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* Tuesdays are always Kerry-180 day! ... Which means we should all take a sec to remember to remind Kerry to sign his 180! ... and take a look @ PoliPundit's Kerry-180 Counter ... :) ... and you can (should!) join the official blog-burst here!

* Global Warming : Forecasting clouded by .... clouds ... high clouds bad, low clouds good ... "The forcings that drive long-term climate change are not known with an accuracy sufficient to define future climate changes"
* Minuteman Project members setting off sensors ... well that is just too damn bad, isn't it? Perhaps if the govt was securing our borders the citizen wouldn't need to be out there? ... and Minuteman project members are heroes ... and passports to be required to re-enter US by 2008 ... that doesn't help with the current 'practically open borders' (run, dig, jump or swim)
* Iraq : 4 US GIs killed
* Kyrgyzstan : Kyrgyz Parliament fails to reach quorum ... the almost-former PM's resignation not accepted ... um, what do we do now?
* Angola : Marburg hemorrhagic fever death toll reaches 146 ... deadliest outbreak ever (of Marburg) ... relative of Ebola ... "After a five to 10 day incubation period, Marburg virus causes fever, muscle aches, vomiting and diarrhea amongst other symptoms. It can lead to bleeding and multiple organ failure"
* Amnesty International whines about the 'record breaking number of executions' ... why don't they focus on Sudan, or why didn't they help Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. ... hmm? (US is only #4 on the top execution list ... maybe we should work on that? (just kidding (mostly)) ... China is #1, with 3400 officially claimed (probably many more)
* Jacko : Former maid's son claims he was fondled ... also said Jacko stuffed $100 down my pants
* Pope : Cardinal older than 80yrs get not vote? ... oh, and another reason to dislike the French
* Tarheels win NCAA title ... I guess that is important to some people
* Oil : Following oil, gasoline sets record high ... and OPEC doesn't have much more capacity ... and Congress to look into US oil exporters ... and Greenspan : the Market will cool oil prices ... eventually ...
* Canada : CQ got slash-dotted! ... this is WRT "Adscam" / "Gomery Inquiry" from yesterday ... (He got Instalanched and slashdotted in a 24hr period, lucky SOB :P) ... and more here
* China : US may re-impose trade barriers!
* New Jersey + Connecticut : TOPOFF3 - $16M anti-terrorism drill underway ... meanwhile, portions of NJ are under 'state of emergency' due to flooding
* Peter Jennings has Lung Cancer ... developing ... that is never good.
* Useless Nations : Kofi addresses staff ... hmm, no I quit? Bummer.
* Bats don't like University of Florida students ... or maybe they like them too much?
* W snubs Carter for delegation ... aw, so sorry

