Quick Thoughts
* Still on Percoset, still running slow ... and sadly unable to enjoy the snow we are getting :( ... and it is a big storm, supposed to drop up to 8" around here! … ok, so it didn’t quite hit 8”
* FOXNEWS : Amber Alert issued for a 9yr old in Florida (ticker not showing it?)
* Symantec has raised the Internet ThreatCon to 2, based on a Trend Micro AV issue (.arj vuln) and a Cisco ACNS vuln ...

* Iraq : Car bomb kills 15 in Tikrit ... 4 others killed elsewhere, more condolences for those innocent people killed ... site updated, sadly death toll is now up to 30 ...
* Bush : "Iraqis are experiencing their own 1989"
* US-Russia, united(?) against Nuclear Terrorism ... and pro-Democracy ... ahem, note that words != actions
* Pope back to the hospital ... and getting a tracheotomy? ... update : Pope is trach'd, "serene" and recovering ... was elective (non-emergency) ...
* Texas courthouse shooting kills 3
* Weekly jobless claims come in a bit higher than expected ... however, the 4 week moving average is still down ... and durable goods orders down a bit
* Oil hits 4m high ... hovering an easy $16/barrel too high ...
* Asian banks - no dollar dumping
* UK rolls out official govt virus alert site
* Canada refuses further participation in North American missile defense efforts ... US to continue anyway ...
* Sudan 1, food dye, poses risk worldwide
* UN Refugee Chief Lubbers quites ... more dominoes down, how may until Kofi?
* Wal-Mart -$7.5M ... discrimination case ... note that this will almost certainly be reduced by ~$4M+ (and expect an appeal?) ... still seems a bit high to me!
* People are sick : 7m old infant was abused, sexually assaulted ... "suffered damage to every vital organ and her tongue had been nearly severed" ... what is wrong with people? If the parents did it they deserve the harshest penalty possible, and then some. If not - how did this happen 'under their supervision'? Atrocious ... and, in unrelated news (aside from both being terrible examples of what humans are capable of) : Father kills 2 kids, self ... 1yr old and 2 yr old killed, 3 others live ...
* Female Suffrage in Saudi? .. more 'fallout' from the success of democracy spreading through Afghanistan & Iraq, maybe?

