Illegal Gay Marriages 1yr old today

Quick Thoughts
* It was 1 year ago today the San Francisco violated Cali state law by issuing Same-Sex Marriage license, and indirectly helped re-elect Bush :)
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* Iraq : Car bomb kills 17 outside Hospital ... and a judge was executed ... condolences for all of those killed ...
* Drug resistant HIV found ... and more here ... from 0 to full blown in 3 months!?
* More on the Christian Egyptians murdered in NJ
* Cali storms kill 3
* Not Confirmed Yet : Chinese helicopter shoots, sinks Indian submarine
* Attempted 'fetus theft' foiled ... the mother killed the attacker!
* McD's pays $8.5M in Trans Fat lawsuit ... $7M in charitable donation, $1.5M for public awareness ...

* Eason-gate over, because he resigned! ... and more here
* Some Dems willing to talk about Privatized Social inSecurity!
* Verizon close to MCI deal
* Credit Card offers a (cough) sweet interest rate - 70% ... atrocious, and abusive of the poor people it targets ...
* New fishing line changes color based on amount of pull
* IdiomSite ... why you say what you say
* Simulations show how Black Holes regulate Galactic formation
* "More blood for Oil" ... hello France, Russia, China, etc.
* Government "incentives" are wrong.
* Carly, now ex-CEO of HP, gets $21M severance package ... that's about $21M bigger than mine :)
* A Guide to Logical Fallacies

* The BEST Valentine's Day shirt ever! ... its got poetry, hex, and AYBABTU reference!
* ... maybe more later ...

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