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* Blogger is teh sux0r! (again) ... attempt to post = "java.lang.RuntimeException: can't load class com.google.blogger.base.User from database"
* It is Thursday, which in short means that you should go visit Stop the AntiCivilLibertiesUnion ... and help, well, Stop the ACLU :P ... today's focus is on their abhorrent track track in 'defending' our right (not just a privilege, but a right!) to own firearms. Go there, read ... sign up ... (more below, under 'Interesting')

* Terri'ish : The heart-rending story of Charlotte Wyatt ... "although Charlotte's doctors were completely wrong in their 'very considered judgment' about her impending death, and completely wrong in their 'very considered judgment' about the level of her disability, this time, they've got it right? Well, maybe third time's the charm when you're trying to kill off someone else's baby, eh?" ... it is NOT TOO LATE TO SAVE HER! ... and official site here!
* Iraq : Helicopter downed! ... condolences for the 11 killed (including 6 US contractors)
* Illegal Immigration : Arizona finds Sgt. Patrick Haab not guilty! ... legal citizens arrest!
* Dow surges up 200+! ... BE' stock still got beat on (see the pic / click the link at the end of this post) ... and Google's stock doing just fine!
* India : Train crash kills 24 ... condolences ... and here I was going to complain about the train problems in the DC area - Amtrak's Acela being shut down until summer due to brake problems, a CSX derailment causing certain MARC routes to use buses instead of trains, MARC & VRE having to run slower because it was too warm out (- and anyone wanna tell me why ~70-80 degrees causes problems?) ...
* Arkansas : "Mobile Home" (read : trailer) fire kills 6 ... condolences for those (includes 5 children)
* NYSE to merge with Archipelago ... "$400M deal will make world’s largest stock market for-profit company, speed push to electronic trading"
* Ecuador : -1 President ... (ex)President Lucio Gutierrez seeking asylum in Brazil ... "only the latest in a long history of political instability in Ecuador, where two other presidents have been forced from office since 1997. Gutierrez himself led the rebellion that toppled President Jamil Mahuad in 2000"
* Afghanistan : Karzai may ask for permanent US base ... and 12 insurgents killed
* Cali : Sex-abuse victims awarded ~$5.8M ... if other cases proceed and get that rate, the Catholic church will have serious $ problems
* UselessNations : More on the investigators that resigned ... "resigned because they believed a report that cleared Kofi Annan of meddling in the $64 billion operation was too soft on the secretary-general"
* Cali : Govenator back-peddles ... too bad, I liked his original statement! ... "I filmed four movies in Mexico, I love to go on vacation to Mexico. We have a great trade agreement with Mexico" - yeah, but what does ANY of that have to do with illegal immigrants flooding our country??
* Kuwait : Hasan Akbar, 34, guilty of murder - now faces a possible death penalty

* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : 'The ACLU and The Second Amendment' ... and they will sue school if students are not forced to watch gay tolerance video ... so I don't have the 'civil liberty' of choosing what I, or my family, do/don't watch? ... and speaking of the ACLU, I am sure they are furious over the Bible being used as a learning aid in public schools ... "Although the ACLU has declared the practice unconstitutional, the Bible is being used as a textbook in classes taught in 300 school districts nationwide" ... and while speaking of the Bible : Kansas holding hearings (ID vs Evolution) ... oh, and more ACLU fun here!
* Taxes : The IRS wants your input! ... applications due NLT April 29th and your input should include the words the Fair Tax ... :) ... and, just to get you riled up, here's a peak at some of the $80B+ "emergency supplemental" line items ... "$10 million for a library in Hawaii" ... "$500,000 for an oral history project at the University of Nevada" ... "$55 million for a waste-water treatment facility in Mississippi" ... the list of pork goes on! .. or how about this : homeland security grants = cash cows!? ... but hey, let's go back to the $81B bill that the Senate appears set to approve
* Israel : SCA brings us a little history lesson
* "Forced Hibernation" to save humanity?
* The not-so-nuclear option : Byrd "led the Democrats in championing majority rights when they had a majority" ... and now he is a active member in one of the most obstructionist movements ever seen in our govt ... "Senate Democratic leader Thomas Daschle and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy repeatedly demanded up-or-down majority votes on judicial nominations. Once Bush was elected, they crafted a filibuster strategy to block judicial nominees"
* Social inSecurity : Raising the social security wage cap would hurt small businesses ... and remember, there is 'no problem with the system', even if it is the luckiest Ponzi scheme ever developed / instituted ... and related issue in Illinois ... oh, and current system is discriminatory ... and one way to partially address this is through the use of Private Accounts!
* Oklahoma City bombing : NEIN's letter (.pdf) to Rohrbacher supporting additional investigation, based on information from The Third Terrorist ... and you can help by sending one as well!
* UselessNations : More thoughts on Bolton ... and what broader repercussions this may portend ... and yet more on Bolton ... "Conscience among the senator's colleagues on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee appears these days to be an abnormality" ... "The rudeness allegedly took place in Moscow, eleven years ago. There is no public record of the rudeness"
* Yankees will pay $30M+ 'luxury tax' ... that's why we need tax reform (need I say Fair Tax! again?)
* 'Prerelease Pirates' could receive jail time ... "the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act of 2005, which includes the Artists' Rights and Theft Prevention Act of 2005 or the ART Act, was crafted to sentence distributors of prerelease copies of films, songs or other works for up to three years. The bill also would permit companies like ClearPlay to edit films for language and content"
* Coulter, on Pies & Lies
* Global Warming : Arctic glaciers shrinking
* Illinois : 'Our Lady of the Underpass'? ... stole title from Drudge :P
* Woman tasered 15 times for checking out of a hotel 20 minutes late? ... let's find the truth, but if it is the way she presented it that is some gross abuse!
* Pope : 'There is one commitment of John Paul II's that should stand: Vatican recognition of Taiwan' ... and amusing responses to Ratzinger Benedict XVI
* Cosby in trouble?
* MS : We will virtualize Linux ... that is a course correction!
* Offshoring : How about 12miles offshore? ... SeaCode, floating hosting company ... interesting. Similar in concept (but not implementation) to SeaLand?
* Button Generator! ... buttons for sites, apps, etc.
* My voice is my password, chargify me? ... voice auth being added to credit cards ... "En-masse deployment of voice-verification technology could happen within a year"!
* NASA : May 15th launch delayed until atleast May 22nd
* Better Hurricane prediction
* 'Sony greenlights the gray market' ... selling virtual stuff for real money is A-OK!
* Babies equivalent to amoebas?
* Google : Launches 'My Search History' ... scary + interesting! ... I tend to agree with "If you need to keep track of your past searches, I recommend using a notebook. It would be a lot more private and a lot less risky"
* Jacko : More repulsive details, this time it involves Vaseline ... true or not, it is repulsive ... if true (or, more accurately - if perceived to be true (by the jury)) this is pretty damning
* (Notes on) Vint Cerf's ruminations WRT the Internet, and current/future challenges thereof ... "Interplanetary Internet: InterPlaNet (IPN). The flow control mechanism of TCP doesn't work well when the latency goes to 40 minutes" and "ICANN ain’t broke; don’t fix it"
* Pope : Religious politics ... and Tom rounds up a bunch o' news
* These ants set traps! ... "Allomerus decemarticulatus is a tiny tree-dwelling ant which lives in the forests of the northern Amazon" ... "this particular ant lived on only one plant - Hirtella physophora" ... "The ants are always hiding ... waiting with their mandibles open. When an insect arrives they immediately grab the legs and antennae" ... NICE!
* PSP as home control device
* MS : Windows Explorer hacks
* Recommended CISSP reading : CISSP for Dummies ... (recommended by one of my classmates, that is - certainly we both agree you should take the SANS Course first/as well!)
* Wanna be on TV for being yourself?
* Lefties : Soros to Phoenix Group - "Be Patient" ... we must watch them closely and not allow their collective $B's from buying our country ... and isn't the "Phoenix Group" (or -Foundation) the name of McGyver's employer? Dude - if they have McGyver we are toast! .. speaking of whacked out lefties, Democrats forming the 2nd Revolutionary Army? ... ah yes, the party of peace indeed!
* Vermont : Sen Jeffords to retire ... "Sanders (I-VT) has already signaled that he will run for Senate. He is a small-s socialist who is very popular in VT. He is somewhere between being a prohibitive favorite and being strongly favored to win. Our only chance is with moderate Governor Douglas and that will be an uphill fight"
* Drug smuggling is a Capital Offense! ... in Indonesia, Malaysia ... NICE! (The article focuses more on a possibly innocent woman being tried without adequate defense, but the part that really caught my eye was the death penalty part)
* Massachusetts : More Big Dig 'fun'!
* Brain Washing 101
* The mystery of Unpopped Popcorn has been solved ... whew, I am so relieved!

* RVB has sneak-peaks at new HALO2 levels! ... near the bottom! ... And, you are downloading (sponsoring?) and watching all RVBs, yes? (You'd better be - otherwise you are a shisno!)
* UF : It is all EMACS vs VI
* Flash : PimpMyRide#1 and PimpMyRide#1 ... both found via SMB! ... oh, and here is my pimped-out ride
* Sad? : UselessNations gets into gaming! 'Food Force' ... fricking 220+MB download!
* French troops hit the shore (audio + video) ... and I know, a little old - but still funny!
* Flash : Pelt the Pundits
* Man shoots car

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