Sunday's Best

Quick Thoughts
* I will hopefully post more later, maybe not until tomorrow ... :( ... OK, I added more - happy?

* Also - Congrats to Charles, who('s wife) just had a healthy baby girl (today)!

* Iran warns US not to "play with fire" ... oh, and US is spying on Iran, with UAVs
* Anti-malaria medicine used on GIs causing problems? ... Lariam/mefloquine causing 'hallucinations, confusion, psychotic behavior' ...
* SAIC employees about to be victims of ID Theft? ... stolen : "computers containing the Social Security numbers and other personal information about tens of thousands of past and present company employees"
* Neo-Nazis on parade, in Dresden ... "marring the official 60th anniversary commemoration of one of the fiercest Allied bombing raids of World War II"
* "Miracle in Kansas" ... woman unable to speak for ~20 years starts talking
* Big office building ablaze in Madrid
* S Korea and N Korea, let's see what happens ...
* More on the new, fast-acting HIV strain ... and why we should all study, and learn lessons from, history ...
* Aussie's training their troops right, complaints from the left

* RePost : Islam vs the world? ... read the article, and read ALL of the (very numerous!) comments!
* More on the suicide ring
* Edinburgh Black Box can see the future?
* GoogleMaps + GPS, integrated!
* Reverse lookup dictionary
* Free 64MB USB flash drive ... $10, with $10 rebate!
* Review of the Cell CPU, part 2
* More on Podcasting
* Get Linspire/Lindows free! ... go here, hit apply coupon, and type in Lindows ...save $49.95!
* Eclectic fix for Social inSecurity
* Dems don't trust the voters?
* More on "Bush != Hitler" ... "If he were, Jeffrey would be in the Bush Youth doing patriotic exercises in shorts every morning and singing the special Texan lyrics to the Horst Wessel song, and he wouldn’t have time to do dioramas of dissent"
* Schools are stupid sometimes ... 6yr old gives a gift to a friend, get 'busted'
* MSM vs bloggers
* Saudi vs Valentines ... well, it is a manufactured ("Hallmark") holiday ...
* Remember : Ward Churchill actually helped train terrorists
* Dean actually said "The Democratic party makes capitalism work"
* Is Specter actually doing some good?

* ... check me tomorrow! ...

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