Doctor Day

Quick Thoughts
* I get to go to the doctor today; and see how badly I have messed-up my body over the course of 30 years. Weight a little(ahem) high, Blood Pressure a little high (due to weight), Lungs all good, EKG normal ... no hernia (turn head, cough) ... blood work still out - details to follow, in days?

* Pope hospitalized ... many prayers ...
* More on the Egyptian family murdered in NJ
* Iraq: 'It would be nonsense to ask foreign troops to leave' ... tell Kennedy, Dean, et al that ...
* More UN Oil for Food Fiasco - Kojo admits involvement?!
* Iraq: Borders re-opened ... couldn't we leave them closed just a bit longer?
* Iraq: Prison riot; 4 killed
* Military 'Death Pay' to go WAY up ... the least we can do for those who die in the service to this country
* Nissan : Hybrid don't make sense
* Nepal govt dismissed, state of emergency declared
* More on Ward Churchill ... He 'resigned' his Dept Chair position. Step one complete ... now we just need to get him fired from the staff altogether, which may be happening!
* Study shows the human brain is not fully developed until 25 years of age, so I am really only 5. Right?
* Spain arrests 4 Moroccans ... continued Madrid fallout
* MSNSearch launched
* Connecticut residents accidentally ordered to evacuate? ... dude, a DoS on the EBS ...
* Iraq: No missing soldier : it was a toy/hoax! ... funny : PWL shows a few other suspected hostages
* Republican playbook on Social Security: "Saving Social Security: A Guide to Social Security Reform"
* Abolish ALL prisons? ... that's what this group wants! Amazing moonbattery!

* Kerry Blames Bin Laden: No, No, John. You're Being Far Too Modest ... "Bad Stuff + John Kerry = Bwahahahahahahah"
* HP introduces the 'crossbar latch' ... "this is the next transistor" ... "will result in computers thousands of times faster" ... more Halo2 for everybody!!
* UK taps US to help avoid Global Warming Catastrophe?
* Frost drops out of the DNC race, Dean one step closer?
* Saudi Arabia - "publishing and promoting hate-filled, violent propaganda abroad" ... and you can get the report(.PDF) here
* The Left is Worth Nothing?
* Thoughts on Levin, and his thoughts on Judicial Activism
* Tsunami relief, revisited
* IRS Summons can be ignored ... you should still pay your taxes, but I agree with Gindy : a govt agency should have limited powers, and require the legal system to be involved!
* Punctuated Disequilibrium ... rain forest into savanna ...
* Contributions vs bribes
* Solaris 10 released
* MadTech on Buster, lesbians
* Wanna run OS X on a PC?
* EU now ready to step forward and help ... a day late, and a Euro short ...
* Roads can cause congestion
* Skype (finally) available on Mac, Linux
* UN *still* funding terrorists
* Solar Sail : Earth to Mars in 1 month?
* "Hot Stuff", for kids??
* Islamic website tracking Christians?
* SpecOps can (now, finally) spend money to fight terrorism
* Liberty via Thoughts, Quotes, Pics ... found via LTG
* The mother of Wacko Jacko's accuser, revealed ... and her name is, coincidentally (and through marriage) Janet Jackson!
* Fish wine?
* Mark Levin on what would happen if Libs had control ... and he introduces a new word : Islamonazis
* Iraq: Disabled child used in suicide attack on Election Day
* Top10 Apple Failures
* So, your star wants to be a magnet ... magnetars ... sounds like a villainous group on a cartoon ...
* 'Zero Intelligence' (i.e. - random) buying mimics stock market ... what does that say about your broker? :P
* Now THAT is an engine!
* Scanned Images of Early American Docs
* Iraq Election Day, from some of those in Iraq
* Google gets authorized to sell domain names ... but doesn't plan on selling any? Future bundling options?
* A Wish List for a Men's Magazine
* MS Office XML, open for all ... or maybe not!
* Even Reid and Pelosi think Kennedy is off base
* NYTimes misleads? ... on the GDP this time
* Rewriting the laws of war
* 2008 Democrat Power Ratings ... and look at the #1 slot ...
* NYC's Gay High School
* UN, still useless, does not see genocide in Sudan
* More on the Cell processor
* Dems wanted to filibuster AG ... again, the word is obstructionist ... luckily, they didn't have the votes ...
* SuperBowl getting Candid Cameras
* What kind of democracy do we have in Iran right now? ... read the comments, excellent!
* Thoughts on gay marriage in Oregon

* Gonorrhea Lectim
* Which website are you?
* Tim Russert regaining consciousness after one-hour interview with Kerry
* Charles Graner To Oversee Hazing Rituals, College Fraternity Pledges
* ACLU Warns Against Purple Finger Parties
* Bush 'quotes' ... "I am going to kill everyone in Iraq. That's my ultimate goal. The protesters were right. I'm a Nazi, and I've fooled you all."
* Are we there yet?? ... cool Bush pic ...
* Social Security Shortfall Located, "Haliburton's Got It"
* True: La Shawn Barber, on Voter Intimidation & the NAACP

Quote of the Day
LancerNZ: How do we know bash.org isn't really an FBI recording site?
thanks BASH!

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