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Quick Thoughts
* I am leaving work early today to give platelets, aka Apheresis. Let me take just a second to say that everyone (who has good blood, that is) should give blood ... and even better, if you have a high platelet count, sign up for Apheresis. It is a way for us 'normal people' (not in the Armed Forces, not Police nor Fire Fighters, etc.) to save lives. Go do it; and get your work to host blood drives too!

* Iraq : Firefight in Baghdad
* China coal mine explosion kills 203 ... condolences to those lost!
* Lebanon's Army on 'High Alert', after killing of ex-PM Rafik Hariri in bomb attack ... and riots ensuing ... and US recalls Ambassador to Syria
* UK to test all immigrants for TB, AIDS
* Missile defense fails test again
* More Oil for Food fiasco fallout
* UN peace keepers arrested for sex crimes
* Hotel (& US Early Warning System) being sued on behalf of tsunami victims ... sharks in the water, and totally repulsive (even if it is fun to watch the French get sued it is still wrong, in this case)
* States to tax drivers BY THE MILE? ... this is just wrong on so many levels; especially for those of us (like me!) that CANNOT AFFORD to live close to where we work ...
* ex-Priest Shanley to be sentenced ... actually, he has now been sentenced to 12-15 years ...
* 'Zoloft boy' gets 30 years!
* Homeland Security Chief Chertoff confirmed
* Game being blamed in cop shooting ... ridiculous!
* Twin cyclones in S Pacific, to combine?
* San Diego case linked to NY case of 'fast-acting HIV' strain
* 'Zoloft boy' gets 30 years

* Ancient tsunami scrambled fossil record
* Have blog, lose job? ... the word for getting fired for your blog is 'deuce', as in - "I've been deuced"
* Vonage Blockage?
* Shuttle 'heat shield repair kits' chosen
* Potatoes to help vaccinate against Hep-B? ... and more here, is this too late?
* Friday the 13th, 2029: giant asteroid will narrowly miss earth
* Using AIDS to cure Cancer?
* Mother kills baby by severing arms, jury - 'no trial needed' ... another example of ways our legal system fails us
* NightVision from scraps, and other cool creations
* Carly gets a parachute that totals $45M
* Foxy Felon mugshots ... and part two
* The WinXP Tweak Companion
* 500VA UPS for $9.99
* Nuclear Blast 'Calculator'
* Google is very (98%!) blue ... I sued to like Google :( (OK, I still do - but I totally disagree with their politics, and their AdSense polices) ... even MS is 60% blue :( ...
* FBI stepping on CIA's toes?
* WiFi "Evil Twin" attacks
* Hard Drive Failure ... just for you Greg K.
* Climate Change : Menace or Myth?
* Google redefining Public Domain, to not mean free
* VOIP for GIs?
* Green Tea's record against cancer grows
* PC shipments slowing ...
* Space tether
* Replacing lost ear hair may restore hearing?
* The first mouse demo ... and hypertext, etc.!
* Unions pro-Bush ... on this issue, anyway
* String Theory, the site
* The no-www effort ... I agree!
* Blocking Estrogen may stop lung cancer growth
* T-Mobile launches WiMax Net access for UK trains
* MS AntiSpyWare to remain free for personal use
* Frank, the tumor, confirmed gone
* More ESC lines made available

* Bloody Penguin baseball ... not in good taste, and my best is 703 ...
* True/Sore-Loser : Kerry says US would be 'better off' with his military proposals
* 100% of Republicans approve choice of Dean
* Bloodless coup a real letdown
* Thousands of Forgetful Men Remind Their Women "Atleast I did not try to kill you on Valentine's Day"
* Moore gets B&J Ice Cream named after him ... "The Waffle Truth"
* ' My insomnia is so bad, I can't even sleep on the job.' ... and others!
* Mud+ released
* TFA chews up, spits out another ES major
* Baby : Kindergartner masters swearing
* Three year old successfully circles the globe
* America vindicated: less destructive than nature
* NAACP introduces legislation expanding Black History Month to 35 days
* Canseco claims he did steroids with Bush

Quote of the Day
chiks: Is aluminum better than steel in most cases?
SJr|Tecra: No, what would you be more scared of -
SJr|Tecra: the man of steel or the man of aluminum?
thanks BASH!

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