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Quick Thoughts
* Gonna be offline pretty much all afternoon; Paul lives out n the middle of nowhere ...

* Iraq : 'Wave of violence' ... condolences for those murdered
* The Koreas set to resume Nuke Talks
* Italy : +1 Prime Minister ... Berlusconi back in ...
* Iraq : Military brass cleared in Abu Ghraib hearings

* Cookie monster has been destroyed
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Changes view of precedent when it favors Christian group ... "This goes to show how far the ACLU will manipulate the legal system to further their radical agenda" ... "The ACLU is obviously engaged in religious bigotry – in cases concerning homosexual groups, they argue that Prince fully applies, but now, when it clearly applies, using the ACLU's own standard, to a religious club, they are seeking to overturn the Prince decision" ... Indeed!
* The word "immigrant" is a racial slur ... WTF? Judicial activism spurred on by wussy Dr Hair Newal
* PC still running wild
* Blueprint for Survival, Revisited
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : They don't trust the people to decide ... ... "But the ACLU for some reason doesn't want the people to decide for themselves what they want. They would rather that matters such as these be settled in a courtroom in front of a few activist judges. In this way, they get paid, their agenda gets put forward, and their will gets shoved down our throats. And forever more we get to live with the decisions of a few "progressive" judges who have decided for themselves that the Congress and the people cannot make responsible law."
* LAT's Shaw has a soft life, and "we should be banning the phrase 'taste treats,' not guns"
* How To : Lockpick!
* 'Whistleblowing has now become a rapid growth industry' ... I knew I was missing something ...
* 'There wouldn't be such a gap if so many women didn't work at places like The Gap'
* XBOX : XBOX360 'final' pic?! ... and remember : official reveal on May 12th
* Google : Video Search goes live (beta) ... and interesting GMaps! ... like a satellite view of Bill Gates' house!
* Oil independence != price independence?
* Robot competition
* UselessNations : More Bolton, and why he should be confirmed
* Need flash buttons?
* How To : Add a HDD to the 'slim' PS2
* Business Week launches BlogSpotting.net ... ""
* Stop the Asbestos Trust Fund!
* Troll fishing

* Eric's Earth Day Fun!

Quote of the Day
For John Kerry I am convinced the only way he can sleep at night is with heavy medication
--thanks Kevin McCullough!

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