Quick Thoughts
* Underwhelmed by all the snow we don't have ... yet. They are still saying we should get 3-6" ...
* And I am feeling sicker ... really unsweet.
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* Iraq : Car-bomb kills ~100 ... wow, and condolences + prayers! ... and CNN says it is up to 110 now ... sadly, some now say 115 ...
* Lebanese govt = out? ... Lebanon's pro-Syrian government resigns, two weeks after the assassination of a former prime minister ... an entire govt resigning is a relatively rare (and, in this case, welcome!) occurrence ...
* Qatar signs $20B in deals ... ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch ... Natural Gas ...
* Fed : Income down, spending flat
* Saddam to be caged during trial ... befitting the animal he is ...
* 10yr old boy crushed by giant snowball
* More humane euthanasia ... this shelter will be 'no kill' by 2007 ... more adoption outreach and rescue programs (like this one in Virginia!) still needed! ... And Virginia Shepherd Rescue needs foster homes, help if you can ...
* OBL wants al-Zarqawi to hit the US ... naturally ...

* Terri : Euthanasia, political football ... and more here ... must read ... thanks Beth! ... and how about we all get together, and impeach Judge Greer? ... just a thought ...
* ISS getting supplies
* University of Colorado staffers, sheep to the end, defend Ward Churchill
* Arabs against al Qaida? ... finally ...
* National ID privacy scare - FUD?
* PoliPundit's answer to the illegal immigration issue ... found via Malkin :)
* Thoughts on Bush's budget, and the poor ... and welfare reform ...
* 10yrs old : Yahoo, Apache, eBay, Amazon, Netscape ... does Netscape really count, seeing as they are part of AOLTimeWarner now?
* Why Hawaiians != Native Americans
* Flat Tax, at work ... in Europe, not US :(
* More Dean notable quotables
* GlobalFlyer nears takeoff
* More on accountability in public schools
* Skype + txt
* Hacking Remote Control signals
* More on the 'dominoes of democracy'
* Unemployment : France=10%, Germany=11% ... US=5% ... so, who has the right idea here?
* More thoughts on Public School, evolution, big bang
* Saturn's radiation belts, on film
* Hot air on Wash Post Op Ed page ... is that a surprise to anyone?
* 'Progressives vs. Progress'
* Nuclear Korea, back at the table ... another failed tantrum / delay ...
* NBC - 'Network Blaspheming Catholics'
* Canada redefines spouse
* Qwest sweetening MCI bid (again)
* MS WMV in patent trouble?
* Sandisk intros waterproof USB flash drive
* 2 more retroviruses than can jump monkey-to-human
* Opera (the browser) against phishers
* The (cough) softer side of the black Panthers ... "No mention of Betty Van Patter, Alex Rackley, or more than a dozen others tortured and/or murdered during the Black Panther Party's heyday"
* CPU Cheat Sheet
* XBOX clusters?!
* RFID + DartGun?
* A little history of ringtones
* Teens not afraid of HIV ... young and dumb ...
* True Pope tidbits
* Keep Pantani in your prayers ... help if you are able! Go USMC!
* New season of Stargate, filming has begun
* US life expectancy hits all time high
* Thoughts on school vouchers
* More arguments against govt-run health care systems ... "nationalized British Health Service has been murdering tens of thousands of women for over twenty five years. They now admit it ... Handing over your health to the government increases the likelihood that you will become part of the next great silent medical pogrom."

* New OOTS ... re-ambushed, and go faster!
* More UF on pop-unders
* Air Force Outsources physical fitness program
* Canseco claims he injected Goldie Hawn with botox
* Females snubbed again in best actor category
* European protesters spell only 25% of signs correctly
* McGruff the Crime Dog arrested in kitty porn sting
* Fossils are a hoax
* Those tapes were due to a 3m cocaine binge
* Bush Diary
* San Diego deluged with up to .03" of rain
* Website Idea Generator

What missile shield?

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