Ash Wednesday, & Doggy Doctor Day

Quick Thoughts
* Sorry for the delayed posting today; had to take Mädchen to the Veterinary Surgical hospital. The good news, it is probably not her hips. The bad news, still gonna cost $1k+ ... (UPDATE: it cost $1390.58 :( )
* MS released a bunch of security bulletins last night; several are critical ... patch you (Win*, and Office*) systems! ... (Symantec raised ThreatCon to 2)

* Wictory Wednesday! ... re-elect Santorum!
* Carly Fiorina out! ... still pockets $21M, and more leadership/staff to go? ... and stock goes up :)
* Tsunami aid, delayed, stolen ... "only 30 percent of those affected by the tsunami had received aid"
* US wants to oust IAEA head
* Pope misses Ash Wednesday (for the first time)
* Churchill not backing down ... and he should still get fired!
* Brother, Sister kill/bury mother, (2) grandparents
* Rumsfeld to China
* Karl Rove, now the Deputy Chief of Staff ... that'll keep the libs hopping mad!
* More UN mismanagement ... in the "World Meteorological Organization" ... UN, mismanagement - aren't those synonyms?
* BBC producer killed in Somalia
* Indonesia +1 Earthquake .. either 5.7 or 6.2, spurring some panic ... no reports of injuries ...
* Medicare Drug benefit : $720B ... on Bush's hitlist, one step after Social inSecurity?
* Wear 'low riders' and get fined, in Virginia
* Scalp a 16yr old, and the cops will be mad with you
* Madrid Car Bomb : 43 injured ... hmm, electing a communist didn't stop the terrorist attacks ...
* White House vs Washington Post (again)
* Cop-killer caught

* What's your party?
* Bush, Rice on Iran
* The REAL ID act ... and good reasons to support it!
* Star leaving the Milky Way at 1.5M mph
* Plans for mission to the Moon, Mars
* These ants can direct, slow their fall
* Carrots vs Cancer
* Extra-Planetary diamonds? ... that's one way to pay for space missions; until the market is swamped :)
* Analysts grilling Google ... sell off coming soon?
* France active in Hitler's program of genocide?
* North Carolina, Democrats, NC Supreme Court
* Why John Kerry? Why Ted Kennedy?
* Hillary's virtual transformation continues ... and by virtual, I mean it isn't real and people are being suckered in ... and wanna stop her?
* Ronald Reagan, the stamp
* AARP is a liberal lobby ... so says Art Linkletter, and he is spot-on!
* WorldCom legal woes; was Ebbers warned?
* Trojan disables MS AntiSpyWare
* Inside Google Maps
* Olajuwon's mosque unknowingly funded some terrorists ... primarily an example of why you should ALWAYS know where YOUR donations are REALLY going ...
* FreeBSD dropping Beastie, replaced by (competition)
* NASA says the Earth is warming
* "Dean Scream" contest!
* Soldier's uniform hanging in front of house ... despicable example of free speech ...

* ... too busy, maybe later ... after Ash Wednesday Service @ Church ... ok, fine - here's one:
* True : Beer Bottle Attack saves life
... PS - that's all for today!

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