Percoset = a day off of work

Quick Thoughts
* Not moving too fast today, please be patient ... Percoset is good ... wow, have made it quite a long post today - sorry!
* Riley, on the other hand, has crawled, for the first time, today! Sweet!

* Sponsor MadTech in his March of Dimes 'Walk America'! ... UPDATE (022305) - I made my donation, and my employer matches!!

* Bush assassination plot ... 23yr old, was a high school valedictorian, now working with/for al Qaida ... had been held in Saudi Arabia for 1-2 years ... developing ... name = "Ahmed Omar Abu Ali"
* High Court to review assisted suicide law ... Terri's fight goes on ... note that, in general, I support 'assisted suicide', but in cases like Terri's this would be murder ... and USSC also to review BitTorrent!
* Blog for Terri, great site for info! ... and more on Terri, and her 'winner' of a husband, here ... and UPDATE : Judge has issued emergency stay until 5pm tomorrow; until after further court hearings
* More on Iran's latest earthquake ... "hundreds killed" ... condolences ...
* NATO commits to help in Iraq
* More on the recent Amber Alert - car found, suspect in custody, mother & son still missing ... worst feared, suspect (he might be the father of the unborn child, btw) charged with 3 counts of murder! ... UPDATE : speculation=bodies of all three found, sadly. If true, condolences for them and prayers to their family and friends ... UPDATE : some reports now saying 'not all three bodies' have been found / recovered ... UPDATE : Scumbag has admitted to smothering both (all three, counting the unborn child) and burying the bodies.
* Don't forget about, or underestimate the successes of, Afghanistan! ... I certainly haven't, especially since my brother in law is over there now!
* Annan - "United Nations is 'Vital to Humanity'" ... I think it is just vital for his employment, and to keep him out of prison
* Man forcibly incarcerated for being, of all things, fat
* It is Tuesday .. Kerry, sign your 180!
* Pope : "Pope Calls Gay Marriage Part of 'Ideology of Evil'"
* More UNfinished business ... 6 years, no progress (except maybe back into civil war), status quo @ the UN
* Eminent domain - when the govt says "all your base are ..." nevermind; this is a serious abuse of power! ... and undermining the basic property ownership rights of all US citizens!
* Sowell's random thoughts for the day ... timely, relevant, worth reading! ... ends with "People who oppose the privatization of Social Security call it "a risky scheme." But is anything more risky than turning money over to politicians and hoping that they won't spend it before you retire?"
* Chirac 'snubs' US - disrespects NATO, talks up the EU (what is French for douche :P) ... YET more reasons (in addition to their valuing $ more than freedom) for us to forget about France and Germany; not to sound rude / crude / egotistical - but seriously, how long would their precious EU last without the US on the global 911 speed dial ... and more details here ... since the first link was pretty light in details ...
* Iran jails editor for 14yrs ... 'insulted leaders' ... ah, yes - Iran, bastion of freedom ...
* more on Nuclear Korea's (cough)"willingness" to return to the 6 party talks
* More on Cali's extreme weather ... rain, mudslides, etc ... 6 have been killed - our condolences to them!
* Oil back up over $51! ... and DOW plummets ~147, and dollar slides ... interesting and queer, given the overall good position of our economy! .. was this mostly due to OPEC threatening a production cut? ... and maybe just a tad of speculation, naturally ...
* UN/ITU to take ICANN's job? ... I am vehemently opposed to the UN getting any new power, especially in my field :(

