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* OK ... Last day of CISSP class, limited blogation rules still in effect!
(a relief and a burden (now I need to go take a ~6hour, 250? test) ...)
* (Return of) Friday's Gratuitous Blegging : Sign up for clickies (seriously - you can see lots of new/interesting sites and get more traffic for yours) ...and get me some too by using me as your referrer (in approximate order of preference):
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* Illegal Immigration : Charged them with Trespassing! ... "A small-town (New Ipswich, N.H.) police chief in New Hampshire might have found the best way to embarrass the Department of Homeland Security into finally doing something about America's porous borders: Arrest illegal aliens and charge them with trespassing" ... "Under New Hampshire law, a 'person is guilty of criminal trespass if, knowing he is not licensed or privileged to do so, he enters or remains in any place.'" ... Holy what the ... SWEET! That is insanely cool, and we should have thought of it sooner!
* Iraq : Insurgents / Terrorists kill 20 in Baghdad ... condolences and prayers ... update ... 39 killed, including 1 US GI ... more condolences
* Iran : More on EMP threat to US
* Russia : Putin - Arms sales to Syria are fine! ... Sure, just like putting gas on a fire is cool ...
* Cali : Govenator praises teh Minutemen Project ... that means there are atleast 3 smart people in Cali; Arnold, Gindy and Crystal :P ... did I miss anyone? ... but, back to Arnold : he needs to realize that being a "liberal Republican" doesn't work ... you won't win the true LIEberals over, and you just might lose your Conservative base ... (and the $3B in tax-payer funds for ESCR was a horrendous call!)
* Fed budget approved ... $2.6T ... yes, T as in Trillion ... and Medicaid takes a cut, finally

* Terri'ish : Another forced starvation case; Clara Martinez reconnected! ... these are terrible cases that we must continue ensuring get the publicity they deserve & need
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Go NAMBLA! ... another reason the ACLU is despicable
* VA : Some thoughts on HOV, HOT ... yes & no - first I think the whole HOV thing is a terrific scam pushed onto the taxpayers. The HOT lanes, while I object to them for other reasons, are atleast NOT GOING TO COST US ANYTHING TO BUILD (going to be privately funded & built, like the Greenway ... let me also say that end ing the HOV-ness of Hybrid vehicles, or the possibility thereof, has pretty much concreted (which is sturdier than cemented) my position against buying a Hybrid.
* Transparent films blocks WiFi ... well that's not very sporting, is it?
* This telescope might be smarter than you ... or might not be, but it beats your PC hands-down!
* Obesity hype continues ... even after CDC backpedals
* TV-B-Gone Cel Phone? ... that is just not right!
* Retro : Atari 2600 for $30
* Filibuster : Frist offered a deal to move past this ... Reid rebuffed, still an obstructionist ... and calls the offer "it's a big, wet kiss to the far right' - whatever that means ...
* MSM only 66% biased
* The 25 Greatest (largest, really) Empires ... found via CFG
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : NYU is a breeding ground!
* MS profits double, 'War Chest' is now $61B ... come on, Bill - throw me a bone. I have always used and supported (in that I help resolve problems, and for the most part recommend it :P) ... I'd even settle for 1% of 1% of 1% of that! (I think the US has ~300M people; so that means MS could give every man, woman & child ~$200! and still have a $1B on hand)
* Prime Time W ... glad I am not the only one who seems a difference; both in how W is handling the questions and in what questions reporters are asking (although they still cause me to frequently talk back to the TV, and say variations of "Oh yeah, THAT media bias") ... and TigerHawk live-blogged last night
* Global Warming : For real, this time?
* Germany : Debian beats MS for 14k-computer deal ... SuSe not in the running, sorry Paul!
* More than half of all 1040's e-filed!
* When in doubt, blame it on the war ... up to two hops now ... (making light of the VERY SERIOUS 'Parental Notification' act that I mentioned a day or three ago)
* How To : Build a Dream Team
* W needs to make the sales pitch, loud & strong ... "The average citizen doesn’t understand what’s wrong with it, and therefore just doesn’t give a damn"
* MSM vs Bloggers, MSM + Bloggers, MSM = Bloggers ... no unified response ...
* How To : Rebuild a Li-Ion battery
* Step 1) Smell REALLY bad Step 2) Get thrown out of Library Step 3) PROFIT! ... don't lather, don't rinse, do repeat ... STOP THIS FREAK (Richard Kreimer)! (Another case where our legal system is failing us!)
* Chrenkoff gets printed ... usually found here ... congrats; and good job!
* Build a "Lockpick gun" out of a HDD and a mouse ... NICE!
* "Pikashoes" - make yourself into a joy buzzer!
* Hacking College Admissions
* XEN, and their virtual machine, a bigger threat to MS than Linux? ... I had never heard of it/them ...
* What do you mean by rich? ... thanks (again) to Uncle Jack for the heads-up!
* Update : Buried treasure ... or maybe not
* So, when do 1.5M voters overturn 62M voters? ... when you are an obstructionist Dem who doesn't want an FDA Commissioner
* Pedophiles and those they hurt the most
* Hillary Clinton, hypocrite

* New OOTS! ... "Hooray for Hexes!"
* True : Ken Salazar (D-CO) calls someone the Antichrist ...touching!
* New ALP!
* Bloggers : Its a MEME comment party! ... so go comment!
* OBL not dead; captured alive - and lost a finger @ a Wendy's

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