One week later than last Wednesday

* Iraq : New video of kidnapped Italian reporter ... prayers for her!
* The (broken) Kyoto Accord goes into effect ... and Gore bloviates on this, and the automakers fight against Cali ... I think he just wants some attention ... and more here ... "greatest economic fraud in the history of mankind" ... and "it is all about symbolism"
* Another MyDoom variant ... :(
* Lexus SUV having some brake problems
* Help save Terri ... and more here
* Today is Wictory Wednesday! ... all about Social Security!
* MSM vs Bloggers : Tulsa World sues blogger, for linking! ... and check the pic below :)
* More UN badness ... "inspectors spent days drinking"
* Iran : We will shoot down drones
* Life on Mars!?
* Israel says Iran will be nuclear within 6m!
* CIA issues China warning
* Specter has Hodgkins ... while I disagree with many of his stances, I pray for the best for him!
* Officials warn of future terror attacks

* Kerry-180 Blogburst starting ... sign up :) ... and Kerry still delusional ... "Americans accepted that I could be the commander in chief", No John - we refused to let you mislead us ... and more Kerry-quote-fun ... and yet more Kerry fun here , as he votes for Bush's Iraq war funding bill
* More thoughts on Islamofascists ... and more here, specifically WRT the (murdered) Armanious family ... and yet more here on that family
* 'A 12yr old girl has been charged with murder for killing her 9yr old sister, in a dispute over a hamburger' ... what is wrong with people?? ... found via It Is What It Is
* Cisco's security lineup - ATD
* A friendly review of the 1st Amendment
* Your opinions and beliefs are WRONG?
* Whistling helium, GPS and Gyroscopes
* Rovers find new rock type
* Air pollution affects fetal development
* Napster (accidentally) gives away free music!
* Academia under siege
* SHA-1 broken?
* WAP/Router/FW+VOIP - from Linksys (Cisco)
* Analysis of 8yrs worth of email
* Want to help save Enterprise? ... here is how
* Open letter to Mr. President
* Rathergate continues, 'War inside CBS' ... and more here
* Biden on Iran
* Is Linux 's security a myth?
* RePost : An excellent article on Religion in America ... and lots of great comments (on both sides of the issues)
* Dean is no moderate
* States owe the Fed some $?
* More on Cali's mile-tax
* AARP, hypocrisy, Social inSecurity
* Sad but true : Republicans spending too much ... found viaCFG ... and more here
* Russia selling weapons to Syria ... contributing factor in US recalling our ambassador?
* Snopes: Reliably Liberal and Liberally Unreliable
* India's deadly lies
* Phantom Limb feeling?
* Speaking of Judicial Activism ... "Judge orders multi-billion dollar tax increase"
* Imagine that, Gun Control doesn't work!?
* MSM heading off to the tarpits?
* UN analogy : "a quart of ice-cream and a quart of dog feces and mix 'em together the result will taste more like the latter than the former"
* PATRIOT (Act) Debates
* The world is changing?
* No NHL, official now
* This car knows how you feel
* Tax reform? ... let's hope so, and think FAIR TAX!
* Math and Language skills developed independently
* Skinning GMail! ... Firefox only ... wink wink, nudge nudge
* Windows KB shortcuts
* Humans just got older
* Photonics for the masses, from Intel?
* Sun dumps OS coders ... Solaris & Linux ...
* OPEC being pushed to the limit?
* HIV testing for everyone? ... if everyone would give blood they would get tested then :)

* True'ish: The Best of Dean ... thanks Gindy!
* OOTS#149 is sappy filler art ... I wish he would hurry up, quit his job, and start doing three of these each week!
* North Korea claims it possesses Ben Affleck film
* Deep Throat illness offers new clues to identity
* ACLU goes off the cliff (as usual / expected) with this amazingly amusing flash demonstration! ... found via It Is What It Is
* True'ish: Navy to Commission Attack Submarine Jimmy Carter ... and more here
* The correct way to say Happy Valentine's Day!
* White Trash Wednesday!
* Soft G or Hard G? ... important distinction!
* PC-Clueless old people, bait & switch sales tactics, and fun!
* Wacko Jacko's real reason for the hospital trip ... WARNING : in poor taste
* The Machine ... shockwave game
* Evolution of a programmer
* Smoke vs Work, either way your dying ... thinking of you, T
* Space Bathroom, the video
* The "truth" about Stephen King
* Nuclear Korea's confessions prompts others to confess as well
* Salesmen thrilled with death of Arthur Miller
* True : Help name Sean Hannity's puppy
* Bush taps high school student for global warming help
* Blair's UK election campaign begins
* Purim postponed due to inclement weather
* True?: Dean makes racist joke?

Quote of the Day
Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them ;-)
thanks SurinderXX!

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