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Quick Thoughts
* I am so glad it is Friday ... the rain is a bit of a bummer, but I am so ready for the excellent weather this weekend ... amazing how fast doors can come off a Jeep!
* ... between Babysitting and Internet/PC problems (Blogger sucking a bit, Comcast deciding DNS was irrelevant, and Firetune breaking my Firefox) I had an excellent blogless-evening last night ... ugh. On the plus side, I played some Scorched3D (3D version of old Scorched Earth).
* Friday's Gratuitous Blegging : Sign up for clickies (seriously - you can see lots of new/interesting sites and get more traffic for yours) ...with me as your referrer (in order of preference):
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* Terri'ish : 81 year old's feeding tube yanked ... not terminal, not comatose, no PVS, and Mae Magouirk had written wishes expressly against this. Somehow, granddaughter Gaddy is two weeks into the murder of her grandmother. WTF? How was this allowed to happen and how did this not get news coverage? If the facts of the situation are as they are represented the granddaughter and the hospice should both be held criminally responsible for murder if this proceeds, plain and simple ... and RC comments here ... RC is link-gathering as well (just like me :P (in fact, I am stealing several from there!)), check there for updates ... and Cao is link farming too! ... and more here, from Raven ... and SuperHawk asks when it will stop ... and direct link to relevant (audio!) interview with Mae's nephew ... and Contact List to save Mae ... and Jody speaks out ... and, for the sake of completeness : Patterico ... and Instapundit (aka PuppyBlender) ... and PoliPundit ... slippery slope turning into a cliff : again, Mae reportedly had a living will expressly saying NO to the actions that are taking place! ... more relevant posts : ACE comes out of 'retirement' to speak up .. and Musing Minds comments here ... and The Anchoress speaks her mind ... and WizBang's post ... and NRO's semi-prophetic warning - "Next time it will be easier"
* Pope : Funeral ... and Video of funeral found via Beth ... and Bush booed by some at funeral ... classy! ... and Bomb-on-airplane scare nearby
* Egypt : Bomb kills 3 in Cairo
* TSA : dismantled?
* Outsourcing : Indian call center employee hacks US bank accounts ... IMHO - there are certain things that should NOT be outsourced; anything related to National Security, banking/financial details, anything that reveals SSNs ... sure there are others, but you are smart people - think about it.
* Animal to Human disease should be a "wake up call" to world ... newsflash brought to you by the Useless Nations ... death toll reaches 190
* Using al Qaeda's strategy against them (no - not the bomb/kidnap/kill innocents part)
* Bextra yanked form market ... "the second in the class of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medicines, known as Cox-2 inhibitors, to be removed from sale due to heart risks" (after Vioxx (rofecoxib))
* US State Dept issues warning WRT Israel
* Oil : Sliding towards $53 ... only $18 lower to be right-priced! ... meanwhile, IMF : Oil could hit $100 (that would officially suck)
* Earthquake : Indonesia rattled by a few shakes ... 5.6, 5.0, 4.9, .5.5 ...
* Today's eclipse ... partial for me, none for Randy! ... "Totality will be visible only from the middle of the South Pacific Ocean and only for, at the very most, 42 seconds"
* A good blog-friend of mine gets noticed : SuperHawk @ Right Wing Nut House : talked about on CNN, video here (mention = ~3/4 into it) and MSNBC, video here (mention = ~1/4 into it) ... CONGRATS TO SUPERHAWK! ... remember us little people!
* New York : 2 16yr old girls have been arrested on immigration charges after federal authorities said they planned to become suicide bombers ... no bomb-suicide for you!
* Royal Wedding "in shambles"?
* Enron : AG AG recuses self
* Atlanta : Eric Rudolph pleads guilty to '96 Olympics (+3 other) bombing ... life in prison, no death penalty
* Jacko : Jacko's lawyers doing their job!

