The weekend is here, have a can of beer

Quick Thoughts
* Well, its almost here. I can taste it. The weekend, not the beer - that would be bad as I am at work right now ... PS - the title is a quote, stolen directly from Don & Mike ('radio gods')
* Anyone recommend a good CISSP training program? In class, online, books ... whatever. Gonna get serious about it now, partially Hung's 'fault'.

* Iraq : 15k troops coming home ... getting back to pre-election levels, leaving 135k there (along with the "136k trained Iraqis", of which ~30k are fully ready/trained)
* Secretary of State Rice heading to Europe ... it feels good to be able to say Secretary of State Rice
* Afghan jetliner, lost in snowstorm? ... prayers for the ~100+ people on board, although it is a grim forecast
* Iraq : 3 Marines killed ... our condolences to them, their family & brothers-in-arms
* More on Social inSecurity ... margin loans, hardly!
* Bush pushing for Social inSecurity, pension reform ... and let me say that I am tired of the federal govt bailing out all of the airlines' pensions ... the PBGC seems almost criminal, please correct me if I am wrong on that ...
* Annan (finally) orders some disciplinary actions ... strangely, doesn't fire himself ... or discipline his son ...
* Ward Churchill about to be fired? ... we can only hope! FWIW - please remember that free speech is not always free; yes - the Govt can't arrest you for it but (in extreme cases, like this one) civilians can stop buying your stuff, stop employing you, etc. ... and more here
* Japan reporting its first Mad Cow related death ... possibly contracted in UK ... condolences
* Note to members of the Armed Services - don't actually say "it's fun to shoot some people" ... although, if you are a USMC General you will only get counseled, not disciplined
* Rumsfeld offered to resign twice ... while O'Reilly would have liked that, I disagree and think its good he is still onboard!
* EU to outlaw 300 minerals, used in over 5000 products? ... between that and not believing in free speech ...

* Iraq : Another story of valor
* Wanna buy a bridge? ... seriously, NY is selling/leasing properties ...
* Job market : moving up? ... expected #s : unemployment=5.4%; January=+215k jobs ... good good good
* Exploding star (20k light years away) caught on film ... by the soon to be defunct Hubble ...
* A little poem .. on Democrats, Gun control and life in general
* More on Judges, pro-Terrorist? ... assigning the rights & privileges of US citizenship to them ... sad ... hopefully the US Supreme Court will right this wrong, and slap some of the wrong/ugly out of Judge Joyce ... found via Cao's blog
* Zombies, Spam, Death of the Internet ... well, maybe not its death - but more spam! ... I still think ISPs should simply block TCP/25 unless the user requests it to be open; in fact - ISPs should block all incoming traffic (permit responses, permit VPN ports, and work-around the non-standard apps (Xwindows, FTP, etc)) ... but (again) - if a user wants to expose his/her machine they should be allowed to, just not by default!
* Saturn HotSpot found ... on it's south pole ...
* More on Dark Matter
* A few thoughts on CNN, media bias, and the 1st Amendment
* Bears are bad! This one isn't anymore ... bad as in powerful, not as in evil ... it had killed atleast 2 people in the last 72 hours, and finally found its rightful place (below us) in the food chain ... GRAPHIC PIC, if you have a weak stomach don't go here!
* Check out this math! ... lasers, gravity, time machine
* Anonymous, on the Internet? Are you?
* Napster : A fully integrated flop?
* More on Magnetars
* Speed Test your Internet Connection ... easier than DSL reports version, and FWIW - mine is 6.879mbps (at work)
* Anti-Smoking fascism coming to NC, VA?
* Wash State throws out the estate tax ... now they should just throw-out the 'Comrade Governor' :)
* Karma strikes White Supremacist
* Defeat Byrd!
* Call a Penalty on the Congress? ... 15 yards for intentional obstructionism?
* A soldier replies ... the name of his blog makes it worth a read(schadenfreude)! ... found via Malkin
*Which nation in the European Union imposes the highest tax burden on it's citizens? "> ... hint : it's tax-to-GDP is 51.4%, which is less than 6%a above the EU norm (sad!)
* A less-than-obvious downside of legalized prostitution
* More Karma; "Life ain't fair"

* Man sues McDonalds and Paris Hilton for making him fat and stupid
* Dismissed Jackson jurors sign book deals
* Blue state firefighters make statement with new paint job
* Liberals go door-to-door forcing guys to marry each other
* Tara Reid Wins 2005 Nobel Piece Prize
* Baby : Odd Tooth Brings Equally Odd Slobber
* Any similarity between you and a human is purely coincidental! ... and more there :)
* True/Sad : Mom makes heroin delivery ... to her son ... at his school ... and she was violating a court order in seeing the boy! ... the upside is that the 41yr old is going bye-bye now
* Napoleon Dynamite soundboard
* A few thoughts on Andrew Sullivan's 'retirement'

A quick MeMe
* My first post @ TWA!

Quote of the Day
@Vegetarian: I can't wait 'til I die, I'm either gonna' have "BRB" or "AFK" on my tombstone
thanks BASH!

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