* Mozilla 'memory exposure' bug ... well that is not so good!
* Ward Those little Eichmanns deserved to die Churchill : Some thoughts on CU's gross neglect in not firing this fraud ... "rank stupidity is not only tolerated, it is protected in the professorial class. This is like not being able to fire a bank teller for not knowing how to add and subtract, or a translator for having poor language skills, or a music critic for being tone deaf"
* NASA pondering cutting Voyager ... scrap ~28yr program to save paltry $4m/yr ... at a critical/interesting time! Don't do it!
* MSM, already afraid of Bloggers, now has to deal with Podcasters as well
* Auditor Security Collection ... direct link to DL ... brought to you by the fine folks at Remote Exploit ... speaking of which, here are some papers they have made available
* Google + homemade pr0n? ... speaking of Google - Google Maps is damn cool, and now they have the "satellite" option ... wanna see the area you are looking for? ... give it a shot, it found my office (and the directions were better than mapquest's!) ... and, more Google : Google + Yahoo = click fraud collusion?
* Sandy The Shredder Berger : He got his 'Get Out of Jail Free' card to prevent the destabilization of the federal government? ... and more Berger ('Burglar' - HA!) ... and more Berger ... let's (still) hope the judge throws out that pittance of a sentence ...
* Your mouth to get a light saber ... no more brushing?
* (Republicans in) Congress not quite getting the job done? ... "They can't actually accomplish anything, and that's the bad news, but the good news is that they keep on winning" ... "we expect to see a solution to the Senate filibuster on judicial appointments. Use the nuclear option or the Smith and Wesson option or the King David Slingshot option, but GET IT DONE. Failure is not an option" ... speaking of Judicial nominations : Jefferson's predictions of oligarchy have come true ... thanks for the tip, John!
* Jacko : Brando's camp for famous people to escape legal responsibility ... WTF? Luckily, "Judge Rodney Melville regarded Jackson as enough of a flight risk to impose a $3 million bail and demand that he surrender his passport" ... no island hopping for you!
* US (finally) going VOIP ... my work did, and it works pretty damned good.
* Scumbag : Father of serial killer selling DVDs of his son's confession ... that should not be permissible, and even if legal is still a despicable thing to do
* Black Hole or Black Energy?
* Teens ok with oral? ... "20% said they had engaged in oral sex ... 14% said they had had sexual intercourse. One-third also said they intended to have oral sex within the next six months" ... to which I have 2 responses : 1) Where were these girls when I was in 9th grade?? and 2)Not my daughter, until she is like 37 or something!
* Regulatory burden is the last straw, makes it better to be privately held vs. publicly traded?
* The downside of biometric security ... carjacker swipes car, finger
* Editing genes to remove diseased DNA?
* Libya : Not quite paradise ... especially if you have the terrible misfortune of being a Bulgarian nurse ... "For the first time in decades Westerners are free to travel to Libya. And Libya, as always, is free to keep them there"
* Home Buying Guide 2005
* This algae could kill you ... "the first time that unrelated species of cyanobacteria have been found to produce the same potentially hazardous substance" ... neurotoxin
* Robot Invasion : Meet Snakebot! ... and video here
* Seagate 160GB HDD = $50 ... 8MB buffer, 7200RPM, 5yr warranty (price is after $70 rebate, valid 04/3-9/05)
* Cisco pumping $750M into channel financing ... echoes of 'please buy our stuff' heard :P
* Economics : "Order generated without design can far outstrip plans men consciously contrive" ... "Hayek stated it uncompromisingly: 'There can be no deliberately planned substitutes for such a self-ordering process to the unknown,' i.e., no satisfactory substitute for capitalism. 'The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design'"
* Texas : FBI 'rushed' to denounce terrorism link in BP refinery blast?
* Another WiFi CAN-tenna
* 'Magnetic heat exchanger', no power required!
* Pope : Some thoughts on the Guardian's latest tripe ... "puts the limbo pole of editorial wisdom flat on the ground and still manages to wiggle under it"
* 'About half' of the extra-solar planetary systems could have an earth-like world
* Some thoughts on GPS ... background, performance,
* Extreme Gmail? ... and I have (LOTS of) invites!
* Another 'stock image' site
* Hitachi : '5TB HDDs and 60GB micro-drives'? ... where do I sign up?
* Aussies going BitTorrent ... wow, their TV is up to 8m (m is for months, not minutes) behind US?!
* Verizon Wireless to (finally) offer the Treo 650
* Spyware is all about making money ... unlike old-school virus authors who did it for 'fame & glory'
* JVC : single-sided, dual-layered DVD-RW
* Pulitzer Prize winners 2005 ... my overall response to which is 'blech' ... and some of them are downright disgraceful!
* The World Islands ... kinda cool, but I doubt I can afford to move in just yet
* Some thoughts on proofs ... QED
* Kurt Cobain, dead 11 years now ... suicide or homicide?
* Pope : "need some quote from supporter" ... in related news, NYT may be looking for an editor ...
* Tornadoes : when, where, why
* No more smokers' lung?
* 'Protest sites' get a win ... WIPO down, WIPO down ...
* Another shot at Krugman ... "Paul Krugman's latest column is a peripatetic tour of liberal fantasy land" ... "The scrotal-tightening horror of such a prophesy fills me with dread. Indeed, if this were an Airplane! movie, a giant spear would fly through the room and stick in the wall behind Lloyd Bridges for extra dramatic emphasis"
* Making quick work of hardware troubleshooting? ... quick != cheap (I remember using similar tools WAY back in the day on dekstops(ISA slot) :) )
* Chip improves vision, scientists can't explain why? ... no more 'retinitis pigmentosa'?
* A look inside Ann Coulter
* Cartoons make kids violent
* Colleges saving BIG$ with Open Source
* Dell 'server' for only $300? ... and by 'server' I mean desktop; no monitor & no OS ... but still - $300! (Deal ends Friday)
* YALL : Slax ... (YALL = 'Yet Another Live Linux' :) )
* Moon dust vs space-bases
* Great Tyrannies of the 20th century
* Boston : Big Dig = all wet?

* True : Computer History : MS vs Apple
* UF : More on EULAs
* CIA's source of prewar intelligence says Brad and Jen are staying together
* SMB was Pwn3d!
* Flash Game : Freaky Football
* eBaum's World moving over to Internet Mark 2 ... "A.I. Powered!"
* Cleveland Indians fans demand team take steroids
* The animals, they love cosmetics!
* Flash Game : Ushiro - stacking game
* True : Human breastfeeding tiger cubs
* True : SCA (our favorite three-people-in-one-blogger's-body) shares a scary, but terribly amusing(!), blind date story ... oh, the pain ... and he is (they are?) accepting YOUR submissions for 'worst date' stories!
* Open Source cologne ... "'GNUT,' or 'GNUT's Not Used in Toilets'"
* Gas stations to take limbs instead of cash ... "the price for a gallon of gas soared to over $200 ..."
* President of WNBA offers to testify before Congress; Congress replies: "Why?"
* Colin Powell misses wackiness of White House
* Baby : Tongue confirms artistic ability ... if that's the case, Riley is destined to be a great artist!
* Popeless world plunges into chaos
* True'ish : Oprah's next gimmick
* True : Bill Clinton + Natl Foundation for Infectious Diseases ... can't make this up!
* RFC : Morality in Routing

Quote of the Day
Lindsay: I have a gaydar, and your sending off a strong signal...
Dustin: Well, I have a whoredar...
thanks BASH!

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