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* Earthquake : Tokyo, 6.1
* DC : Suspicious man, with 2 suspicious briefcases near Capitol ... all better now
* Oil : Prices slide further ... once it hits $35 I'll be happy ... and not until then
* Iraq : Cut in US troop levels 'early next year' ... forward progress ... and Talabani : 'US expected to be completely out w/i 2yrs' ... however : American kidnapped, and convoy hit ... and Saddam to avoid execution? ... I think (am afraid) that will just encourage radicals to attempt to free him by any means necessary ... ?
* Marburg : Angola's neighbors put on alert
* Bolton on the grill (W's appointee to the UselessNations) ... and more here ... "The mere thought of Bolton being our UN ambassador has driven the Mooron Dems into a frothing rage" ... Malkin rounds-up a bunch of the Bolton info
* Tiger's Green Jacket count += 1
* Kansas : Snow, Sleet, Hail, Tornadoes ... oh my?
* Mae Magouirk, ongoing murder : Updates ... SNAFU? ... "Reading through the complete posts at B4T ("Blogs for Terri"), as well as various others, above, I see also the possibility that Beth Gaddy may have been misled by, or misinterpreted the doctor(s) who suggested the move to the hospice. Indeed, this whole incident may have been - essentially - a SNAFU of enormous proportions. Why weren't the restrictions in the Living Will known and followed? Why was Mae moved to a hospice? Did the doctor(s) at LaGrane's hospital recommended this move, and why? Was Mae's family history of this condition known? Why did it take so long to move Mae to a proper treatment facility?"
* Wear some beads, get punished by your school? ... ""They're enforcing an unwritten, unconstitutional policy against a 13-year-old who wants to show her patriotism""

* Pope'ish : 04Tom is writing up Bios of the College of Cardinals ... and 'odds' on their becoming the next Pope ... and check out this very well done tribute
* Juries cannot be trusted
* BioEthicsEugenics : "Misery can only be removed from the world by painless extermination of the miserable." ... and other thoughts/comments
* World's fastest transistor ... "Feng and Hafez developed a transistor less than half a millionth of a meter long, with a maximum operating speed of 604 GHz"
* 'Hillary in the Raw' ... a book designed to sink her candidacy! And, it is by a Dem! ... like lions, feeding on their own ... developing ... and more here ... "National campaign launched to stop senator" ... well, some of us have been fighting for that war for quite some time! :) ... GOP starts effort to unseat her from Senate as well ... and I agree it is LONG shot, but wouldn't that be sweet?!
* Malkin, race traitor
* 'Patriots & Propaganda' ... "the anti-Patriot Act deception campaign"
* AutoCast ... convert text only sites into 'PodCasts'! ... requires MS Speech SDK (68MB!) ... and then just point it to an XML feed ( like mine) .. haven't tried it yet ...
* Spain gives Hugo a (WMD) assist? ...
* Losses to file sharing greatly exaggerated Michael Geist, law professor at the University of Ottawa, has written a brilliant rebuttal to the Canadian Recording Industry Association's claim that P2P piracy is costing the Canadian music industry billions. Geist shows quite clearly how the CRIA has exaggerated their losses, exaggerated the effects seen by Canadian artists, and misplaced the blame on file-sharing.
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : A few thoughts on Roger Baldwin, ACLU founder
* The Walmart effect ... understand what it really means and you may not hate it as much as you do now (if you do hate it, that is)
* HAL makes you stronger! ... "hybrid assistive limb" ... "HAL is the result of 10 years' work by Yoshiyuki Sankai of the University of Tsukuba in Japan, and integrates mechanics, electronics, bionics and robotics in a new field known as cybernics" .... all I can think is "I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that" :)
* Pope : Scottish soccer fans jeer during moment of silence ... because soccer has, and its fans have, no class ...
* SCA : Raising your child, in an open & honest fashion?
* Social inSecurity : Compare & Contrast various proposed reform packages
* Cosmic Ray source found - Xray loop ... ""
* Bernardine Dohrn not only managed to escape long term imprisonment for her activities with the Weather Underground but she's a law professor at Northwestern ... "Does this culture have a death wish?"
* Sweet keyboards!
* Life's greatest inventions
* PS3 to beat XBOX2 out of the gate ... bummer
* Illegal Immigration : Defective equipment, improperly installed and maintained not helping us in securing our border ... $239M blown on ISIS
* Wild, Wet West? ... speaking of 'global warming' : Regulating CO2 ... "The power to restrict CO2 emissions is literally the power to cripple U.S. productivity, competitiveness, and growth" ... unless/until we go nuclear! :)
* Scientist calls for world DNA database ... but will that fuel prejudice?
* Hot Mod'ing ... take $10k car and add $50k in stuff to it. (IMHO that is kinda dumb(unless it includes an XBOX!), but hey - to each their own ... although the Pink Hummer is downright atrocious!)
* Obvious : Losses to file sharing greatly exaggerated ... ""
* Talk without making a sound
* The 'professional' Ghost Detector - Trifield EMF Meter ... just don't cross the streams!
* LCD that works even in direct sunlight
* Cassini still (mostly) working, but showing its age
* Kerry still a whiner ... and let me mention, a day early, that he still has not signed his 180!
* Crises vs Individual Liberties ... "Big Brotherism" ... "The latest manifestation of this phenomenon is the California crisis of fuel-efficient autos: More miles per gallon means less gasoline tax revenue, even as total miles driven continue to rise. And so the deep thinkers in Sacramento have responded with their latest nostrum: a replacement of the per-gallon gasoline tax with a tax on miles driven" ... that's right, why should the govt reign in spending when it can just tax more?
* Shadydown does not like Hanoi Jane ... um, that's because she is a traitor ... and SD also does not like people who buy her book. Can't say I find fault with either opinion!
* DeLay : WaPo and NYT redefine the word 'news'
* Russian Hackers are the best?
* SkypeCasting?
* TurboScout ... yet another meta-search engine; this one hits 23! However, doesn't show all results at once - they are tabbed (kind of) ... 23 is better than Search The 4 or Yagoohoogle
* Wanna save GMaps?
* GMail import tool
* Heli-Cool! ... tiny robotic helicopter!
* DeLay : Dems want DeLay to commit suicide? ... looks like that shirt is being pulled off the catalog, following this link and clicking on the shirt = 'page not found'
* DIY : Portable N64!?
* Robotic camel riders?
* Hubble Image Gallery
* 622 Music Videos

* new OOTS! ... Rapid Shot = ineffective twice in one round, and always fear the Bag of TricksRhino!
* New ALP! ... about to eat tail
* Ultimate Press Release
* Solace from incompetence
* MS : Secret Mars base
* 'English As She Is Spoke' vs. 'Babelfish'
* DeLay : Fact-finding mission to Disneyland
* True : Things that sound gross, but aren't ... no need to fear the 'brown creeper' ... and you can bury your sword in the vagine, even in public!
* Flash Game : Drunk Walking ... thanks Aaron!
* Ashlee Simpson's 'rider' ... gotta have relish ...
* Thousands of celebrities offer self-absorbed eulogies
* Hosting Company 'of the future'
* Shatner : Has-Been to Icon in Seven Self-Aware Steps
* Middle-Earth = Oz
* LindaSOG's opinions on France ... "The last time the French asked for 'more proof' it came marching into Paris under a German flag."
* AirToons ... perverted versions of "Airline Safety Cartoons"

Quote of the Day
It is difficult to say who do you the most mischief: enemies with the worst intentions or friends with the best. -- E.R. Bulwer-Lytton
thanks Raven!

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