* Gates & Buffet wrong on the US$?
* Santorum talks up Bush's Social inSecurity reform plan ... which is good, but Santorum is also pushing for a minimum wage hike ... which is bad, because - remember - minimum wage increases are bad for everyone!
* Democrats taxing the poor, for/via their sins?
* Hate mail for the troops? ... this is just sad ...
* Hinchey unhinged, Rove an evil mastermind ... "Rove doesn't have to scheme to make Democrats look like idiots. They do a fine job on their own" ... oh, and a comment on Google vs Blogs ... and his comments here, in mp3 format ... 2.8MB ... and, also from LGF ... is this going to be known as (gasp) 'Hincheygate'?
* British Sex Ed hits new low
* GW deserves a holiday, on the right day! ... and more on GW here ... and yet more here ... and here is GW's first Inaugural Address
* Judge not?
* UT2003, the training tool for the future!
* Cabir still infecting cel phones
* More on ChoicePoint, and ID theft
* Cops cleared on all counts, yields no media blitz? ... what media bias?
* UN hiring (former) Kerry aides to run a blog? ... 'cuz they worked so well for him, right? let's hope Kofi gets the same end-result ...
* Those crazy Scientologists ... cruise sets up 'assist' tent on 'War of the Worlds' set
* Scott Ritter, traitor?
* Pulsars making (gravity) waves
* RNC has a 6-to-1 financial advantage over DNC
* More on the search for life on Mars
* More Personal Area Networking, at 10mbps
* Children need flu vaccinations more than the elderly
* Thank our Troops!
* More on the biggest explosion ever recorded (by us, anyway :P )
* Can terrorists build a nuclear bomb? ... and how hard / easy is it, anyway?
* Free boxes from the USPS! ... max of 500 per order
* Cato's recommended fix for Social inSecurity
* EU = socialist?
* December' 26th tsunami revealed ancient city
* Computer screens are BAD for your eyes ... added to the list of the biggest dangers to your eyesight ... new term - "Computer Vision Syndrome"
* 3M Security glass ad ... real money in there??
* Turn old gear into useful things - like Cyrix CPUs into hotplates! ... I suspect they have officially been slashdotted; i.e. - site not currently available due to the user load
* Wormability formula to predict next major malware outbreak
* Thoughts on the next generation of gaming consoles
* Can TiVo be saved?
* Artificial eyes by 2010?
* Who was Bush talking about when he said "I'm looking for a good cowboy" ... and some comments on that statement
* Borders to be secured by volunteers? ... the return of the 'minuteman'!
* More on another MS patent - 'IsNot'
* If you think getting deuced (fired for blogging) is bad ... these people are IN JAIL due to their blogs
* 'Piss on Bush' ... shocker : made by a socialist! ... such a sad, sad thing ... and I wonder what the reaction would be if an American company put out something similar with Chirac, Putin, Schroeder and/or the country of Belgium on it? Or maybe Iran, Syria and Nuclear Korea?
* Glorifying the Drug Trade in Mexico?
* Addictive maps from Natl Atlas
* 'Does Dan Rather work for al Jazeera?'
* Court slaps FCC, WRT DigitalTV & DRM
* WiFi @ 80mph!? ... and more on WiFi 'stealth attack' vulnerability
* IBM's Hurricane souping up Xeon servers?
* HP + planned obsolescence? ... hard-coding 'stop workie' dates on cartridges?
* Portable / Solar charger for your iPod
* WinXPsp2 failings ... and, did you know that WinXPsp2 throttles uncompleted, outbound TCP connections to 10 per second ... for P2P'ers, or those of us who use tabbed browsers, that is not so good. Now you can fix it :) ...
* Looking for a .DLL?
* Brocade's now-ex-CEO has a pretty big golden parachute ... not as big as Carly's, but $910k/yr + private jet, etc. is still pretty darned healthy!
* Free surge strip! ... in-store only (CompUSA) ...
* SWEPIII pictures (& spoilers)

* Male escort infiltrates al-Qaida
* Bush in Europe: a faux pas already ... sprouts and waffles cause protest
* MS releases XBOX05 ... "identical to the original, but built with an integrated fire extinguisher and smoke alarm"
* Things not to put on your resume ... like "I am extremely loyal to my present firm, so please don't let them know of my immediate availability"
* True : Poking the bear
* Scientists confirm smelt it / dealt it correlation
* Drunken dog rampages neighborhood
* Public television fails to make children gay, PBS President resigns
* True? : Competency, the career killer?
* Bush tapes up the ante
* TRUE : Amusing Veritas FAQ ... what is Unix?
* True : WhatIsMyIP.com site apparently just sold for $386k ... guess I will quit using it now, use whatismyipaddress.com instead :P (make sure you are running popup-blockers!)

Quote of the Day
loderr13: hey, what's worse than finding a worm in your apple?
loderr13: give up?
loderr13: Finding OSX in your apple.
thanks BASH!

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