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Quick Thoughts
* Real Life is all up in my grill today, so posting is delayed ... possibly until tomorrow ... nevermind, delay over!
* Check out the Riley pic below ... :)
* The US Dollar hits a 3m high vs the Euro
* WRT Bush budget cuts - in general, GOOD. Cut under-performing agencies' budgets, cut some farm subsidies (and cap those that remain!), cut some local development pork (that is a state/local responsibility, not federal!) ... and gives our soldiers a raise!

* Spanish Consulate standoff over ... or maybe not?
* Iraq : Suicide bombers, Mortars kill 30 ... more condolences to all of them killed, and prayers for those wounded ...
* The upcoming US Federal budget ... $2.5 trillion in 2006 ... and More here on Bush, budget, cuts
* Patriots win, now lose some staff
* Judge arrested for DUI/DWI
* Iraq : al Sistani says "demanded that Islam be the sole source of legislation in the country’s new constitution" ... that is not a good sign ...
* Germany might arrest Rumsfeld? ... good luck ...
* (ex)Priest convicted
* Oil down a bit ... still $10-20 too high ...
* Peace in the MidEast? ... a(nother) cease fire called ...
* More Oil for Food Fiasco Fallout ... another senior UN staffer suspended ... just waiting for Kofi's # to come up, and Kojo's for that matter ...
* GI demoted for mud wrestling ... that's why you don't let cameras in ...

* Multi-Browser DNS Spoofing Flaw
* Why we are in Iraq
* Good News from Afghanistan ... and I hope, and pray, that my brother-in-law is doing well over there as well!
* France does not surrender to Google
* Google biased? ... and more here
* Divining rod being used on Mars?
* Caffeinated beer!
* More on Black Holes ... forces for creation?
* Superbrain chip ... "supercomputer on a chip"
* More on France's wine problem ... and even better, it is atleast partially the US's fault!
* Team America: banned in Korea ... one more reason to like it :)
* A few thoughts on Lent
* Nuclear Weapon re-design ... make them last longer ...
* More Phishing
* Co-Operative Linux ... Linux & Win*, side-by-side, no VMWare required ...
* We consumers, as prawns
* Voting with their feet ... some leave the US; good - make it easier for US to win future elections :)
* HVD - 200 DVDs on one disc ... > 1TB of data, and read speeds of ~1gbps ... but don't get too excited, still ~2 years until the standard is ratified!
* Coral Reefs create cloud
* BYO XGA Projector! ... for $300!
* Intel's Foxton coming soon ... dual-core Itanium
* 'MechAssault2 : Lone Wolf' review
* Kazaa logging user downloads? ... not good for Kazaa, or for their users ...
* GM puts Pontiac out to pasture
* RFID the dead
* AskJeeves buying BlogLines
* Free CBTs
* LoJack your Mac
* Who said ''I want the state gone: transform the situation to U.S. out of North America. U.S. off the planet. Out of existence altogether ... hint : he recently lost his Chair position, and may be losing his job
* Social inSecurity myth ... and more thoughts here
* Moore "catches O'Reilly in a lie" ... just another fable, like his movie ...
* InfoSec tools : Open Source vs Commercial
* Marijuana : how it harms your brain

* Miss a SuperBowl ad? They are all here
* Heaven Fails ISO 9000 Audit
* First Janet Jackson jokes arrive in Iraq
* Lack of "Super Bowl Surprise" leaves satire site without material for Monday morning ... contains 50% profanity ...
* Super Bowl Results : What Can You Do?
* A Wedding Card
* New OOTS ... Xykon on the move, kind of ...
* AskJeeves.com involved in murder conspiracy
* Man called 'Sri Lanka' receives $22 million from Red Cross
* Captain Kirk fires Scotty for general crappiness of his communicator
* The South Unlikely to Rise Again
* Waiting for the Gulf of Mexico to Reach Crawford, Texas
* True : A poem, about the French ... and - also funny, and true : The French, on their leisure time

Quote of the Day
With all the sadness and trauma going on in the world at the moment, it is worth reflecting on the death of a very important person which almost went unnoticed last week. Larry La Prise, the man who wrote "The Hokey Pokey," died peacefully at age 93. The most traumatic part for his family was getting him into the coffin. They put his left leg in, and then the trouble started.
thanks Aaron!

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