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Quick Thoughts
* CISSP class, day 1 ... limited posting, atleast until tonight (lunch break - I am totally here!) (evening - all here again!)
* It is Thursday, which in short means that you should go visit Stop the AntiCivilLibertiesUnion ... and help, well, Stop the ACLU :P ... today's focus is on their history, and even more specifically - on its founder Roger Baldwin, and some the other early members of his cadre. Shh, but the not so secret word is Communists.
* Also, since I am not posting much today (atleast until this evening!) you can spend the time you might normally have spent here over at The Wide Awakes ... clicking the the ACLU pic below will get you there as well!

* 10k wanted criminal rounded-up! ... sweet! ... "Operation Falcon"
* Dow, Nasdaq, S&P500 Hit New '05 Lows ... Dow down 125 ... doh! ... 'Looks like I picked a bad week to stop sniffing glue'
* Vietnam : As if AIDS and the Avian Flu (H5N1) aren't bad enough on their own, how about this 21yr old having both? ... flu count up to 68 total, with 36 killed ... prayers and condolences, where appropriate ... wow, and H51N found in pigs in Indonesia
* Iraq : American hostage ...prayers for Jeffrey Ake ... meanwhile Car bomb kills 18 ... condolences and prayers for them as well
* New York : GIs busted for X (ecstasy)
* Pope : Sainthood? ... I am not Catholic so dunno what all the "prereq's" are, but seems like a fitting tribute to me!
* Cali + Florida : 2 Missing girls (separate cases)
* Oil : Smells like below $50 ... again, the 'right' price is closer to $35 ...
* Texas : David Chalmers Jr = Oil kickbacks to Iraq ... more UselessNations' OFFF (Oil Ford Food Fiasco) fallout
* Baseball back in DC ... W throws out the opening pitch
* California : Metal clamp flies off truck, hits van, kills two ... anytime could be your time ... condolences
* EU may not include France ... in best Cartman impersonation, ha ha ha HA ha haaaa

* Useful dead technologies ... "some very good technologies have been allowed to die, usually being replaced by something vastly inferior and sometimes not being replaced at all"
* 10 things not to do with a SQL server ... Hi Jason!
* Sgrena lied
* UK : PreWiMax @ 100mph! ... I want it, I want it ...
* Execution by injection not painless?
* Thoughts on Smart Homes ... which might want to include a smart alarm clock ... "measures your sleep cycle, and waits for you to be in your lightest phase of sleep before rousing you. Its makers say that should ensure you wake up feeling refreshed every morning."
* Why everyone should use Firefox ... Sorry RCat :P
* Google Video TOS : a recipe for disaster
* Responses to Krugman's thoughts on US healthcare system ... "up to his socialized-medicine-advocacy ways again"
* Horse cloned
* NASA : Robotic Arm ballet?
* Social inSecurity : More thoughts
* Eric Rudolph, convicted murder, writes a manifesto ... he is the douche who bombed the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and also attacked two abortion clinics and a gay nightclub. All around good guy, class act. Editorial question - did he "pleaded" or "pled" ... ? Ah, nevermind : they are both correct (Thanks Google)
* Dems venting powerless rage?
* Cool : MP3 / 256MB / FM Tuner / Thumb Drive / MP3 Player / Email Client? ... hey add a Cel Phone (+ Bluetooth headset), and make it a good MP3 player (apparently it needs work) and you are good to go. GPS & camera would be good additions. Not asking for too much, am I? ... or maybe you should just go with iRiver? ... or try 'unlimited memory' ... no built in memory, but SD slot makes it nice!
* Disengagement : Strange things afoot in Israel?
* XBOX2 : 512MB RAM
* DIY : Make a Net Boot Disk
* DNA can be used to map your family tree ... back about 45k years!
* ICMP bug causing quite a stir ... Symantec also warning about unusually large volumes of UDP/500 (ISAKMP) traffic ... make sure your IPSec devices are patched!
* Frozen += 1 hot (spot) ... WiFi, not 'Global Warming'
* Car-based Infotainment
* Flash : Test your senses ... I got 9 out of 10, missed the White Chocolate one (as there is no way to make it taste good)
* 'Ionic Breeze' can cause lung damage? ... um, I have 2 .. that is not good! Although I must say - they do work; they pull a lot of dust out of the air at my house! (probably not worth risking my family's lungs over)
* Florida : Man's "rural lifestyle" costs state ~$5M ... eminent domain buyout
* Maytag recalls 63k vacuum cleaners ... not because they don't suck ... or maybe because they do suck ... pick one
* DeLay : Detractors make a few, (cough) minuscule assumptions
* Comcast sucks ... follow-up on their poopoo DNS
* Intro to Rails ... database-driven webframework

* Complaint Generator
* True : Chris Klein (American Pie) +1 DUI ... in Feb, and noone noticed?

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