The last Friday of this week!

* I have JUST received my 10,000th hit ... w00t! ...according to StatCounter, in the last ~2 months
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* I was wrong, Terri Schiavo matters ... I was also wrong on this issue, but am past that now ...
* Iraq : Blast kills 30 ... outside a Shiite mosque ... update: 5 blasts kill atleast 35 ... condolences to all of them ...
* Cali : 2 killed in train crash ... 2nd train crash this week
* Iraq : Iraqi died ... in the "Palestinian Hanging" position ... that is decidedly not good
* Baby, born 3m early, lives (with a little medical (arterial switch) help) ... birth weight - 1.5lbs
* US research vessel runs aground, on a reef ... whoops!
* Police find $5 million inside idling, unattended truck ... Um, is that where I left it? My apologies, please return it, thanks ... (always said i just want a 50lb bag of 20's :) ) ... but you can still charge the driver with the illegal stuff :)
* No charges against Cosby
* Cryptographers tell Hollywood what we already know : DRM WILL FAIL ... unfortunately, there might be a way to make it work ... we'll see :)
* Texas -1 murderer
* Google demotes blogs' search rankings? ... I still come up 4th and 5th for "NIF", and 1st for tjevans ... :)
* Pro-Kyoto (GreenPeace) protesters beaten back by Oil Traders ... they were trying to 'paralyze the oil trading', and got bruised skulls, kicked out to the pavement, etc. ... cuz, you know, those traders are pretty rough guys (well, compared to GreenPeace I am sure they each look like Hercules - I mean, even the French (including Ogre :P) can take on GreenPeace! ) ... found via The Donegal Express
* Plague kills scores in Congo ...
* China, US - measuring it
* Taxpayers +1, Lawyers +0 ... Bush signs Class Action lawsuit reform into law
* Exxon surpasses GE in the 'Largest Company in the World' contest
* Mankind is causing Global Warming?
* Manhunt for rapist, pedophile in Colorado ... He was just recently out of prison, on parole - WHY DO WE PAROLE PEOPLE??

* Social inSecurity : The good new : 2042 is not the important year; the bad news : 2018 is!
* NYC : No more Big Apple ... going to a gay name instead ...
* Forsake this website ... claims our military is worthless, overpaid, etc. Read the articles - the funny part is that his salary #'s make me feel sorry for our troops making SO LITTLE! ... thanks Cao!
* 2LT Ilario Pantano
* Vioxx returning?
* Geffen : "Hillary cannot win" ... wow, and sweet
* Martian water, wider, deeper
* Moore pocketed $50M off the sheepleft
* Blood is good for you ... Dracula had it right? ... "blood from young mice introduced into their older counterparts .activated stem cells in the old muscles that allowed them to recover from injury'"
* Greenspan : "Social (in)Security is not in a crisis" ... "but emphasized that Congress must quickly address future funding problems in the program and far larger shortfalls in Medicare" ... if "we must move quickly" doesn't that kinda sound like it is a crisis? Are we playing semantics here?
* Gamma flashes more frequent on Earth than previously thought ... "relativistic runaway breakdown" ... "sprites and elves" ...
* Qwest or Verizon? Bidding war for MCI?
* XBOX360 - revealed ... curvy, HD-ready, "faceplate-able" ...
* 802.11g vs 802.11a ... 'a' does have some benefits!
* Like VOIP, but the V is for Video ... or maybe call it IPV (IP Video)
* Cool - TinyApps!
* Skype on a cel phone! ... and a VOIP over cel 'hack'?
* Bluetooth sniper rifle makes another appearance
* MS's Catch-22
* Meet a rabbit, circa 55M years ago ... "Gomphos elkema"
* DDR3-1066 introduced!
* Everquest knows their audience - introduces the /pizza command ... brings up a window, in which you order from Pizza Hut ... now you truly never need to leave EverCrack!
* BYO / DIY : Flight Deck
* Webcam 1, burglar 0 ... awesome!
* NYT to buy about.com ... why, so they can lie/spin search results?
* Free Flash intro for your site?
* Small step = giant leap (for robots) .. and more here
* SawStop - limits damage you can do to yourself with table saws, etc.
* Chemical Imaging Camera captures tiny UFO?
* VOIP firewall
* Down with "one China"
* Natural Fission Reactors?!
* Rootkits (finally) coming to Win* ... "SpyWare that is impossible to clean"
* London +1 300mph, hovering train?
* Cel Phone radiation not a threat
* Brightest Galactic Flash Ever ... from 50,000 light years away
* T-Mobile has (more!) Security issues?
* This 3yr old is smarter than you ... makes it into Mensa
* MAC-Spoofing made easy - "SMAC" ... not free :(
* ISS came close to losing a crew member?

* True : Morissette Becomes U.S. Citizen ... what makes it funny is that less than 1 year ago she was slamming the US over censorship and said (basically) that we (Americans) all live in fear of nudity ... and naturally, being a Canadian (with a flip-top head) she is declaring herself a Canadian-American. Two problems - hyphenated nationality is just wrong, and if you must do so American should come first :)
* Fun with Bumper stickers
* Mass suicide could save social security
* US launches probe droids to Iran
* Cosby accused of molesting self
* Bush admits pulling a 'James T Kirk' with Saddam
* Muppets indicted on Felony Charges
* Fatal Attraction not a good Valentine's Day movie
* Missile defense test a rousing near-success
* Nuclear Korea claims it is producing Paulie Shore movies
* Jokes in DC ... "A" just goes to show how 'blue' Google is, which we all know already
* NSFW: March 14th is the man's response to Feb14th
* True? : Proof that Nickelback sucks ... two songs, two years apart, eerily similar ... :)
* The Screen Savers blooper - they should get a popup blocker

Quote of the Day
Wardave: My girlfriend tells me I'm lazy and have no ambition
CancersDan: Dump her
Wardave: I should but that's just way too much work
thanks BASH!

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