Still down, but not out

Quick Thoughts
* Down - as in on Percoset. Not Out - as in stuck at home.
* Child Abduction emergency alert issued in MD & VA ... 9m old is missing, suspect may be armed, and is/was wearing sweat suit & is driving truck with ladder rack ('Amber Alert ticket' not showing it yet :( )
* Bush, speaking in Germany, called for renewed Nuclear Power efforts here in the US ... Sweet!
* Ward Churchill's appearance @ University of Hawaii got a standing ovation
* O'Reilly just interviewed a freelance reporter on the deplorable practice of our border patrols; let me just say that a nation that cannot (read : will not) secure its borders is not secure!

* Read about Terri Schiavo ... this might (probably will) be the most important thing you read today! ... UPDATE(16:17EST) : emergency stay extended until 5pm FRI! ... and Cao raises an excellent point - where are 'the big boys' on this one? ... or, atleast she forwards a thought from Superhawk ... regardless, still an excellent question!
* India : Avalanche kills 200+ ... death toll still rising, condolences for all of them!
* Iran : More on the recent earthquake; death toll hits 500
* Iraq : Allawi trying to keep his job ... and, sadly, more violence - including a US GI being killed. Condolences for all of those killed, and prayers for all wounded / still fighting
* US Supreme Court to address the 10 Commandments ... it is embarrassing that this case made it this far, and I sincerely hope the Court shoots it down once & for all ...
* British store selling 'danger food'?
* More on the Bird Flu ... 'could kill more than SARS' ...
* Winn-Dixie, Bankrupt
* Mt St Helens still active, drops a slab of rock
* Airport inSecurity?
* Perchlorate found in Breast Milk across the US ... as well as store-bought (cows') milk, lettuce, water ... level is within ;safe limits; for adults, but a baby's threshold is much lower ...
* The Labour Party might be arrested under a law they are pushing ... amusing, but not good ... more importantly - it exposes a flaw in the wording of the law
* Another teacher-student sex case ... like a plague ... in this case, the 27yr old teacher is being "charged with 15 counts of sexual battery by an authority figure and 13 counts of statutory rape"
* Cali : Storm death toll reaches 9 ... and one airport; 3rd heaviest rain ever
* Meet the Jackson jury ... selected in record time

* More on the Bush assassination plot
* Synthetic enamel for your teeth ... my hurting, enamel-less, heavily drilled teeth could sure use this!
* MS releases out-of cycle, 'critical' patch for XP
* Introducing GoogleMovies! ... I still wish Google was less blue, in more ways than one
* HIV starting to reveal its secrets
* Flickr + TiVo
* Logitech X-530 5.1 5-Piece System with Subwoofer Speaker for less than $45!
* Australia takes stance against kiddie porn ... ISPs will be held liable, with fines up to $55k ... I think this is going to be very hard to enforce for the ISPs ...
* Beijing makes 'major' purchase of Windows ... contrary to the policy it announced last year, saying it would support only home grown apps, etc.
* Arnold, telling it like it is ... upsets nurses, teachers
* Li-Ion battery +300%, & recharges in minutes? ... or 'hopeful hype'?
* EU trying to tackle RFID privacy issues
* Congress representation, graded for you convenience ... Virginia does pretty well (except for Moran, Boucher & Scott - if only we could get rid of them ... hmm ... :) )
* Some thoughts on Unions ... and how they want to kill Wal-Mart (I added that part)...
* Open Source VOIP PBX
* OASIS not open enough?
* NC to legalize Prostitution? ... and more 'fun' in NC
* Perle on France, Germany
* Quite a life story, thank you for sharing Raven ... and prayers for her & her husband!
* PS - Ward Churchill's tenure was a mistake ... seriously!
* Figures of speech ... the use of dysphemisms should be limited ...
* The curse of the Iceman?
* Podcasting not going to change the world? ... maybe true, but the same was said about blogs ...
* Dutch firm helps you dump your significant other ... a sad example of what we have all come to ...
* Astronomers spot 'dark galaxy'
* Sony (completely) drops the Clie ... no PDA for us ...
* 9/11 victim ID effort has ended ... over 1000 victims unidentified / unidentifiable
* India - the next knowledge superpower?
* Being frozen for 32k years doesn't stop these little buggers
* WiMax - the good and the bad ... but no ugly!
* Roaming ducks pose Avian Flu threat?
* NetGear WGR614 802.11g Wireless Router for $9.99!
* No AMD @ Dell!
* The good folks at SysInternals have released RootkitRevealer ... on the heels of "Rootkits coming to Win*" ...
* PowerPod; a TrackerPod for your camcorder
* Raptors ranged far and wide
* The rise of the weblication?
* McCain - how liberal is he?

* True : Students pay 200quid for a laptopbag of potatoes
* White Trash Wednesday, sayings
* Bush gets the munchies
* Jude Law's first 100 days, as People's SMA
* Cuba's aid package to tsunami victims arrives - 10 blankets, box of cigars ... read what the response was :)
* Minnesota isn't comfortable asking for more interstate funding,
* Baby : Office chair a quart low
* Town replaces jury with 'Magic 8 ball'
* I support the occupation of Iraq, but not our troops
* BBspot Labs Tech Tips
* True? : Russian scientists develop tablet to prolong drunkenness
* "No Name-Calling" Week Degenerates into Violence
* Use of word "crisis" reaches crisis proportions
* Rapper MC Bush
* Miller Brewing pestering local man to drink responsibly
* Baby : The correct way to calculate the age of your child is "((F-5) + ((S*3) / (W2 - A)) - C) months" .. timely, since today is (according to the calendar anyway) Riley's 8m birthday!
* Another dose of Wise Words ... such as "It isn't difficult to make a mountain out of a molehill, just add a little dirt"
* Put those seniors to work!
* Black Superheroes need Affirmative Action
* Elevator Disco
* Write-in candidate ‘Yankee Go Home’ wins Iraq election
* Baby : Tired of looking at same 4 Uterine walls ... "I'm not even a child yet, and already I'm being treated like one"
* True : SC&A : Destroys poor Abigail, and her Magic Garden ... and wow, she is WAY out there. Her little magic garden could use a dose (or 5) of reality ...
* Yeti Sports - this is still hilarious!
* True'ish : Iraqi govt to-do list

Quote of the Day
vapoR: lately my mother has been complaining about how much time the dad has been spending in the computer room..
vapoR: she comes up to me and goes "For Christmas, I want you to get your father a gift that will get him out of that stupid computer room!"
vapoR: so i went out and purchased him a wireless router :p
thanks BASH!

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