Mauve Army of The Olsen Twins

Quick Thoughts
* Riley crawled up stair for the first time yesterday! And, she backed down the stairs the right way, first try, on her own! (She was following a cat, which is nowhere as cool as our dogs BTW) ((And, yes, this was all under supervision))
* Sorry, no late updates yesterday or early post today - I was 'out of pocket'. Today's excuse, aside from church, is that the wife and I ditched the baby with grandma and took a nice Sunday Drive (top still down, doors still off - and I have a slight sunburn to prove it!)
* Oh, and sometime in the recent past I cleared 20k visitors - Awesome! Keep coming back, and stuff.

* Earthquake : Sumatra, 6.8, no tsunami ... "followed by at least 10 aftershocks ranging up to magnitude 6.3"
* Mae Magouirk, ongoing murder : Mae out of hospice, receiving medical attention @ UAB ... not over yet, some are trying to get her back into the hospice so they can finish her off. Some have also voiced concern over her eye sight as her eyes were not lubricated for 10 days ... and RC still link farming & updating! (certainly spent more time on it this weekend than I have!) .. and SH drops some excellent comments (as always) ... and Kender shares ... "Who are we to decide, as fallible humans, who lives and dies?" ... and 'The contrarian edition, part 1' ... and 'The contrarian edition, part 2' ... and the Commissar not buying that she was being starved? ... or just wanting to verify facts, hard to tell - either way - after 10 days of possibly not being fed its not like we could wait a few more while fact finding (should always err on the side of life, yes?) ... and check out CURE (Citizens United Resisting Euthanasia) ... and Not Dead Yet
* Amsterdam - Mexico City flight blocked, returned ... 'undesirables onboard'
* Iraq : Multiple abductions! ... murders ... condolences & prayers!
* China : Anti-Japan protest ... I am thinking China's govt didn't squash this protest ... ?
* DC : Not spending DHS funds ... $120M (of $145M) unused! ... and they were complaining about paying for the inauguration??
* Colorado : Blizzard! ... 1-3'! In April!

* Pope : Secular left pitching a fit over flags being lowered to half-staff
* Web, Email and FTP server all in a USB fob!
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : We are "wholly nonpartisan" ... "History, and the facts, seem to say otherwise"
* Iraq : Baghdad, +2 years
* Adscam'ish : Just the tip of the iceberg?
* Santorum : DeLay needs t provide some answers
* Real Alternative ... play Real Audio files, without the Real client (it an old Windows Media Player, with the Real codecs included) ... direct link to DL
* Find out how much of your info is online ... background check costs $ ... if you try it, let me know how thorough the info is :)
* PSP Torrents ... have a PSP, and wanna watch movies without having to convert them yourself? Here you go (limited selection so far)
* Business / Professional Blogs
* Glossary of Computer Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms
* " women who smoke while pregnant are putting their grandchildren as well as their children at risk"
* France vs EU ... HAHAHHA!
* Citizen Soldier shows a brief lesson on morals ... and Part 2 - why/how Liberals fall into Communism

* RVB#54 available, atleast for sponsors!
* True : Byrd gets a statue! ... aren't you supposed to be dead before you do that? Ridiculous and repulsive, your govt at work.
* New ALP! ... "I don't even have a middle finger"
* storTroopers!

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