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Quick Thoughts
* CISSP class day 4; yet more limited blogation!
* It is Wictory Wednesday! ... last week's cause was the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), and you can read more (& join WW) here ... you should also go read up on THE FAIR TAX, which has been (re)introduced as a bill! (H.R. 25) "will repeal all corporate and individual income taxes, payroll taxes, self-employment taxes, capital gains taxes, estate taxes and gift taxes – and replace it with a revenue-neutral personal consumption tax" ... as an added bonus, you can think about Social inSecurity a little bit as well :
* Iraq : 3 GIs die in Ramadi 'rocket attack' ... including Sgt. Tromaine K. Toy Sr., 24, of Eastville, Virginia ... condolences for all 3 of them!
* UselessNations : Korean national to testify against Kofi in the Oil For Food Fiasco ... and don't forget the indictments of these 3 ... and investigators resign ... no MSM attention?
* Iraq : 60+ bodies found in river ... wow, and condolences ...
* Tennessee : Hepatitis outbreak requires 5k people to get vaccinated!
* Pope : Cardinal RatzingerPope Benedictine XVI fulfills 'Glory of the Olive' prophecy? ... and if these prophecies are to be believed we have only one more Pope to go, "Petrus Romanus" ... and (then-)Ratzinger intervened against Kerry ... "ordering bishops to deny communion to abortion rights supporters" ... good! ... and Gay Group not too happy ... basically, they are whining that Cardinal RatzingerPope Benedictine XVI will actually continue to follow religious law/doctrine and not break the rules for them. So sad ... and Libs not too happy with Benedictine XVI? ... "Pope Hitler" and other ludicrous ad hominem attacks
* Zarqawi poses a nuclear threat? ... but remember, Iraq is not central to the war on terror. Nope, no terrorists there. And Saddam was a swell dude, just misunderstood. Riiiight.
* Cali : Govenator says "Close the borders" ... good man! My thoughts exactly. A nation that cannot secure her border is not secure!
* Iraq : Security forces free hostages in raid
* Spain : Adolfo Scilingo, 58yr old Argentine, sentenced to 640yrs in prison for War Crimes ... "21 years in prison for each of the 30 people thrown from planes" ... +5yrs for torture and +5yrs for illegal detention
* Florida : Lunsford Act passes ... too late for little Jessica, but I am glad someone is finally doing something about sexual predators - the current system is obviously failing us / our children. Now if only every state would pass such a bill - call you local legislators! In Florida they have now "set a mandatory sentence of 25 years to life in prison for people convicted of molesting children under 12. If offenders serve less than life, they would be required to wear a global positioning system device after their release" ... Personally, I would go a half-step further and just vote for the mandatory life sentence ... (if not worse!)
* Israel : 'Majority support disengagement' ... I tend to disagree, and recommend everyone spend a few minutes at EFSI
* Rice : "Putin has too much power"
* Dow takes a beating! (down ~115 today, to 10,012)

* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Getting desperate, actually helping illegals avoid the Minutemen, and token up? ... and tomorrow is StopTheACLUDay! ... speaking of the Minutemen, Time for a military solution to border control
* Soldiers' Angels ... you can help the members of our military know they are loved & respected, and that we are grateful for their service!
* Teens want InfoSec training ... excellent! Proper, secure thinking in today's youth = a more secure future! ... speaking of security, there is a new SOBER variant making the rounds
* Columbine, 6yrs later
* Apply the Adam-sizer! ... found via Decision08 ... and in that vein, my visitor count ~219006153900!!
* Small town Jihad ... thanks to NEIN!
x* DeLay : Blasts SCOTUS' Kennedy ... "We've got Justice Kennedy writing decisions based upon international law, not the Constitution of the United States? That's just outrageous" ... AMEN to that! What Kennedy did / said is borderline criminal, and ethically abhorrent.
* No Pentaquark for you!
* RePost : 'If the (entire)EU was treated as a single American state, it would rank fifth from the bottom' in terms of GDP' ... reposting because there have been some interesting comments ... (some by me)
* Windows CLI, A-Z
* Microsoft patents 911?
* "The more efficient our technology, the more energy we consume" ... "How many Americans know that the U.S. is the world's largest energy producer? We rank number 11 in oil reserves, sixth in natural gas and first in coal. In 1979, we were told that the U.S. had only 30 billion barrels of natural gas left in the ground and that we'd run out by the 1990s ... we have pumped out 67 billion barrels ... reserves remain. The oil is there. The obstacles to putting it to use are strictly political" (emphasis added)
* NASA : 'Mars Could be Biologically Alive' ... and Mars' ancient poles / equator have been found ... meanwhile, Opportunity (the rover) is having some wheel problems
* Turing's Machine tested ... and blogged!
* Google : Taking on MS? ... and GMail getting feed-reading capability ... and More Google hacks! ... and More on Google Maps ... 'stand alone' 'version'! ...
* Next gen x11
* How To : Use EVDO to make a mobile WiFi hotspot ... awesome! Charlie, send me that darn card! ... and more EVDO-action here, and thoughts on EVDO vs Municipal WiFi
* GM, having lost $1.1B last quarter, is going to steal from the future to save its present? ... up to $6B in cash, such a tempting purse, no?
* 'Why Diamonds are Like Greenhouse Gases'
* Anti-P2P tool!?
* How To : Host a LAN party!
* Olympic shenanigans ... "New York and London ... promised subsidies, free marketing and other benefits to international sports federations and national Olympic committees."
* More WiMax hope! ... forget the 'rural broadband gap', I just want good, fast, cheap wireless for my (suburban area) house! :P
* The 'fine-structure constant' not so constant? ... 'only' constant for ~7B years ...
* Podcasting as study aid ... intellectual property issues aside, I can see how this would be incredibly helpful! ... follow a link form that link, and see the "iPod therefore I am" comic :P
* Transplant cures Diabetes (type 1)
* RIM teaming with MS, IBM? ... even as MS is working on a 'BlackBerry killer' ... I am surprised noone has snapped-up RIM ...
* China - Japan; why all the fuss? Think 'The Rape of Nanking'
* 'Yahoo! growth! slows!' ... reg's comment - "Profit almost as large as CEO's bank balance" ... HAHAHHA; well not so funny if you are a shareholder, I guess ...
* XBOX'ish : Doom 3 released for XBOX, and DOOM3 expansion released for PC
* Iceberg goes bump in the night ... "collision of the century - between the B15-A iceberg and the Drygalski ice tongue"
* Another problem with AdSense ... above and beyond their draconian policies, or the left-leaning slant of Google in general ...
* Some thoughts on Health Care in the US ... "Why does the United States spend so much more than other countries on health care? My conjecture is that Americans undergo more routine diagnostic procedures -- MRI's, fetal ultrasounds, colonoscopies, mammograms, etc.--than people in other countries. We have the personnel and the facilities to undertake such routine screenings. In other countries, where the availability of medical procedures depends on government policy, diagnostic tools are more carefully rationed." - read : socialized health care blows chunks
* Human beings, the parasite (portrays an unborn baby as a parasite!)
* Can a man talk about 'equal pay'?
* WiPhishing
* Robotic dental drill?
* 512MB DDR RAM for $29.99 (MIR)
* All freeware, all the time
* Govt can't conserve ... sadly, that is proving to be true - it all comes down to how slow we increase the spending and what spending is prioritized. I wish the slow increases were not the case, but I truly hope that the correct priorities are chosen!
* Mary Jane Mamangon is nailed to a cross in her portrayal of Jesus Christ

* New OOTS ... your approval fills me with shame, a very close parallel to "I thought I was right, until Mike agreed" :)
* Did I mention that RVB#54 is out?
* True : 'Foam Party' spreads rash ... "they discovered rashes, burning, and itching—one student on his genitals" ... that'll put a damper on your partying!
* ALP : Preston has a near-death experience!
* Stupid : You have the power to make me cut off my thumb?
* Child Rental Service
* The Planetary Conference Of Shanti-Chanting Skeletons
* Rent-A-___ What??
* True : Attempted romantic tryst caused fire ... see, I knew no good could come from 'romance' ... and don't even try to blame the alcohol! ... The very not funny part is that the fire ended up killing 24 people (including 11 children) in the Parisian hotel in which it occurred (again, condolences for all those lost and prayers for those still in the hospital)
* WTW : Zeke shares!

Message of the Day
Dear friend,
I have just signed a national petition calling for lawmakers to lift the gag order that has been silencing our religious leaders and houses of worship for decades.
Fearing IRS retribution if they speak freely to their congregations, many religious leaders sit in silence.
However, the Houses of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act (H.R. 235) seeks to right this terrible wrong by restoring free speech to our churches and synagogues.
I am asking you to support this legislation by adding your name to a national petition. Click here to sign:
Over the next 60 days, we hope to rally 100,000 grassroots citizens who want this "gag order" lifted from our nation's pulpits.
Thank you for taking fast action with me.
thanks CFRA!

Quote of the Day
"The soul of man is the candle of the Lord, seeking all the chambers of the belly. Kindness and truth established the king, and he bolsters with kindness his throne."
thanks Solomon, quote found atSpectator.Org (includes some excellent thoughts on 'life, itself' ... go read it)

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