* Anony-blogging ... "How to Blog Safely (About Work or Anything Else)" ... don't get deuced! ... and, worth reminding everyone : "While your right to free speech is protected by the First Amendment, this protection does not shield you from the consequences of what you say."
* Anti-Civil Liberties Union : More 'rights' the ACLU is 'protecting' ... missed that yesterday, would have been a good addition to the AACLU blogburst (Anti-ACLU :P)
* Illegal Immigration : Sure, come on in! Wanna learn to fly? Go right ahead!
* FOXNEWS' Napolitano mangling the Patriot Act? ... all about the "sneak-and-peek"
* Forget Yagoohoogle ... that is only 2 search engines, try Search all 4! ... AskJeeves wins : I am (currently) #2 there! (#3 on Google, #4 on Yahoo, #6 on MS)
* SCOTUS : Review of Padilla case?
* TimeWarner & Comcast to buy Adelphia?
* Rising mortgage rate to hit housing market - soon
* Polluted Climate ... " Even more important, higher temperatures will decrease levels of airborne particulate matter. Thus, to the extent temperatures do rise in the future, the net result will be a decrease in air pollution health risks"
* PTO : Patent Office actually refuses a patent! ... no "PB&J" patent for Schmuckers (Guess its not that good :P)
* GM ceasing LA Times advertisement due to "factual errors and misrepresentations" ... IOW, the LA Times lies.
* Payola : Another conservative pay off ... still no cash for TJ ... :(
* Hole drilled through Earth's crust ... "Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP)" ... next stop, mantle ... I am thinking of a a bad movie premise, oh yeah - wait - they already did that
* Military, Gays ... it will be interesting to see how they handle this, with their current recruiting problems I wonder if they will buckle?
* What are the biggest charity abuses in America
* DeLay : More hot water
* Automated essay grading?
* Life has a 62m year cycle
* 4.4B year old piece of crystal on display ... "World's Oldest Object"
* Some thoughts on Greenspan, Freddie and Fannie ... "it's the unintended consequences you need to look out for" ... indeed!
* SCA brings us some truth about kids & sex, from mamacita ... "shut up, sit down, pay attention, take notes- and learn something"
* USPS : Stamps going up? ... don't care; I don't send snail-mail (ePay everything baby!)
* Big Dig : Fire doors / exits missing or blocked? ... it gets better just about every day!
* EFF honors EFF founder with EFF award ... isn't that nepotism or something? Reg's comment - "EFFing brilliant!" :)
* Nuclear Waster a terror target ... that's why it needs to be consolidated, and guarded ... at, say, Yucca Mountain?
* Send spam, get 9yr prison! ... but he was making $750K/month! - that might be worth a few years (free room and board for a decade, and then live off your bank account for the rest of your life?)
* The difference between those with strong religious beliefs and religious fanaticism
* Google adds some answers to search responses ... taking over the world ... (now if only they weren't such a liberal organization!)
* AOL += VOIP ...
* Non-invasive 'nighttime' clustering ... neat! ... "Dubbed CHAOS, the distro is able to remotely boot a computer and run it on Linux without affecting the local hard disk. CHAOS is designed to provide dumb node power to a cluster run by existing full-featured clustering distributions such as Quantian and ClusterKnoppix"
* FOXNEWS launching Business channel?
* Elton John - bankruptcy fears
* Humanclock - a photo for every minute ... found via Colony, see the 'real world game' link below :P
* Michael Vick gave me Herpes? ... that might cost him some of his $130M (10yr) salary
* Moore's Law turns 40 this month
* Fish use sound to navigate
* MS helps track pedophiles
* Decision Making, and the traps therein? ... Admiral Ackbar says "Its a trap"
* FollowUp : 'Stealth' utility poles, areas, etc.
* FREE WiFinder ... after MIR, and only until 04/30 (cheapest shipping is $9)
* Index of SW to convert any file type to any other file type
* MS : Longhorn delayed

* NEW OOTS! ... semantics, oh - and the Belkar Tetherball Special!
* Flash Game : Puki Swarm ... "vampire baby freaks" ... kinda FPS'ish, sweet!
* 'White Shirt Experiment'
* Presidential Warp ... mangle Kerry, W, etc.
* 'Real World Game' : Can you answer this? I did! They are too busy, couldn't create my colony/team :( The answer is 'play'
* Shark attack postponed until slower news week
* John Kerry opts for knee surgery after voting against it
* Flash Game : Mud Ball
* Weird : Shake skin ... way to much free time!
* The alphabet, by Worf ... teach it to your kids ... and stuff
* Bono’s comment about Pope sets off chain reaction of strained metaphors
* Pope : replacement = RoboPope
* April Showers to last May, June, July
* Carter spotted chasing Air Force 1 down the tarmac
* True : Man P2Ps his tax return ... hmm, free SSN, address, income info ... nice! (well, for ID thieves, anyway)
* Kennedy fighting removal of his tube ... "The Senator's family is trying to have his feeding tube removed to allow him to die a sober death. The tube, attached to a bottle of vodka and a bottle of gin, has been utilized by the senator for his entire adult life. Medical experts believe removal will almost certainly result in death" (Raven - thanks for the heads-up)
* MICHELLE MALKIN IS A C**T (language warning)

Quote of the Day
Plouj: I can't put a finger on my problem(s).
@Pezmaker: Plouj: touch your finger to your forehead
thanks BASH!

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