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Terri Schiavo. A life. Not a political campaign. Not a contest. Not a game. Not a reason to be right or wrong. Not even a reason to argue. Not a reason to throw stones and to threaten others. Terri Schiavo is a life slowly slipping away. She is not a symbol or a martyr. She is a disabled woman someone deemed without worth. Let us show her worth through her memory, not by who said the most clever thing or wrote the best article. Certainly not by arguing and fighting among ourselves or viciously attacking others. But by respecting life and living. By coming together and giving a voice to those who cannot speak and by not letting her die in vain.
* Autopsy cannot confirm a clinical diagnosis? ... I did not know that ...
* Federal Appeals Court to review case ... let's hope they make the right decision, and that it is still able to make a difference (and, just to be cynical, if this does work out you can bet Jesse Jackson will be all up in the cameras) ... and more here ... "they're going to actually hear the case as a trier of fact rather than merely determining whether proper procedures were followed in the lower courts. That's not the charge of the appellate courts." ... UPDATE : DENIED
* More thoughts on the slippery slope we are currently on (and sliding down?)
* Liberal Jews against Terri?
* Terri's mother appeals directly to Michael Schiavo
* Some thoughts on the Republican Identity ... "divide between the “traditional small-government” Republicans, and the “moral issue” Republicans, a schism between “Law & Order” Republicans and “Crusade” Republicans, from “George Will” soft speakers to “Ann Coulter” rants. We are, it is claimed, divided against ourselves" ...
* CBS already has obit written ... and it got leaked ...

Quick Thoughts
* It is Wictory Wednesday ... um, details to follow! (Until then, just focus on Kerry's 180 :P ) ... UPDATE : Help re-elect Lincoln Chafee (R-RI)
* Blogger is not sux0ring today! It is actually working! (The fact that this surprises me should send a message)
* And yes - this post's title was randomly generated (Sorry Jody - couldn't think of anything meaningful / useful / amusing)

* Iraq : Car bomb kills 1
* Earthquake : Death Toll hits 1000 ... "officials have said it could climb as high as 2,000" ... more loss of life in an area just-recently ravaged (12.26.2004 quake/tsunami killed 225k) ... condolences and prayers for all of those affected ... they had a 5.8 aftershock as well
* Sudan : Darfur Death Toll 'may be 300k' ... but remember, the Useless Nations said it was not genocide ...
* Zimbabwe : They apparently have a different definition of democracy over there ... and check the pic below (and click on it; it goes to Cox & Forkum's post on this topic)
* Spain : Man with 1.5 tons of dynamite busted ... (assuming this is terrorist related :) hmm, almost like appeasing terrorists by electing a communist government doesn't dissuade them, go figure
* US Army is court martialling a Captain for 'mercy killing' ... this sounds like a dumb move by the Army ... ?
* HP +1 CEO, Mark Hurd (from NCR)
* Verizon -$7.6B, +MCI ... Qwest still fighting ... (and wining that their ~$8.5B offer was rejected)
* Japan : Another group suicide
* NYC to tax commuters / telecommuters ... WOW; expect more businesses to move out of NYC ...
* NFL + Steroids
* Joan Kennedy found unconscious, in a street, with a broken shoulder ... developing ... (atleast she wasn't trapped in a sinking car)
* GDP +3.8%
* Cloning of horses approved
* Seal culling begins today
* Florida : Beaches closed due to shark swarm
* Pope being fed through nasal tube
* Iran opens 'secret' Nuke plant
* Girl calls 911 after hearing gunshots ... dead mom, dying dad ... wow, condolences for her parents (and prayers for her!)

* Useless Nations + EUnuchs : Kofi will survive ... "There is a lot in this report that would result in the firing of a mere mortal, but this is the most anti-American and pro-despotism Secretary General in UN history" ... very related : "Volcker's commission has actually impeded federal authorities" ... oh, and lookie : whole lotta' shreddin' goin' on! ... nope, no evidence here (anymore)
*Point : 'Ten Reasons Why Blogging is Good For Your Career' ... and counterpoint : 'Ten Reasons Why Blogging Doesn't Matter'
* AWOL : Alcohol With Out Liquid! ... eliminates hangovers too!
* CAIR boycotts National review, Google drops Jawa Report ... Malkin tells CAIR and Google to shove it ... AMEN! ... and for a laugh, read Jawa's response to Google News "Unless, of course, Google News considers saying bad things about Jew hating anti-Semites, fascists who would impose religious law, or those that cut off the heads of innocent civilians hate speech. Cause in my book, that's a good thing."
* The Arc of Tyranny? ... found via Martini Pundit
* Mind reading chips
* Gummi bears defeat fingerprint sensors ... sweet! (literally)
* China : Givem an inch and they’ll kick your balls in
* UK has a plan to save us from earthquakes, tsunamis,, asteroids ... dunno if I would put it that way; perhaps they have a plan to warn us of impending danger ... warning != saving (in all cases, anyway)
* Dying stars can kick-start life on previously frozen planets ... but 'grace period' only lasts for several billion years, so get in line early ...
* GigaBeam went live yesterday in NYC ... "WiFiber" ... gigabit (1.25gbps, actually) wireless (microwave) ... 10gbps next year!
* Unanswered lunar mysteries
* Arthur Andersen class action suit begins
* Become an 'Instant Expert' in the Quantum World
* Photonic CPUs by next year?
* What Aaron did on his blog-vacation
* A Soldier Died Today ... touching poem
* DIY Planner 2.0 released
* SMC releases broadband router + dual print server (USB & Parallel)
* Wanna record radio on your PC?
* Battlefield robo-medic!
* Google buys Urchin SW
* THG starts a blog! ... welcome to the party ...
* Social inSecurity Unions practicing 'hypocrisy of the worst sort' ... "Given their sordid history of raiding union pensions for personal gain, labor bosses are in no position to offer advice about ethical management of workers' retirement funds"
* XBOX +Doom3 ... and FULL version was leaked pre-release!
* More on the use of ASCs instead of ESCs!
* 'GOP Talking Points' fake memogate ... what media bias?
* Nancy Powell : Incompetent ... and still sucking on our tax dollars ..
* Jacko : Virgin until 32?
* More on resistant HIV strain, in NYC
* Two-thirds of world's resources 'used up'?
* SCOTUS fallout : Hurry, get that new iPod .. before it is illegal
* Another example of why Gun Control cannot work!
* TV Everywhere!
* Play with colors
* UK : Defend your property, get 6m in jail ... "the law is on the side of the yobbos, these criminals, not the victim"
* North Carolina : Govt preemptively suing for right to keep secret meetings
* Dollar poised for reversal?
* Toshiba unveils world's fastest memory
* 'Robotic' butterfly - moves w/o motors ... 'flexinol'
* Wanna be a human lie detector?
* OpenSSH + PuTTY = Firewall breaker?
* Text to GIF
* 1M FPS camera!

* New OOTS! ... "went down faster than a kobold with a lung infection"
* Felos : Michael Schiavo looks 'Peaceful, Euphoric' ... "Michael Schiavo, entered the 11th day of depriving his wife of food and water looking peaceful and 'as beautiful as I've seen him in years.'"
* Islamic Fundamentalist Paradise? ... very nice, Raven!
* True : Shooting cats upsets your neighbors ... I didn't even know there was a FecalGram service!
* A valid reason to disagree with GWB ... :P
* Republican in-fighting!
* All of our Presidents' ... Hair?
* Hillary in 08 ... flash movie ... the juggling Moore alone is worth it!
* True : RoboWar : High-schoolers trounce MIT

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