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* CISSP class, day 2 ... limited posting, atleast until lunch &/or tonight ... today was pretty straightforward - Networking focused, kinda what I do every day'ish ...
* Good news : it's, like, Friday. Bad news : it is also Tax Day (you should also take a few moments to read about the Fair Tax). Good news : that also means it is BUY A GUN DAY - something I will (sadly) not be able to do this year. Read the "Gun Industry Accountability Act" link below!
* I guess I should also mention that 7 years ago today I proposed to Becky, who (miraculously) is still my wife ... somehow she has managed to put up with me through almost 6 years of marriage, for which I am blessed. Someday, I'll remember to buy that champagne.

* Iraq : Bombs ... several civilians, and one US GI killed ... condolences for them, and prayers for the wounded
* GUNS : Senators Lautenberg (D-N.J.), Durbin(D-Ill.) and Schumer(D-N.Y.) introduce the "Gun Industry Accountability Act" ... an abysmal law that would, eventually, have the net effect of putting all gun manufacturers out of business ... oh yeah, and did you know that gun control advocates hate women
* Oil : Sub-$50! ... keep going, target = $35!
* Frist going 'Nuclear' ...
* France : Hotel ablaze ... condolences for the 16 killed ...
* Ephedra now legal again ... well, not quite - FDA has to 'review their ruling' ... "the lawsuit had little to do with ephedra and more to do with forcing the FDA to follow the rules Congress set down for it"
* Bankruptcy reform bill passes ... headed to W for signature (which shouldn't be a problem)
* BearingPoint downgraded ... Morgan Stanley, from Equal- to under- weight ... HOLY-What The DOW DROPS 190+
* MSM : Boston Globe fudges some seal hunting

* Fair Tax : More here ... as opposed to, UNFAIR TAXES: Taxes cost us 6.6B hours ... yes, that is a B as in Billion! .. but, atleast the ACLU is preventing strippers from being taxed! ... they are finally doing something useful! (cough)
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Helping pedophiles find housing ... I know - this is a day late for the Burst (Sorry, I was in class!), but still worth reading! ..> Extra-Double-Feature-Bonus late addition : Let's help those poor illegal aliens get into the country ... and ACLU + Activist Judge do what Hitler + German Army couldn't ... defeat the US Army ok, not really - but it got your attention, right? ... found via MadTech
* Mae Magouirk : Doing just fine now, ThankYouVeryMuch ... amazing what food + water can do for your future! ... bloggers += 1
* DeLay : "Why are the mainstream media and the Democrats in Congress going wild over Tom DeLay? It is not because he employed his wife and his daughter in his Political Action Committees ..."
* SCR : Stem Cell breakthrough ... ESCR is still a very slippery slope that if we do tread upon, we must do so lightly...
* Transformation of America by the Radical Left
* Patent : Starbucks joins the idiocy, tries to patent loyalty card
* South Park Conservatives: Snapshot of the Culture Wars ... and be sure to check outSouth Park Conservatives.com (language warning)
* Why are Christians losing America? ... and, on a related note : Catholics need not apply?
* Cisco to acquire Topspin ... $250M ... "Topspin product line will extend Cisco's data center switching solutions to include InfiniBand-based server switching" ... invading the data center, ever more than they already own it :P
* Linus : Open Source knifing ... does that count as team killing?
* Health Care Intelligence Failure?
* Eugenics : Who decides?
* A few thoughts on John Ray
* UK : 'Labour promises 'voluntary' compulsory ID card' ... confusion not optional ... "It's voluntary. You don't have to carry it" ... nice; just like breathing is not really required, right?
* Insurrection : "Online Freedom of Speech Act Introduced in House"
* Some thoughts on HIV, in Africa
* Fastest growing counties; job-wise, that is.
* UselessNations : LTG shares a few thoughts WRT Kofi
* Some thoughts on Blogs / Bloggers ... and censorship? ... "the sensationalism surrounding blogs has got to go. Blogs don't solve world hunger, cure disease, save damsels in distress, or any of the other heroic things attributed to them" ... right, but they do help provide information that may not be getting out in other ways (read:MSM)
* Paralyzed dogs regaining ability to walk! ... olfactory ensheathing glia (OEG) cells ...
* BitTorrent going Hollywood? ... or should I say, Hollywood going BitTorrent ... ?
* IBM hiring Firefox developers
* Firefox : Grease Monkey to break Firefox? ... guess we should all go back to Lynx, or NetCat over TCP/80 ... :P (read the comments to, they mention Grease Monkey for IE!)
* Google's Froogle vs Froogles
* Sedna's secrets
* Thoughts on WinXPsp2 ... and check out the mullet of Schneier!
* Symbols.com ... "world's largest online encyclopedia of graphic symbols" + history thereof
* Turn your cel phone into a magnetic stripe card reader
* Damn Small Linux (DSL)
* Human-sounding robots
* Israel : Sharon denies 2nd disengagement plan ... for up to date 'disengagement' news & comment go to EFSI
* Resurrection ecology? ... "urges dormant eggs to life to test evolution" ... next you know, the T-Rex will be eating scientists and the Veloci-Raptors will be running amok
* Social inSecurity'ish : Why we need personal tax savings accounts
* Social inSecurity : More here
* RIP : Andrea Dworkin ... I am normally against defaming the deceased, but if someone else wants to I can share ... right?
* Contest : Design a W stamp!
* UselessNations : Israel = bad, suicide bombing = OK
* Jacko : Judge threatens to close court
* Bush, Cheney report income
* Search Engine Decoder
* LCD prices to tumble? (like the DOW did today?)
* Google Maps + Area 51
* Intro to Internet2
* Lightbulbs finally going away ... incredibly wasteful from day 1!

* New OOTS! ... new bandit leader, again ... and he is a stunty
* Hidden (Windows) System Properties
* New ALP! ... Jesus, bowling ball, blind predator ... and its #100!
* Pass drivers' test on 272nd attempt
* True : 'Random' paper accepted at conference ... "a bunch of computer-generated gibberish masquerading as an academic paper has been accepted" at the "World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (WMSCI)"... "Rooter: A Methodology for the Typical Unification of Access Points and Redundancy" ... "We implemented our scatter/gather I/O server in Simula-67, augmented with opportunistically pipelined extensions"
* New RVB! .. #54, for sponsors anyway :P

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