Just a Saturday

Quick Thoughts
* FOXNEWS is reporting on Iran, being even more nuclear than we were afraid of? ... est. 3-5 years until nukes fully developed, but even so this really puts into question the 'peaceful intentions'!

*Iraq : Attacks kill 23 ... condolences for all of them, including 2 US GIs
* Afghan jetliner crashed, all aboard believed dead ... condolences for all of them, including ~6 Americans
* Big Win for Big Tobacco
* More on UN/Kofi's Oil for Food revisit ... still not admitting guilt for himself or his son ...
* Torture, Starvation used by parents against (5 of) their (8) adopted children ... John & Linda Dollar - Home Schoolers, child abusers ... there is not a punishment severe enough for these two 'wonderful' individuals. These children's lives have probably been ruined for ever.
* More on Ward Churchill ... 'won't apologize', and I won't apologize for calling for his termination ...
* Woman starved her 3 children to death
* RIAA sues dead people too
* More on Gregoire's stolen, fraudulent election

* Doing something nice, get sued? ... sad commentary on our society, both WRT the neighbor that sued and our society (that let her win) ...... found via It Is What It Is and Long Time Gone and Mark Levin Fan .. :)
* Diplomad shutting down?
* Where the 'hot jobs' will be ... BearingPoint?
* It fights pollution, blood clots
* How to tie a tie
* Mozilla releases Sunbird
* 'Intro to hacking'
* Greenhouse Gases could make Mars livable
* A look at the Dog Star (Sirius)
* John Edwards has been found!

* NSFW(?): Women, doing their duty to fight terrorism?
* Ted Kennedy left his lunch behind ...
* Your face on methamphetamines? ... found via It Is What It Is
* Lose some time to surfing this site ... thanks The Donegal Express
* True : Playing games ON buildings

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