Quick Thoughts
* I find myself babysitting my beautiful 8m old daughter (pic at the end of today's post :) ) this morning - and let me take just a few seconds to say that as I sit here holding her, with her holding her morning bottle (of breast milk), that fatherhood is truly amazing ... actually, now she is asleep in Daddy's lap. Watching her grow, develop her personality, and reach milestones (she crawled for the first time on the 22nd) is the best experience in the world. Knowing that I helped make such a precious thing, and that this tiny, little person is totally dependent on us (my wife & I) really changes your perspective.
* I have signed up for a new clickie - TrafficAxiom, and they are running a free upgrade as a limited time offer ... sign up! (and thanks to Greg)
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* It is official - BTK has been apprehended
* Iraq : 2 killed in Baghdad, pipeline hit ... condolences, and to the US forces over there and to the Iraqi security forces - keep up the good work!
* S. Korea : US chopper (Apache) crashes, 1 GI killed ... during training, condolences & prayers ...
* Yemen : Court upholds death sentence in USS Cole bombing ... good!
* Egypt : True democracy coming? ... "President Hosni Mubarak on Saturday ordered a revision of the country's election laws and said multiple candidates could run in the nation's presidential elections" ... another example of Democracy 'breaking out'? ...
* Togo's President resigns ... the right wins again
* USAF pilot's remains finally come home ... was shot down during the Korean War ...
* Japan, back in space ... just waiting for the US to get back out there (with people, that is)

* Mapping the source of terror funding
* Legal reasons Terri must not be murdered
* Twice in the grinder ... "Made me pretty damn embarrassed to be a 'rear area warrior'" ... and it makes me proud to be an American!
* Thoughts on taxes, govt spending, etc.
* More truth on Social inSecurity ... "the trust fund "assets" total nearly $1.7 trillion in Treasury IOUs. Having already spent the money, the government in effect owes this debt to itself. Thus, to redeem these bonds, the government will have only four options: raise taxes; reduce Social Security benefits; reduce spending elsewhere; or borrow on the world market."
* More on LokiTorrent abusing the trust people put in it ... they don't even fight, handing the MPAA a victory, $1M, and all of the data on his servers ... regardless of the fact that he could have (probably) won the court case if he had a spine
* Battlestar Galactica, episode 1 (33) - available online, free, commercial free, plus deleted scenes!
* WRT Bush - "In Reagan's Footsteps "? ... even 'Der Spiegel' (leftish German newsweekly, which two years ago devoted an entire cover story to advancing the "Blood for Oil" thesis about U.S. ambitions in the Middle East) is now asking "Could Bush Be Right"? (the answer, BTW, is "YES!" :) )
* Honor killings ... ah yes, the religion of peace!
* Artificial atoms, quantum computing
* Toss Bashar Assad out
* Reparations finally a dead issue? ... funny : "chief appeasement officers"
* The pen, revisited ... "no grip" ...
* 'Give a little piece of yourself' ... wedding rings made out of your own bone ... creepy / icky ...
* nForce4 for Intel!
* Thought on Iran; censorship, protests, and Ahmad Batebi
* More thoughts on Canada's dropping out of the Missile Defense co-op ... "Canada has decided not to invest in its own self-defense"
* The power of ten ... just a zero, right?
* Blogs for Terri, vs censorship
* Video of Malkin subbing for Hannity ... covers a good range of topics - Terri, immigration, etc.

* New missile defense plan ... Oh, Canada!
* Pen-arate? ... same concept, butwit lighters
* UF : return of the pop-under

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