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* So, I have 110 Gmail invites ... anyone want one? Or 5?
* Oh, and Thank God It's Friday!
* My apologies for this post being so long; and it is still early! (17:15)

* Iraq : Gunmen kill 11 ... and Rumsfeld in 'surprise visit' ... and 12 more killed in car bomb
* N(uclear) Korea : Pyongyang now calls for bilateral talks with US ... in place of the 6-party talks that they just dropped out of (again) ... but US says no ... and Kim Jong-Il to pass leadership to son ... just as he inherited from his father
* Dam bursts in Pakistan, kills atleast 43
* Trade 'deficit' reaches all time high
* 'Activist lawyers fear 'chilling effect' from verdict' ... that is total BS. The fact is Lynne Stewart is a terrorist sympathizer who knowingly & willingly assisted terrorists! ... and you can get the real story here! ... and more thoughts on Lynne Stewart
* Baby, head wrapped in plastic bag, thrown out the window of a moving vehicle ... another baby-related, absolutely atrocious occurrence! What is wrong with people?? UPDATE : this was a big hoax. What is wrong with people??
* Earthquake : Death Toll at 162k, with 26k-140k still unaccounted for
* Valentine's Day Mass-Suicide foiled
* Apple stock, 2:1
* Democracy; the last, best hope for the Middle East?
* Russia to build a nuclear plant for Iran? .. Russia will supposedly collect the fuel rods, anyone want to take bets on how many they "cannot account for" after a few runs?

* The (cough) Power of Unionization ... and Cramping for Unemployment
* Dragon Optical Illusion ... COOL! Watch the video, download the directions to make one for yourself!
* Review of the federal budget ... andanother review (I think the second one is better in its analysis / breakdown) ... and a few more thoughts on it ... and a few thoughts on the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit $ ... and lawmaker (Bill Thomas, Cali) proposes an alternative budget ... we should just use the FAIR TAX instead of his proposed VAT (which will complicate our already spaghetti-like tax code)...
* The Death Star, aka Saturn's moon - Mimas
* HP to help throttle virus propagation
* Judge astonished by SCO's lack of evidence ... what everyone has known for quite some time!
* Let's first agree that Social inSecurity is a broken system, here's why
* Dean vows Democratic comeback ... just like he vowed to take the White House? ... he also says the Democrats "are a party of the future, while Republicans are the party of the past" - to which I reply, which planet is he living on / what Democratic party is he talking about?! ... and 'Deaniacs on Parade'
* Some thoughts on Hillary, and her transformer-like qualities ... the word Decepticon comes to mind!
* PVR that record 10(!) channels at once! ... "SnapStream Hydra" .. NICE!
* LifeHacker, on how to get that interview
* KDE on Win*?
* Homeless Vets?? Lend a hand! ... thanks Matt!
* Why the Earth hums
* "Hacking" OnStar
* Intel, Qinetiq create "quantum well" transistor
* MPAA gets LokiTorrent shut down ... TorrentStop also shut down, MPAA on its crusade to PWN the world ...
* Sun shuns Intel
* Democrats in NC don't care about the law?
* MS pitching top-side display for laptop lids
* Deer vs Ginseng?
* Teach Evolution ... but use stickers?
* Why dreams are forgotten
* 128MB CF card for $17.99
* PETA bankrolling arsonists?
* Dutch Parliament votes against software patent directive
* Virginia withdraws droopy drawers ban ... your right to look/act sloppy/stupid has been protected
* Lucrative College Degrees
* Taunting Liberals? ... :)
* Broken Heart Syndrome, the picture
* Arab bank pulling out of US ... under assault by the feds
* Ward Churchill, from a different perspective ... and a little graphic, showing what Churchill believes (or says, anyway) ... and 'another Churchill', this one named Francisco Gil-White
* Who said "I have often wanted to drown my troubles, but I can't get my wife to go swimming."
* 19% ignorant when it comes to Social inSecurity issues?
* More Eason-gate fun
* Fallujah, the REAL movie
* Germany rejects call to charge Rumsfeld with War Crimes ... "sanity prevails"
* Homosexuals yes, Soldiers no ...more on-campus hypocrisy, bias
* Social inSecurity, not unfair to minorities!
* More Bush=Hitler nonsense
* Everyone should be an organ donor, like Clare Ekins
* Multi-player Pacman hops device to device
* Self-Replicating robots ... sounds like Stargate, eh?
* A look at Orion's Belt
* Octopus arms the key to robot design?
* Domain slammer busted
* F-Secure users urged to patch ... ISS found a (cough little hole ...
* UN has to explicitly tell its staff not to have sex with the people they are they (ostensibly) to help / save ... more reasons for the UN to kindly go away ... starting with Kofi and Kojo :) ... and more thoughts here

* New OOTS! ... orange is the new green!
* Virginia bans marriage between couples who wear droopy pants
* True : Block Clock
* Kim Jong Il confident nukes will finally catch attention of Jodie Foster
* True : Congolese boxer accused of casting spells to win matches
* Vermont caught trying to sneak over to Canada
* Boxer to run for President ... and watch the animated .gif!
* True : Cops pull over woman ... so her boyfriend can propose
* True : Dial-a-Fairy-tale ... for all you lazy, rich parents ...
* Dean to head DNC, begin transformation into Wussy
* Polar Animals plan global warming summit
* Photoshop : Break Dancer
* True : TMFT : Building a glacier to climb
* Papa Smurf Threatens Global Domination
* Baby : Hair Reported Missing/Inaction
* Cell phones challenge asian females for accident risk
* Top child star faces new challenger
* Eason Jordan was right; some reporters were 'targeted'
* True / Ironic : Prostitution Vigilante Hooked For Pimping
* True'ish : Top ten Conservative reactions to the news that they "got" Jeff Gannon , oh - and in case you didn't know, here is the run down on the whole 'situation'
* Photoshop : Alton Brown

Quote of the Day
playamj: I need some creative ways of asking this girl I like to the prom...please post some ideas thanks!
secks: You can try walking up to her and pushing the use key
thanks BASH!

Guns cause crime, like flies cause garbage
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