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* I got to drive to work with the Jeep's top down, doors off ... wide-open ... first time this year! The only way to commute, I am tellin' ya' ... w00t! ... Speaking of top down : I want this .. anyone wanna buy me the 2005 Mustang Convertible GT (manual transmission, please)? (plus, then mine will have more giddy-up than CHolup's non-convertible non-GT non-Manual '05 Mustang :P ) ... naturally, it is raining tonight so door/top back on ...
* Today is Thursday - that means it is "Stop the ACLU" day! ... My topic of choice is the horrendously anti-Christian stance of the Anti-Civil Liberties Union ... and, you should read Kender vs the ACLU - 'too many atheist religious symbols around here - they should be sued' ... Excellent!

* Using Gene Therapy to age cancer cells! more here ... "We are the first to confirm the fact that cancer cells stop growing and start aging and eventually die when the gene ‘MKRN1’ is injected into them"
* Pope : No pope for you ... lines closed; expected wait reaches 24 hours!
* Sweden : Two Iraqi's nabbed for (allegedly) slipping cash to al Zarqawi
* Weather : Mississippi takes a beating
* Kashmir : 'Peace bus' attacked ... "The first bus service across disputed Kashmir in nearly 60 years came under fire minutes after it started its journey ... by a rifle grenade that fell short and caused no damage" ... "Also along the route ... found and defused a roadside bomb"
* NASA : Shuttle on pad, ready for launch 'any minute' ... and in NASA-speak, any minute means anytime after May 15th :) ... and more here
* Police HDD (+info) sold on eBay ... cannot overstate how important it is for 'data disposal' to be handled properly!
* Greenspan takes a swipe at Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae ... 'reign them in'
*People's Republic of Washington State : Gubernatorial election fraud lawsuit goes to trial May 23rd ... "illegal votes and numerous errors by election workers resulted in an illegitimate victory for Democrat Christine Gregoire. Rossi won two statewide counts after the Nov. 2 general election, but following a hand recount Gregoire was declared the winner by a margin of 129" ... are we about to unsteal the election? That would be sweet!
* Oil : Price drops $2+ ... hey, only needs to drop $19 more to be 'right-priced'
* Jacko : Guard saw 'sex acts'
* 50% of sexually active teens will contract STD before 25!
* Texas : High School Football Coach shot

