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* BLOGGER IS WORKING TODAY ... for now ...
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* Nuclear Korea : They demand an apology ... riiiight - How's this : "We apologize for calling you a "outpost of tyranny" when clearly you are "a sovereign nation that is simply run buy a despotic overlord & his lackey followers", our bad
* The Pope, on top of his other ongoing problems (breathing, fever), had a heart attack and is in "very grave" condition ... other sources, "critical but stable" ... continued prayers ... 'near death'
* Iraq : USAF deploying the Bush twins
* Albania : US C130 crashed, 4 bodies recovered ... condolences ... update : 9 bodies found
* Sandy Berger (finally) admits guilt
* Stanislav Petrov : The man who saved the world ... perhaps, more correctly, the man who decided not to destroy the world ... ?
* Congress to waste more time on steroid hearings, now looking at NFL
* Mike 'OJ & I get along great' Schiavo will hide Terri's ashes ... after cremating her against the family's will, he will then not disclose the location of her ashes. What a total douche.
* Oil : Record high close!

* GMail = 2GB ... and not really enforcing quotas anyway?
* Mexico is militarizing the border? ... something we should have done long ago; and perhaps now we need to - to prevent the impending 'invasion by hostile forces that are amassing on our border' :) (OR, maybe the Mexican Army (just saying that makes me giggle) will help keep their citizens in their country (highly doubt it!)*
* More on EU's implosion
* RFID vs "contactless chips" ... DOD playing word games to avoid scrutiny?
* Spam King Richter = bankrupt ... couldn't happen to a (cough) nicer guy! ... "It's a rare example of Microsoft deploying its legal muscle to socially beneficial ends."
* Your dandruff is polluting my planet ... bio-aerosols / biological detritus affecting climate change, spreading disease, taking over the govt (ok - the last part was mine)
* ACLUseless's next target : abstinence! ... man, they would be highly amusing if they weren't trying to disassemble my country ... and* More on the ACLUseless, aka the Fetus Fighters
* Dems give up debating, resort to food fights
* Let's think about the exit polls ... and their historical inaccuracy
* More on the "US will cease to exist in 2007" ... amusing, if nothing else (also worth reading to prove the author's ignorance) ... "A great sin will cause a huge flood in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans"; one sin, two oceans? Its a two-fer!
* Iran warns 'Great Satan' US ... "Vows defeat if Americans use force to stop atomic program" ... riiiight; or they could just stop blustering (and doesn't that sounds strangely familiar to Saddam's 'this will be hell if you invade' rhetoric?)
* Captured al Zarqawi aide : the word is traitor
* Metallic Glass - T2, in real life? ... "three times stronger than the best industrial steel and 10 times springier"
* Social inSecurity : Unions = hypocrites
* gblag shows how the courts should work
* Blogopoly! ... Hi, Michelle (by the way - why does she reject my trackbacks? I feel so ... alone ... )
* NASA's Deep Impact to answer the "Tempel-1: iceberg or galactic rubber ball" question
* Fractures within the GOP?
* Pandemic 'superbug' making a re-visit
* More on WordPress' gaming of Google ... and some more here
* Air America 'sells out', Clear Channel getting a clear name
* How much do you think HP thinks Hurd is worth? ... your guess will probably be low ...
* Google launches RideFinder
* Transmeta -1 CEO
* Instant Expert : Dinosaurs
* Anti-iPod "White Bud" guerrillas?
* Make GIMP into Photoshop with GIMPshop
* Free Authenex USB key ... or, a chance at one ...
* Terri's cause of death : murder ... and more here ... "confronting a real person was a whole different thing than talking about a medical abstraction"
* Media Bias : here ... and "every day is April Fool's Day over at the Star Tribune editorial board" ... and America is eeeeeeeevil ... comments on this bit of tripe from the Useless Nations ... and WaPo biased as well (not exactly a news flash)
* Byrd (D-WV-KKK) and Barack Obama, best friends ... Byrd "spent his overlong career keeping blacks in 'their place' by recruiting for the KKK, by filibustering the Civil Rights Act for 14 straight hours, by making a fool of himself by trying to block the nomination of the supremely qualified Condoleezza Rice for Secretary of State, by participating in the 'high-tech lynching' of Clarence Thomas as well as opposing the nomination of Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court, by publicly calling people 'n*****s' (edited) as recently as 2001, by declaring that he would rather 'die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels'" ... "the big D in 'D-WV' deflects all sins from the Democratic Party's point of view"
* DeLay problems?
* Ward has some other little fake Indians
* Muslims getting special treatment?
* Black Holes don't, and cannot, exist?
* USB fondue set ... and USB ghost detector
* Mega Magnets!
* The Feds pwn your WLAN
* Neanderthals killed by free trade?
* Halo2 update ... "Hidden unlockable extra to allow you to play several original Halo levels in 2D"
* Average Manhattan apartment = $1.2M ... wow ...
* Crash Test Videos! ... didn't see any Jeeps :(
* Improved PopUp Blocker for Firefox
* Some esoteric thoughts on XBOX2
* Wanna download 'embedded' videos from sites? (Firefox users only)
* Drawing tutorial
* Crusades were a pseudo-defensive reaction?

* NEW OOTS! ... uh-oh, not looking good for the order ... and why wouldn't they just use a longer rope for Belkar?
* Kofi Annan not aware of relationship to Kojo
* NationStates says Hello to April 1st! ... "Forbidden by the Department of Homeworld Security"
* Wolfowitz to end World Bank funding of poor nations
* GoogleGulp ... now with AutoDrink(TM)
* WMD report calls for more accurate leaks
* Cisco buying Nabisco
* PS-to-Human virus! ... malwarlaria.b ...
* Time Travel!
* Trey Parker and Matt Stone to save Enterprise?
* Game makers to the first-date rescue : joint-operations mod
* MS joins OSDL frees Linux
* GMail rolls out 'Infinity+1' storage! ... and TRUE : GMail turns 1, now support rich formatting!
* Basil presents some headlines, and humorous taglines
* SMB hijacked by Code Pink?
* PuppyBlender infinite loop?
* MSN Spoof Search ... nice! (Thanks MadTech)
* TigerHawk presents some April Firsties ... led me to Top 100 Hoaxes ever ... and Bottom 10 hoaxes ever
* Breastfeeding for kittens?

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