Boxes Of Animal Crackers

* Iran : Hiding nuclear plans for 20 years? ... and Biden double-talking on this issue?
* Iraq : MPJ brings us more on the downed helicopter and murdered contractor ... religion of peace, indeed!
* 'Dirty' Latvian banks restricted from US
* USMC Gen. Peter Pace will be the next Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
* Maine : Returning soldiers get applause
* Spain : Terrorist trial begins
* Nuclear Korea : Nuke test imminent?
* UselessNations : Bolton vote on May 12th
* UCC to allow gay marriage? ... that is not quite right ...
* Oil : Back over $55
* Nasdaq buys Instinet ... $1.9B

* France : Some thoughts on why they just might reject the EU ... "formative years have been high unemployment, job outsourcing, and a vague feeling of permanent economic insecurity" ... indeed! ... AND France tells Taiwan to surrender ... shocker, considering the source (the only thing France is bending over for is the constitution of a group they founded; that's right - they can't even 'conquer' themselves!!)!
* The not-so-nuclear option ... "the Democrats have been demanding that the GOP ignore the Constitution and more than 200 years of Senate tradition so they can be allowed to have veto power"
* Bluetooth @ 1 mile!
* Can you define Liberalism and Conservatism? ... and if so, probably not as eloquently as Andrew Roth does!
* Convert .PDF to .TXT, FREE!
* 'Hackers' use blogs to spread malware? ... speaking of malware, this one deletes MP3s!
* Terri'ish : More on Charlotte Wyatt ... heart-rending ...
* SCOTUS : 'International Law' ... and WHY DOES IT MATTER?
* Canada : CQ reports more 'publication bans'
* Can you define Liberalism and Conservatism? ... and if so, probably not as eloquently as Andrew Roth does!
* Dems in denial
* FBI protecting OBL's privacy? ... interesting, worrying and still developing!
* Vonage aiming for $100 handset
* More on pushing creatures into 'Suspended Animation'
* NOAA info to not be available any more? ... Rick Santorum (R) not making a good call introducing this bill ...
* Federal funding for abstinence being killed? ... "Baucus anti-abstinence plan would take federal funds that are devoted to teaching abstinence and turn them over to state public health bureaucracies to spend as they will"
* UselessNations : 'The Creation, Rise and Fall of the United Nations' ... why the Dems hate Bolton ...
* TSA squandering millions?!
* DDoS attack on Final Fantasy XI
* Social inSecurity : Dems in denial
* 'For the first time I can remember in my life, I can look at a looming economic disaster and lay the blame firmly and solidly at the feet of the Republicans' ... and Coburn bucking the big-spending trend ... good for him, glad someone is!
* Email worse for your brain than marijuana
* HowTo : Host a Web Server, at home, over DSL/Cable
* Five things you didn't know you could do with Perl
* Pope : More thoughts - "Benedict XVI - Defender of the Faith!"
* Today is Earth Day, and why only the rich can afford it
* Florida : Breast feeders unite!
* Rights of Parents vs Right of Children ... among other idiocies (or just plain wrong things) - if a 'child' gets an abortion w.o telling her parents they are still liable for the bill?
* Al-Awda Convention, UCLA ... make sure you read all of the buttons / t shirts; and play the videos too! ... and remember, 'religion of peace'!
* Mosquito attack ... real blood-suckers, as opposed to this 'vampire'
* New York : Sex offenders to be tracked by satellite
* Sequel to SE7EN!? ... EI8HT ...
* History of Computing, 1968-present
* Atari 2600 - the web server!
* Google icons
* 'Soundless' sound system! ... directional!
* Not the right laptop to steal
* A whole new Pledge?
* Stopping your blogation? ... don't stop!

* US wins War on Obesity
* NEW OOTS! ... Elan has a new best friend
* DeLay's posse voices support
* Grim Reaper to license BSOD
* The Geek Quiz
* Benedictine XVI seeks audience with Bono

Quotes of the Day
I can't imagine there being much result from this other than a yet firmer conviction on the right that the left has become alarmingly stupid.
-- thanks Mark @ GOPBloggers

Like a ninja ... for no reason!
-- thanks Tom!

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