Safer Internet Day

Quick Thoughts
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* Today is Safer Internet Day
* Dean is the only candidate DNC Chair ... in a one horse race, even a lame horse can win ...
* Saudi Arabia, Dubai and terrorism ... Dubai + Diamonds = terrorist$ ? ... and more on Arab targets of terrorism
* Iran claims desire for peace ... but adds a threat, and a boast, in there as well ... and Democracy in Iran?
* China to take the Nuclear Power lead? ... building meltdown-proof ("pebble bed") reactor ... more reason for us to permit more Nuclear plants to be built :)
* UK to limit immigration to English speakers ... excellent! If only we could follow suit ...
* 50 killed in fighting in the Philippines
* Ford owner's lose Focus? ... big (~359k) recall
* USMC 'Indian givers' of Purple Hearts ... cite 'administrative error'
* Churchill -1 speaking engagement ... still waiting for his racist, intolerant, anti-US butt to be fired (currently under review) ... and Dustin Craun should just go away, or join the ACLU
* Deep Throat to be revealed 'soon'? ... and a quick bit of speculation WRT who DT is ...
* Review of the budget
* More on the Gap / Twin-deficit myth
* Mermaid baby? ... Milagros Cerron, "born with her legs fused in a tight coating of skin - giving her the appearance of a mermaid", and has other (serious) birth defects ... prayers for a good outcome, and that she is able to persevere the years of therapy she is about to undergo!

* Iraq : More thoughts on the vote ... and more here; Kurds in #2 spot
* Some thoughts on Bill Clinton, UN, and one leading the other ... and you can donate here
* Thoughts on a new form of fair taxation
* Iraq, training, and Kennedy's ignorance/lie
* AOL fighting for survival
* Thoughts on France ... "we need France as an ally if for no other reason then to keep them from becoming an out right enemy" ... but if they are an ally only when it suits them, are they really an ally? ... and check here :)
* Thoughts on Religion, State and our obligations to both
* More on media bias
* Another pro-VOIP ruling from the FCC
* Hubble's demise planned out
* Turn your PocketPC into a iPod
* Google's answer to MapQuest
* More on the Cell (CPU) ... and more here
* Brown Dwarf stars, and life?
* Your gums and your heart, related
* CellSocket - Do you use you cel phone as your home phone, or want to? Check this out ... sadly, only for Motorola phones (so far, anyway)
* Early motherhood brings shorter lifespan, to the mother?
* New Orleans gets some new cameras
* Lab monkeys 'scream with fear' ... proof of lab animal abuse ...
* Some truth on Kinsey ... repulsive, as he truly was ...
* Cisco's stock is nearing 52wk low ... time to buy?
* Some thoughts on Reagan, Conservatives, Bush
* Man bites off Parrot's head ... wtf?
* Playing with the Iranians?
* Watching Jordan Eason
* The truth about Iraq & Terrorism
* Saying words, vs following them up
* Thoughts on China (and Russia), and how they are threats to the US
* Some thought son PETA ... :) ...
* What do Cuba, Zimbabwe and Saudi Arabia Have in Common?
* More thoughts on the 'mass exodus' from the US to Canada ... :) ...
* Dems on thin ice?
* Arlen Specter, still not serving us well
* New Zealand, good for pedophiles

* Pentagon Sets Rules of Engagement for Journalists ... "We're there to kill terrorists, not journalists," said an unnamed Pentagon official. "The new rules are designed to make it easier for our personnel to distinguish between the two, since they're often found together and have similar objectives."
* Legislation to ban urban legends
* Iraqis paint fingers purple to pick up women ... Democracy has 'just given men another way to lie to you'
* Typo leads to Tori Spelling being sworn in as Secretary of Education
* "Monster Truck Madness" sweeping US
* Fast Food Wars: The Merchandising Strikes Back
* Pentagon admits creating secret spy unit in order to torture in peace & quiet
* True : 4yr old drives to store
* Signs You've Joined the Wrong Software Company
* Boy discovers that money spends much easier than it earns
* Travel Advice for Mars
* Dragon Models: "We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists"
* Some Social inSecurity questions
* McCartney's wardrobe security revealed
* UF : Get paid for what?
* True?: Teresa Heinz Kerry
* True(!) : Sexiest Plumber

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