What are you giving up for Lent?

Quick Thoughts
* So, read the title ... what are you giving up? Are you going to make an effort to be a better, more religious person? Leave a comment, let me know.

* Lynne Stewart going to jail ... where terrorist supporters belong!
* Houser approves tougher drivers' license standards!
* Senate approves class-action lawsuit reform!
* N. Korea drops out of NPT ... oh, and the N is for Nuclear - as in they have admitted to having nuclear weapons ... this is bad ... oh, and they blame it on us ... and another thought here
* Iran trying to get nuclear as well ... also not good ...
* Carisa Ashe kills her baby, only punishment : tubal ligation ... HOW IS SHE NOT GOING TO JAIL?? This is a TERRIBLE Situation, that is a GREAT example of a problem with our legal system. Repulsive.
* Some thoughts on Omar Khadr ... the 'poor, abused Canadian' ... who just happens to be a proud member of al Qaida ...
* Iraq : Vote recount underway
* Prince Charles getting married, again
* XBOX 'hackers' getting sued ... "you purchased, like and play our games, so we will sue you" - solid business choice (cough) ... oh, and the DMCA rears its ugly, bloated, misconceived head again ...
* More on Churchill ... received standing ovation for saying those who died on 9/11 deserved it, and that we as a country deserve more 9/11's ... I sincerely hope he is fired; the right of free speech doesn't stop an employer from not wanting to employ an incompetent, outspoken, rude, inconsiderate and (quite simply) wrong individual, especially one that public $ is paying for! He should be held to his own statement - ""I do not work for the taxpayers of the state of Colorado" ... let's make that true! (And naturally, the ACLU supports him ... and just like when Gatewood agrees with you, that is an indication that you are wrong)
* The FAA was warned about hijacking pre-9/11?
* Bush seeks addl $600M for Tsunami aid ... not to sound callous or anything, but FWIW I am against this; I think the $350M + military/logistic aid is more than generous ... I don't mind the "$35 million for early-warning and disaster-mitigation efforts" part, but the rest could just go away ...
* EU drops Kyoto ... that's because it is fundamentally flawed; which I why the US never signed on (and why Russia shouldn't have)
* Pope, back in action
* Arkansas +1 Earthquake ... 4.2 ...

* Help get the REAL ID act approved!
* WSJ running late ... and more on Eason-gate
* What is "An American"?
* The Folly Of Gun Control
* Is that a LCD projector in your pocket, or ... ? ... make is 1024x768 and you have a winner!
* Browser Wars, on again ... currently, IMHO - Firefox wins hands down :)
* Full Color Night Vision ... sure beats Dark Vision!
* Octopuses form, use quasi-joints for heavy lifting ... when you don't have elbows, make one ...
* Saturn's true colors
* Drug-sniffing dog case may open way to warrant-less net recon
* USB-LAN adapters, head to head
* Why is MS only releasing limited source code? ... inappropriate comments? ... that would be funny to read those!
* Smart People Choke Under Pressure?
* Galactica gets a 2nd season! ... but Enterprise still ends this May :(
* 4GB Hitachi MicroDrive = $130!
* Social inSecurity : What transition costs?
* More on Kerry ... dereliction of duty, effective theft of tax payer money, treason?
* Liberal Economics 101
* Decent round-up of Pro-Bush world events ... Iraq, Iran(?), & Afghanistan - poppy plants 'disappearing' ...
* Quotes from other generals ... like "I have never advocated war except as a means of peace" ... what Mattis said wasn't really all that bad ...
* More on Social inSecurity ... "70% of those polled acknowledge it will go bankrupt if nothing is done" ... and that isn't even the biggest problem :)
* Sexually abusive teacher allowed to keep teaching with only a warning, finally indicted ... more reasons to home school; or at the very least KNOW WHAT YOUR KIDS ARE DOING - ask questions, be involved, DO YOUR JOB AS A PARENT!!
* UN to be subjected to SarbOx-like 'transparency' requirements ... about time!
* Marriage under siege ... not in Virginia?
* Time to just ignore Churchill? ... I agree. Once he is fired, that is ...
* More AARP buffoonery
* Military teleportation?
* Bloomberg, RINO, losing seat?
* Is the Administration focusing on the wrong problem? ... Social inSecurity instead of Medicare/Medicaid
* Cosby +1 Sexual Assault allegation
* Yahoo releases toolbar for Firefox
* Spray on testosterone

* Should be a new OOTS today! ... soon? UPDATE : Strip will be late today as he is finishing up the BOOK (I pre-ordered 2 :) ) ... and sometime in March plans on going to a M-W-F schedule, instead of M-R! More More More!
* OBL's Valentine's Wishes for USA
* True : The Best Gifts
* Flintstones : Way too gay
* Product placement ruins Super Bowl
* New Hawking Algorithm Generates New Hawking Algorithms
* Iran concerned that 'attack not on U.S. agenda'
* "Virtual Jihad" may be hindered by poor dial-up connection, indolence
* Bush promises to bring troops home, through Iran ... and Jamie Fox wins Iraq elections!
* Dating the spontaneous person not so much fun anymore
* Anorexic realizes she just has to eat
* Mario elected to NFL Hall of Fame ... better than Marino :P (Hi Eddie!)
* McDonalds CEO Dies As Big Mad™ Unveiled
* Project Manager leaves a 48-slide PowerPoint as his suicide note ... "three-dimensional bar graph illustrated the growth of Butler's sorrow"
* True : Winning female athlete actually a man!
* Bush Diary : GoDaddy good
* Coke doesn't make you gain weight ... "radiation may not kill, burning fossil fuels may not cause global warming" ...
* Virginia : plumbers fear law might penalize their buttocks cleavage
* The Power of Grapefruit
* Never Lose Your Wireless Mouse Again
* TRUE : EXCELLENT Star Wars Dorkery ... with captions like "Sith of the Dance"!

Bigger What? ... and sadly, they uncanceled his speech :(

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