* Terri'ish : 'Talking Points' memo resolved - and it was a Republican's staffer that did it ... that staffer is no longer employed by Mel Martinez (R-Fla.) ... WHOOPS!
* More on recent Firefox 'memory exposure' bug ... and (reminder) you can DL Firefox 1.0.3rc here
* Print me a new bone ... 'ink jet' that spray living tissue
* Useless Nations : WHO needs reform ... "The big losers if the WHO is successful will, of course, be the world's poor -- the same victims of WHO blunders in fighting HIV/AIDS and malaria."
* Robo-Valet ... "automated parking system that racks and stacks cars in less space than a conventional parking garage", and gee-whiz-neato!
* Social inSecurity : W visits the 'trust fund' ... which is just a filing cabinet in West Virginia ... which contains nothing more than "($1.76 trillion worth of special-issue) U.S. Treasury bonds. Each of these, 225 pieces of paper in all, is contained in one of two white, loose-leaf notebooks that hold plastic page covers. Despite the protective plastic, these certificates have no more financial value than the ink with which they are printed" ... what Social inSecurity crisis? (and check the Flash near the top of yesterday's NIF!)
* Republican senator John Danforth confuses the Religious - Political relationship within the GOP
* Sony going into brain manipulation ... enter the Matrix ... "movies and computer games in which you get to smell, taste and perhaps even feel things" ... naturally, the pr0n industry will make an absolute KILLING! ... more here
* The EU has its own Little USSR. It's called France ... no Bolkestein directive, and no easier-trade for tsunami ravaged countries ... the phrase (cough) 'compassionate paradise' comes to mind
* "First extra-solar planet" (circling GQ Lup) is probably just another dumb brown dwarf
* SW to defeat Wardriving?
* Reversible Thermoelectric Nanomaterials ... "Electricity can be generated from heat differentials across materials; historically, applications of this thermoelectric effect has been terribly inefficient, generally working at about 15% of maximum possible efficiency (the so-called Carnot limit). In a paper published in Physics Review Letters (PDF), Humphery and Linke have shown that specially structured nanomaterials can operate at much higher efficiency, perhaps even right up to the Carnot limit."
* Thoughts / observations about Garageband.com
* Resources 2/3's gone? Hardly! ... "The only hope for the planet is to get more of it to operate on the principles of the market, and individual choice"
* "Beware of lending your ears to the treacherous speech of the philosophy of this age which leads to death" ... "Since they can't get away with imprisoning popes anymore -- though a group of Dutch liberals did try to prosecute Pope John Paul II, declaring him a criminal for having violated a "hate crimes" code (he had simply reiterated the Church's teaching that homosexual behavior is sinful) -- they are reduced to controlling popes through media propaganda and pressure, which at the moment means mau-mauing timid or heretical churchmen into naming a liberal one."
* Windows in an Open Source World?
* Toothless skull : sign of early human compassion ... or he just ate lots of veggies :)
* 9/11 : The towers fell due to faulty / failing fireproofing ... "Even with the aeroplane impact and jet-fuel-ignited multi-floor fires - which are not normal building fires - the buildings would likely not have collapsed had it not been for the fireproofing that had been dislodged" ... not that this is any comfort to the families of those lost, but perhaps new construction will take this (and the 'need more staircases') into account? (And is there a way to retrofit existing structures?(without being prohibitively expensive?))
* Harvard America ... "The whole thing seemed oddly appropriate; lost, wandering around Harvard unable to get to where I wanted to be. Make Harvard America, me a liberal Democrat and the mysterious conference building the White House and you've got yourself a metaphor."
* Smoking - always bad, but it can slash your IVF chances as well
* EU : Lisbon downsized, thin about their medication-information policy ... "If an executive of a research-based pharmaceutical company gives direct information to patient, he might even be jailed for it"
* ST3200822A-RK 200 GB ATA Internal Hard Drive = $86.99 (after mail-in rebate)
* Some thoughts on 527 Reform; and the fairly limited impact they had? ... I disagree; I think they had a noticeable impact and that impact will only grow as they refine their techniques (for better (SBVFT) or worse(MoveOn)) ... kinda related to the McCain-Feingold Insurrection ... :)
* NASA : WorldWind ... and look, they support BitTorrent downloads! ... speaking of BitTorrent : YOU can help support it here!
* Reminder : WinXPsp2 auto-rollout will be happening April 12th
* IBM + NetApp vs EMC
* Use RSS!
* Merck : Cervical vaccine works (in trial)
* MS : Glitch Offers Peek at Windows Update 6
* Torvalds to use closed-source code management tool for Linux development? ... WTF?
* Infineon intros 2GB notebook RAM ... and "hints to 1GB graphic cards"
* "Hot" Zip codes ... interesting / confusing that I don't see VA on there; I know my house has doubled in the ~3 years I've owned it ... (and I know of others, who don't live in the ghetto like me, whose houses have nearly quadrupled(!) in ~5 years)
* Dell going strong, buying back stock
* Desktop-sized 3D printer
* Over-regulation bad ... "The solution is that the SEC needs to do their job"
* DNA Assessments? ... "the bill -- which typically isn't covered by insurance -- could be $400 or more"
* UK : Grace scary woman Jones attacks train conductor
* Getting screwed by "email blacklists" (MAPS, or other RBLs)? You are not alone!
* A day in the life of a real Verizon Wireless test man ... "Can you hear me now?" ... and check out his expensive station wagon!
* IPTV - on hold?
* WASP : "Micro Air Vehicle (MAV)" ... 2 cameras, GPS ... neat!
* Comcast + TiVo ... commercial swapping built-in?
*Some excellent mini-collections of quotes : Part 3 ... Part 2 ... Part 1 (the actual order is irrelevant)
* USMC Reservist vs Agilent ... and, by the way : the marine wins ... $500k is decent severance :)
* Tech sector slowing?
* In media we trust
* Congress to extend DST? ... we should either do away with it altogether or make it permanent (effectively doing away with it but shifting the US 1 step closer to GMT)
* Aircraft travel spreads disease
* High-tech speed trap ... cameras communicate with each other
* What is your name in Japanese?
* Firefox users : Firetune updated! ... sweet little tweaker that makes this already fast browser even faster!
* Now that GoogleMaps does the satellite thing, let's go sightseeing! ... say Hi to Dave (who apparently has too much land and too much free time!)
* Meet the new Walkman ... "ultra-compact" ... "20GB HDD" ... "cutting edge design"

* True : Call in a fake bomb threat = 5yrs in jail ... "admitted making the false threat because of a dispute involving money allegedly owed to him by a former girlfriend" - maybe I am just dense, but WHAT IS THE CONNECTION?? ... what a stupid thing to do ... buh-bye!
* UF : More EULA fun

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