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Quick Thoughts
* All our lovely snow is melting :( ... but we might get more next week!
* Prayers to/for the Pope, Terri Schiavo and little Jessica Lunsford
* Several links today were found via MadTech, go read him (after finishing here, naturally :P)
* Wow, "Dayside w/ Linda Vester" interviewing Omarosa ... they are having a (verbal) catfight; adding snide comments like dearie, honey ... doing old-school "whip it out and measure style" credential comparisons ... LV ends the interview with : "you clearly have studied a lot but still don't have a clue" ... nice!
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* Terri : DCF requests additional (60 day) stay, investigating abuse charges ... and a petition w/ 100k(!) signatures is being delivered to Jeb ... and the Vatican weighs in ... UPDATE : Terri has just received (another) extension!
* Pope is off the ventilator! ... still not allowed to speak ... some reports are saying he was never on a ventilator ... after receiving the trach he is reported to have (jokingly) written 'What have you done to me' :) ... developing ...
* Iraq : Terrorist ('cell leader') captured ... major catch!
* Iraq : 7 killed, including 3 US GIs ... condolences ...
* Suicide-Terrorist kills 5 at nightclub in Tel Aviv
* More on the missing 9yr old in FLA ... Jessica Lunsford, 4'11", 70lbs, Brown hair & brown eye ... no Amber Alert issued (does not meet all criteria, so let's get the word out the old fashioned way!)
* BoA : 1.2M accounts jeopardized ... back in December they lost some tapes, baggage handlers suspected ... wow, and this following ChoicePoint's Charlie-Foxtrot (more on ChociePoint below :) )
* FollowUp : "Hate Crime" charges dropped against Christians in Philly ... they were being prosecuted for reading the Bible ...
* Viacom posts $18B+ quarterly loss
* Qwest sweetens MCI offer ... when $8B is not enough
* PG-13 movie includes profanity ... including F???, S???, A??whole ...
* Vietnam +1 Avian Flu case
* US Economy growing better than expected ... imagine that, lower taxes & other pro-business moves yield a better economy ... hmm, whoddathunkit? ... and this, in spite of illegals costing the US $68B per year ... as many smart people are saying, a country that cannot secure her borders is not secure! ... and illegals buying houses with fake IDs? ... and more thoughts on our federal budget, deficit, etc.
* ANOTHER teacher-student sex instance ... added 'bonus' - toddler was in the backseat
* VA's next gubernatorial race : Kilgore vs Kaine vs Potts ... you tell 'em, Jerry
* ChoicePoint execs cashing out? ... let the investor lawsuits begin!
* Iran hiding nuclear technology in tunnels?
* Rice to London, but not middle east
* HIV infection rate in blacks doubles
* Adult Stem Cells work wonders ... without killing any babies(a la ESCR), wouldjya look at that?
* Powell criticizes Iraq troop levels ... um, yes and no ...

* 'Freedom Of Religion' not 'Freedom From Religion' ... well said!
* European racism, making a comeback? ... required reading!
* OptimizeXP ... and making XP start faster
* Inside HIV, protein magic
* Handheld laser 'pointer' - that can burn through a plastic cup!
* Soros, funding terror? ... no surprise there!
* Firefox 1.0.1 released ... click there, click free download ...
* Thoughts on ACLU's "No crosses on Federal property" crusade ... or, more accurately, a picture ... demonstrates a slight problem in yet another poorly thought out & misdirected ACLU plot against this country
* Librarians don't like bloggers either
* Regulate salt?
* Did you know that the NC legislature is trying to retroactively mangle last years
Cool - math + art
* Speculation : Trade Cheney for Condi, and prepare voters for 2008?
* Student expelled for writing a paper ... What bias in education? (Ward Churchill is not fired for aiding potential terrorists, but this student gets expelled for advocating spanking in the classroom) ... and, speaking of Churchill, just where is his thesis anyway? ... oh, and look - he forged works of art!
* SC&A : Are we living in 1984 right now, or will we be soon? ... very interesting post!
* The army as a gangster training ground? ... I had never thought of that ... funny : "no blood for bling-bling"
* MS clamping down (just a little) on WPA fraud
* UK recalls 140+ foods
* eBay, price-gouging?
* Stellar eclipse, March 3
* Scientific fraud - DDT ... Malaria, once near extinction, now one of (if not the) greatest dangers to humans
* Missile Defense system component (Aegis) successfully downs inbound missile ... Canada still withdrawing ...
* Ladies : secretly getting pregnant can land you in court! ... just read, its funny & true
* Google Calendar? ... still waiting on GBrowser too :)
* Making WiFi guests comfy
* Specter still an obstruction to progress?
* Compare and contrast : SCO & the Titanic ... "Captain Smith didn't steer his doomed ship towards the iceberg, he hit it by accident"
* Low-cost home surveillance system
* Simplifying CSS?
* SC&A : Think about patriotism
* United States Designates Muhsin al-Fadhli a Terrorist ... this was done back on Feb15, and as Cao points out the MSM is ignoring this ... again, what media bias?
* Coulter, on the "Gannon-gate" that wasn't
* Thoughts on Condi's wardrobe ... FWIW - I thought she looked just fine ... and now I feel just a bit homo posting a 'fashion' related link, not that there is anything wrong with that ...
* BTK suspect/'person of interest' arrested
* Gay men read maps like women?
* How can MS kill Linux?
* Solar Tower
* The first-ever WWW picture!
* Nero6 OEM - FREE!
* Nanoscopic measuring
* Filename extension list
* China walks out of Wireless LAN Security / Standards talk
* Phytoplankton, fed by floods?

* Pope prescribed Marijuana ... "The concern is that we'll find the Pope sitting in his hospital bed in a few days listening to rap-hop music and raving about murdering nurses"
* 1988 Dodge Aries - a new definition of class ... hot stuff, baby
* UF : Supports updating your Firefox!
* US Voting machines make democrats disappear
* Bush hosts G1 Conference
* New martial art : Thai Dai ... only for the bright, bold and color-blind
* Mike Piazza weds Alicia Rickter, still a homo
* Michael Jackson hospitalized for emergency bleaching procedure
* True : Stupid human tricks, or what love makes people do
* Bush fires nickname aide
* Nickie to stick around after all
* Flash Game : (NSFW/Sound) Drop Kick The Faint ... funny!
* Bush vs Kerry - in pictures!
* Sad? : Ransom Note Generator
* True : T-Mobile +1 victim : Fred Durst ... not really 'hacking', BTW - even calling it social engineering might be a stretch ...
* True : Do we elect 5yr olds? ... "he started it"
* True : Hard Drive Wind-chime!

Quote of the Day
SPEEDing|VoNK: You can't use Knoppix as a server can you?
bob: Why not, People use windows as one.
thanks BASH!

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