Drag Queen of Amnesia

The title is random, folks ... don't read too much into it :)

Quick Thoughts
* It is Wictory Wednesday! ... Today's cause is the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), and you can read more (& join WW) here ... you should also go read up on THE FAIR TAX, which has been (re)introduced as a bill! (H.R. 25) "will repeal all corporate and individual income taxes, payroll taxes, self-employment taxes, capital gains taxes, estate taxes and gift taxes – and replace it with a revenue-neutral personal consumption tax" ... as an added bonus, you can think about Social inSecurity a little bit as well :
* Symantec : "The ThreatCon has been raised to Level 2 due to the release of multiple Microsoft Security Bulletins. The ThreatCon will remain at Level 2 for at least 24 hours, while the vulnerabilities are being further analyzed. The DeepSight Threat Analyst Team has released four Threat Alerts, regarding critical vulnerabilities present in Microsoft MSN Messenger, Exchange, TCP/IP Stack, and Internet Explorer. A complete listing of all recently published Security Bulletins can be found at: here" ... not wanting to feel left out, Oracle(.pdf) has a 'critical' update as well

* You've got deadly flu virus mail! ... labs rushing to clean up accidental distribution ... "The 1957 strain has not been included in the flu vaccine since 1968, and anyone born after that date has no immunity to it"
* Volcano : Sumatra cursed by yet another natural disaster ... "the volcano's status had been raised to 'beware', one rung below full-blown eruption" ... "has had at least four major eruptions, all in the 19th century, and three smaller eruptions in 1981, 2001 and 2003" ... I didn't realize that " The Indonesian archipelago sits atop a series of faultlines where three continental plates collide with immense pressure, causing almost daily earthquakes and frequent eruptions from more than 130 active volcanoes" ... damn.
* Iraq : Bomb kills 12
* Vietnam : 70% of randomly chosen birds infected with Bird Flu
* Australia : ISP disconnecting zombified hosts ... FINALLY! This is something that needs to be done more often! ... and Security sites DDoS'ed ... this is an example of why ISPs need to block zombies!
* UK : 3 Suspects being held for NY/NJ/DC terror plot
* Afghanistan : Rumsfeld's next stop ... and, Opium fight continues ... and, 12 rebels killed
* Mae Magouirk : Issue isn't over yet; the family has been barred from visitation? ... WTF is Beth If I can't kill her atleast I can make her lonely Gaddy doing??
* New York : 15 NYSE traders charged with fraud
* Florida : Dog vs alligator ... dog dies saving woman's life ... that is why everyone should have a dog! (No way a cat would have helped out) ... condolences for 'Bob' ... and Pittbulls make a rescue! ... still not as good as German Shepherds!!
* School official : "Don't call 911 just because your developmentally disabled daughter was forced to engage in videotaped sexual acts" ... WTF?
* Oil : Right-pricing, down $1 ... $15.50 more would put it at the 'right' price of $35
* Illegal Immigration : Minuteman Project, Day 10 ... "In the next few days a couple of us are going to experiment with putting live scanner traffic up on the Internet. If it works, you’ll be able to listen in on the action as it happens"
* New York : Crackdown on smut ... no more XXX for you!
* UselessNations : "International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism" ... 'approved to be ratified'
* Dow down 100+! ... DOH!

* GOP Podcasting! ... just drop this link (XML) into iPodder (direct DL link) and rock on!
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : 'The ACLU and U' ... only one day early :P
* Dell offering $750 off a $1500 laptop? ... good ones go fast ...
* Taxes : Fast Facts ... did you follow + read the link above, about The Fair Tax?
* RIAA moves its jihad onto Internet2 ... and file-sharing international attention (read : lawsuits) ... and Help stop the RIAA!
* Social inSecurity : A few thoughts
* Firefox : Sage, RSS reader extension ... and here is the direct DL link
* Zimbabwe : Election stolen, Mugabe still a despot ... WRT his ZANU-PF party - "They are totally corrupt, and they will use anything to protect their power" ... and South Africa following Mugabe's lead?
* Using lasers to ID cells by 'stretchiness'? ... "can also pick out cancerous cells from biopsies as small as just 50 cells - traditional methods need between 10,000 and 100,000"
* Immigration to Mexico ... retirement paradise?
* Robots on paradesale!
* Seiko's ePaper watch
* DeLay'ish : Sanders (D-VT) also paid family members
* Iraq : Proof that US is winning ... no MSM coverage? What media bias?
* Boston : Mayor not a fan of free market economics ... atleast when it comes to private parking fees
* Paramount says Enterprise's cancellation final ... no amount of money will saved it. That is too bad, and interesting that they wouldn't accept cash ...
* Overclocking (sometimes without your knowledge?) the root of Win* evil?
* Frozen light? ... " controlled, coherent processing with light can be performed using ultra-cold atoms known as Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs)"
* UselessNations : Bolton != Kirkpatrick
* NASA : The (hopefully never needed) shuttle rescue plan
*Google Hacking for Penetration Testers ... might need to pick that up :)
* Free PC utilities ... include MS-ASW, but no SB:S&D, SWB, AAW, pagedfrg, ... too bad.
* Israel present US aerial photos of Iran nuke sites
* Bloggers : Ogre share auto-trackback mojo
* USB 2.0 Hi-speed Flash drive roundup ... you can skip to the conclusion if you are so inclined
* What causes Solar Flares? ... "The gas was heated to 36 million degrees Fahrenheit before being flung up into the solar atmosphere at 90,000 mph" ... that's damned hot, and damned fast ...
* Pentagon to use lasers to alert pilots who are entering 'no fly' zones
* Islamofascist : Inherently violent religion offended when its pointed out that they are in fact inherently violent
* SETI taking wrong approach?
* Iraq : US to start laying 'smart landmines' ... dubbed 'Matrix' ... and neato, some will be nonlethal "M5 Modular Crowd Control Munition" mines
* Three Nuclear Anniversaries
* Antioxidant heavy diet makes you more stroke-resistant ... "neuro-protection" ... "size of the stroke was 50 to 75 percent less" (in rats)
* MSM moving downward
* Intel beats AMD in the 'must ship dual-core CPUs' race ... well, leads out of the gate anyway - we'll see how they fare 'round the track :)
* SpikeSource: Simplifying open source adoption for the enterprise
* UK : Wanna buy & sell votes?
* Bloggers : WordPress lessons
* DIY : Media Player in under 20minutes
* Florida / Terri : GOP (state) Senator King worried about election '06 ... first Terri-blocker that is up for re-election ... also Terri'ish : New Age 'death movement' ... teaser for the next edition of "Whistleblower"
* Frank Perdue, dead @ 84
* Soccer : Still the sport of goons, thugs, miscreants
* Cel phones != Brain Tumor cause
* Internet GTLD (.pro) naming loophole ... ICANN powerless?
* NASA : Clarissa to help ISS crew
* Super explosive Sniffer
* Moon's sunny pole would make a great place for a base ... add lasers and we can have a 'death star'
* 180Solutions kills the Consortium of Anti-Spyware Technology vendors (COAST)

* New OOTS! ... tetherball into fireball, dispel, TPW, donkey-punch, Dad wins
* Condi Sorry for Calling N. Korea 'Outpost of Tyranny'
* True : Intel looking for Moore's Law, offering $10k for return
* Religious Humor ... found via Jody @ STB
* UF : Spammer gets justice
* Bra sizes, explained
* NAACP retools, wealth black now have rights too
* True : Speed limit sign hacked, reads "Speed limit 100 mph go go go" ... awesome! (as long as noone got hurt, that is)
* Congressional Pay Crisis

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