, found?
* Artificial Neon Sky show created ... Aurora-ads coming to you?
* Who said "Members of Hamas are soldiers in that war" ... hint : he is probably the next DNC Chairman ... and Janeane joins him on the stupid comments side of the room ... and how about An endorsement for him? :) ... and more on this wonderful individual ... ok, fine - it is Howard "it's hard to talk with my foot in my mouth" Dean.
* Global Warming timetable released
* I am firmly convinced that she does not exist on our plane of reality
* Kazaa-gate
* Bring out your dead ... websites
* GOP Power Ratings
* The Insurgency Revisited ... found via TigerHawk
* Don't get deuced : how to avoid , or fight, getting fired for Blogging?
* More on Titan
* Curbing climate change would require 'huge emissions cuts'
* Real-Time Particle-Based Fluid Simulation
* Liquid metals
* Dell ships an almost unleaded desktop
* Dyslexia slows your reactions?
* RC from your PC?
* Kilauea activity
* High Speed ... "At .0000237 mph Bamboo is the world’s fastest-growing plant"
* Your average "Sherry enema someone to death" ... unusual ... BAL got up to .47!
* DNA vaccine vs TB
* Dante Culpeper, Indian giver?
* Upcoming iPaq : more Treo, than Treo?
* Botnets vs AdWords
* Ill fated Beagle2 should never have been built
* Volvo's 'future proof' car?

* New OOTS! ... camping, weapons, skunks ...
* State Of The Union delivered by plastic action doll
* Bizarro Bush apologizes for no WMDs in State Of Union Address
* Rock Cam being canceled? ... not enough hot rock action?
* Groundhog predicts nuclear winter
* Baby: Crawl enabled
* Bush proposes using freedom to balance budget
* Ka’Al Rove masterminds Iraqi election win
* Washington under siege ... and a parting shot about Global Warming
* Love at 1st site : What occurs when two extremely 'interested', but not entirely choosy, people meet ... and other amusing tidbits!
* C# compiler errors
* Short guy doesn't have it where it counts?
* White Trash Wednesday : Missed these yesterday
* How to fold a shirt ... dunno why, but this still makes me laugh.
* New Iraqi fighting force
* NSFW : SNL/Deniro as DHS lead ... thanks John!

Some InfoSec from SANS:
* Developing a Security-Awareness-Culture
* Creating a Secure Linux Logging System
* Egress Filtering For a Better Internet
* Need to generate a System Security Plan?
* Need some templates for various policies?
* Webcast : Internet Storm Center, Threat Update
* FDA CFR21p11 compliance

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