* Sign a petition to help save Terri ... and read about the 'exit protocol' here ... understand what they are trying to make Terri go through ... and you can make a donation for Terri ... and more here, 'Terri is not a houseplant'
* XBOX Hacking w/o opening the case! ...'soft mod' ...
* Ward Churchill's money trail ... "prominent, mainstream liberal organizations" ... and Ward is caught, on tape, supporting / advocating / providing instruction on terrorism
* IT people working too hard ... ain't that the truth!
* LokiTorrent owner a scumbag ... the lawsuit was a hoax, he took the money and ran ... ?
* The power of pessimism - in keeping your stuff safe
* Recharge your cel phone with a mobile turbine!?
* More thoughts on the abuse of 'Eminent Domain'
* Some thoughts on the BBC's ('Bush Bash central') rants against America ... we stick to our principles, amongst other 'evils' ...
* More thoughts on Ward Churchill ... and I disagree, he should be fired, and the 'problem' is getting much needed publicity ... free speech != hate speech, and even when free speech is free it doesn't prevent you from being fired by non-government institutions!
* Scientific tabloidism?
* Ice Shelf collapse - Global Warming not at fault
* Psychedelic drugs - a beneficial use?
* EDS closing 21 US, European centers ... more work to India
* Compression algorithms against HIV
* HP releases 'secure router'
* More thoughts on Media bias
* When cops are stuck between crime & politics ... " Special Order No. 1", and other reasons James Hahn may be ousted as Mayor ...
* FBI releases Sober warning
* Real people making real money in real estate
* Software that learns to translate by reading
* Thoughts on Russian democracy ... not great, but could be much worse!
* Martha trying to re-CEO herself ... excuse me, I thought this was expressly forbidden? Interesting ...
* Bratislava a good, and meaningful, place for Bush & Putin to meet
* Next XBOX to have a removable Hard Drive? ... 'xPod' ...
* Spaceplanes, in 2007?!
* Soccer link to motor neuron disease
* Advice for ChoicePoint victims
* Hubble, +1yr to expected lifespan ... 2 gyros work as good as 3 ...
* Gator (of GAIN infamy) CPO hired @ DHS ... they also have ex-DoubleClick'er ... both leave a bad taste in my mouth ...
* Sails making a come back? ... for cargo ships?
* Free SSL Certificate project ... and everyone should get a free personal certificate form Thawte! (can be used for S/MIME (email encryption & signing))
* Google cheat sheet - unleash your inner power searcher
* Another Pay-to-Surf program ... $.75/hr, auto-site rotation ... have a spare 'always on' PC at home? (Oh, and be sure to keep the spyware blockers up to date)
* Grow your own Breast Implants? ... stem cells put to (cough) good use!
* ESCR : Bush "vs" Romney?
* Thoughts on "A Twelve Step Program For Identifying and Eliminating Organizational Change" ... how to prevent change, how to identify those stopping change, etc.
* More on Paris Hilton's phone being 'hacked' ... some good thoughts, that more people should follow (including a reference to the SANS Top 20 list :) )
* Question : ' What percentage of Iran's population is under 30 years old?' ... wow! ... and read the comments, very interesting ...
* Japan.gov survives DDoS attack
* Misc Thoughts on Lebanon ... including the 'important quote of the day', below ...
* The (odious) ACLU rides again, against cops this time
* Korn losing drummer, as he is going to focus on his religious beliefs?
* Student suspended for 10 days for a little rubber band indiscretion ... facing expulsion ... WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE SCHOOLS IN THIS COUNTRY? ... More reasons to home school ... and here's another example - Principal, having instituted successful teaching policies, relieved of of instructional duties ... and by successful programs - I mean they were ranking #2 in the state ... "If someone goes outside the system to actually teach their kids in an effective manner, they are shunned and smeared"
* More thoughts on Social inSecurity ... found via Conservative Insurgent, who also offers this tidbit - "if Social Security is so stable, why not eliminate the current Thrift Savings Plan that Congress enjoys and bring all members of Congress under the security umbrella of Social Security where they too can reap the bounty with the rest of us"
* Use PayPal a lot? want a quick / easy way to calculate fees?
* Mating Crisis? ... seems like just about everyone I know is not only married, but actively reproducing!
* Trust your gut instincts!
* AmericanSpectator's way of representing the AARP, while humorous (and not to far off base) it makes it easy to sidestep the issue : that AARP has an extremely liberal agenda ... Oh, and DefectiveYeti brings us a humorous re-interpretation (sadly, he links to DailyKos - sorry)
Funny AntiAARP!, hosted by ImageShackClick for Click for Defective Yeti's interpretation, also hosted by ImageShack

* New OOTS! ... some ambushes just don't quite work
* True : PC PitStop put $1k in their EULA ... and proves that noone reads them!
* Increasingly, terrorists are chattering about Brad and Jen
* "Extreme Makeover" show admits it substituted supermodel Tyra Banks for contestant
* Airbus 380 causes despair in travelers
* Death by Blog
* The next James Bond? ... Kerry, Carter, Moore ... left out Kennedy-Bond, with two alternatives for drowning the evil of our world ..
* US sure N(uclear) Korea has nuclear weapons, lost tribes, unicorns
* Bush's approval rating jumps 12% among past evil rulers
* Common sense horoscope ... "Keep sulfuric acid away from children"
* Jews can't farm?
* France celebrates the end of Freedom Fries ... "W" Ketchup still kickin'
* Bush boosts spending on GOP Spinal research
* True? : NeoCon Circle Jerk ... excellent company to find yourself in! ... read the linked-to site if you want 'the other side' of the argument
* War on Terror Ends in Surrender
* Internet - better without trolls!
* More words of wisdom ... such as "A successful marriage isn't finding the right person-it's being the right person"
* Some late White Trash Wednesday

Offensive = yes, Funny = yes
... but only in that it helps to get the word out to those who might not be interested!
* Terri : Saved by 'Endangered' designation
* Terri : Diet Book
* Terri: Michael to auction Terri off
Thanks to Beth for pointing these out!
* True! : RVB having a PaintBall event! ... sadly, it is in Texas ... (the state, not the chick in black armor)

Quote of the Day
Contemporaries remember Hunter S. Thompson as ravenous, mutant 40-eyed lizard-demon
thanks TheOnion!

Important Quote of the Day
"It's strange for me to say it, but this process of change has started because of the American invasion of Iraq ... I was cynical about Iraq. But when I saw the Iraqi people voting three weeks ago, 8 million of them, it was the start of a new Arab world... The Syrian people, the Egyptian people, all say that something is changing. The Berlin Wall has fallen. We can see it."
Thanks Chrenkoff

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