One more day, just one more day

Quick Thoughts
* OK, so since it is still currently early on Thursday it is two more days ... get over it.
* A quick (cough) THANK you to the VDOT project team that decided not to finish the construction on I-495 on time (all lanes were too be opened NLT 05:00), causing serious backups before 05:30AM as all traffic from the other side of 495, I95, and I395 that wanted to get to Tyson's had to loop through Edsall Rd. Good Move, guys. Oh, and the people involved in the (atleast one)accident this caused probably have a word or two for you.
* Symantec released an alert for TCP/1433 ... MS-SQL ... keep that one firewalled off, patched/up-to-date, and secured. That's all.

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* Rice : Syria is atleast partially responsible for blast ... and Iran, Syria - partnership? ... and more on Russia selling 'advanced' missiles to Syria
* Goss : Nuclear Korea capability growing
* China surpasses US as world's #1 consumer ... and our 'tech leadership' being challenged / questioned ... blame H1B's, among other things ... "I have seen not just the future but the present of technology at ISSCC, and it looks Chinese, Korean, Singaporean, Taiwanese, Japanese, Indian, Pakistani, etc."
* USDA permitted questionable meat into US?
* Missing Teen found, alive
* The word "blog" has now been used on the Senate floor ... :)
* Negroponte nominated as (the first) Natl Intel Director
* Iraqi defense bolstered by "pop up" units
* Instead of SCO vs World, now it is Nasdaq vs SCO? ... couldn't happen to a nicer company :)
* Iran vows to retaliate if attacked
* Qwest releases its $8B offer for MCI ... and speaking of MCI/WorldCom - (ex-)CFO admits he lied to court
* Charges against "Anti-Gay" group dropped
* Real Estate - too hot, too coll, just right ... surprisingly, Northern VA not listed as too damn hot
* Bangkok car-bombed, 5 dead
* Brits lose just a wee bit of Plutonium? ... enough to make 7-8 nuclear bombs?? Or do they just not measure it correctly?

* Dean already providing entertainment! ... requests media blackout of debate (What?? Isn't the point of holding a debate to get your opinions heard??) ... anyway, he changed his mind ... (maybe Kerry showed him how to do that?)
* More on Kyoto ... waiting to fail ...
* More on the MSM vs Bloggers
* For $3B 90% of the US could have WiMax! ... 70mbps wireless, w/ 30mile range!
* More terrorist threats on US ... see, what media bias??
* Finsbury Park Mosque reopens
* The time to prepare to Bird Flu mass-vaccinations is now ... "change in policy reflects growing fears that an H5 pandemic is likely"
* The Tech Oscars
* knee-jerk law creation bad, an example ... and more stupid law examples
* Castro inspired CNN
* iPod, the movement, hard to kill
* South Dakota : House panel OKs making abortion a felony ... if/when Roe vs Wade is overturned, that is.
* More on Churchill ... don't let this issue die until he is fired!
* Liberals and Peter Pan
* MS going AntiSpyWare in IE7
* Orbital Hotel in 2010?
* Illegals don't show up to court? ... I wonder why?
* IVF embryos missing something?
* More on the (accidentally) free Napster
* Wanna make a NES game?
* Forget LCD, let's talk NCD ... NanoChromics Display
* More on Intel's laser breakthrough ... Photonics ...
* Extreme Skier dies in avalanche while making skiing film ... condolences ...
* "Bush Boom" continues ... economy good
* Who said "While the United Nations may not be able to take humanity to heaven, it must act to save humanity from hell" ... Hint : the UN should fire him ... and* Who said "I don’t have the slightest clue who Hillary really is" ... hint : he's a Democrat ...
* Syria sending a warning to France? ... which is expected to surrender any minute now
* Scott Ritter lands new job - with Al Jazeera! ... found the right place for his Anti-American spewings
* Comrade Carter?
* Thwarted suicide bomb attempt ... no virgins for him?
* Sucker punch tax coming to you? ... AMT attempting to rear its ugly, misbegotten head
* Minimum wage, maximum harm
* NY GOP Chairman Stephen Minarik makes an excellent statement
* MS recalls XBOX power cables (In Europe)
* Cassini takes snaps of Titan's massive crater
* Windows Server 2003 is more secure than Red Hat Linux
* Moon Naming
* Firefox hits 25M downloads! ... see pic above :)!
* MS's new download policy ... explicitly blocks WINE!
* Lions and Tigers ... make Ligers?
* MS teaches 1337$p33k

* New OOTS today ... when in doubt, slay living the leader :)
* TRUE: Mil gives us the final answer on the difference between men and women
* Bush reaffirms support for global warming
* Cel Phone + Microwave
* HP says Women are no good at technology
* We must appease the Volcano God
* Greenspan endorses private accounts, beatdowns
* Ban on hunting with dogs sees huge increase in hunting with cats
* Baby : Parents detest whine reflex
* Few remaining Democrats show solidarity
* Hilton files patent for "That's Hot"
* Soda Zoo ... expansion / extension of Soda Constructor!
* Don't speak out against MoleMen
* Snooze = Lose
* Canada on Prozac
* Doug Mientkiewicz; Douche
* More on JackoGate
* MBA-speak ... "what are this restaurant's core competencies?"
* Marine jokes
* Limos for Liberals
* Random Law and Order Plot Generator
* True : America, where even the poor have cel phones

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