Happy Valentine's Day

Quick Thoughts
* Why must we celebrate these manufactured ("Hallmark") Holidays? Specifically for Valentine's Day - shouldn't tell our significant others how much we love them every day? Why do we need a 'special day' in order to do so? I think it is all an evil plot to give women an excuse to be mad at men; they know that in some way or other we will mess something up. For example, I failed to remember it was Valentine's Day as I was leaving the house this morning ... so although I kissed my mostly-asleep wife goodbye, I didn't mention what day it was. She will probably tag me for that. I should get a pass on account of it was too early ... brains just don't work right before 5am. Oh - and its not like I forgot about Valentine's Day altogether ... that is all squared away. Now, on to the 'important stuff' ...

* Iraq : Post-election celebrations, politicking ... and Terrorists assassinate more cops, hit pipeline ... shows how dedicated they are to stopping democracy, and why we must ensure it happens! ... and condolences for those killed, prayers for those injured
* Verizon underbids Qwest, still gets MCI ... financial stability wins? ... still cost them $6.7B (and remember MCI also includes UUnet and Digex :) )
* US PTO rejects application for Human-Animal hybrid ... which is actually what the applicant wanted to happen ... just read it
* Earthquake : Baby81 finally goes home, with his parents ... DNA prevented the other 8(!) couples claiming to be the boys parents from getting him!
* Ray Charles picks up 8 Grammys
* Mickelson wins again, pockets $954k (now the top earner this year (it is only mid-Feb) ... and he was wearing a BearingPoint visor the whole time :P)
* Help Save Terri Schiavo ... while I support the "Right to Die" in general, in this case there are lots of 'questionable' details (mostly around her husband's motivation and possible involvement) ... and more, from a medical perspective, here

* A real American Hero ... Capt Rozelle, amputee, returns to Iraq
* Robo-soldier ready to roll ... and Skynet ready to become self-aware :)
* GM pays $2B to avoid buying Fiat
* Opposites may attract, but they don't hold a marriage together?
* Historical Maps of the Internet
* 'Internet Public Library'
* Pluto's mystery to be solved ... in about 10 years, if we are lucky
* Hitch made $45M+ opening weekend ... I went and saw the Incredibles, for my Nephews 9th birthday - good movie, BTW. Very Entertaining! (And Happy Birthday Jacob!)
* FollowUp : Some Saudi's are violating the law and (gasp) celebrating Valentine's Day ... and here I was complaining about having to celebrate it :P
* Overclocked to 7.2GHz!?
* Map of Middle Earth
* Future Mail ... send emails to yourself; reminders, bail-out pages, etc. :)

* TRUE : Chris Rock : "Only (gays, idiots) watch the Oscars" ... oh yeah, and what makes this really funny - he is hosting the Oscars!
* Should be a new OOTS today! ... but not there yet ... :(
* New RVB! (#49)
* TRUE : Blog Whoring/Pimping ... I offer all of those services as well, and guarantee a lower price ... :)
* UF presents the truth, about TechTV :)
* Nerd Inside ... ASCII & free time can be an entertaining combination
* Jesus makes poor showing at Frag Fest
* Condi offers to give France Michael Moore
* True : Love is an addiction ... can't wait for the lawsuits! Your honor, I was not in a right state of mind when I got married, the counselor said might as well face it, you're Addicted to Love
* Unlikely Geek Deaths ... it doesn't mention sex with supermodel ...
* Camilla and Charles Inspire New Wal-Mart Furniture
* Bill Cosby says accusations stem from friendly "buck-buck" competition
* British public vote for Charles to marry Keira Knightley
* Parents delighted science grad quit for arts
* Topic Drift
* How to find a Valentine

Quote of the Day
LadyAerowen: I'm allowed to have my own opinion, burra :P
burrahobbit: I don't know where you got that idea from but it is wrong
thanks !

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