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* Tuesdays are always Kerry-180 day! ... Which means we should all take a sec to remember to remind Kerry to sign his 180! ... and take a look @ PoliPundit's Kerry-180 Counter ... :) ... and you can (should!) join the official blog-burst here!

* ID Theft : Lexis Nexis hit (again) ... ~300K records feared stolen (last time it was closer to 30k)
* Iraq : Rumsfeld makes a visit
* Earthquake : Hong Kong, 6.6
* Hasan Akbar pleads mental problems ... probably not true, and shouldn't matter - murder is murder, and treason is treason
* India : Opens dam to make more power, ensuing flood kills 65 ... dozens still missing
* UselessNations : Bolton should be confirmed ... "Bolton's criticisms of the U.N. have been amply vindicated by the series of disasters and scandals — from Oil-for-Food to sex abuse in the Congo — that have tarred the institution recently. Even Kofi Annan now pays lip service at least to the idea that the U.N. needs a thorough overhaul, which is a kind of implicit concession that Bolton was right in those prior critiques that his opponents now use against him. Second, a theme of Bolton's work has always been that the U.N. needs U.S. leadership to work effectively. As ambassador to the U.N. he will be in a perfect position to help carry out the sort of leadership he has written about. And not a moment too soon." ... and, while grilling Bolton, did Kerry blow CIA Agent's cover? (with an assist from Lugar (R-Ind))
* Florida : HatfieldsSoliz vs McCoysOrtiz ... 'Romeo and Juliet' firefight
* Arena Football : Al Lucas dies making tackle ... condolences to his wife, child and rest of his family (& team-members)
* Angola : Marburg outbreak to worsen, due to fear + ignorance .. afraid of the 'spacesuits', victims are not being reported / transported to help; WHO relief efforts halted due to rocks being thrown, etc.
* Illegal Immigration : DHS to fly illegals out of the country? ... and More on the Minutemen ... and why is the Mexican govt doing more to help their citizens get into out country than our government is doing to keep them out? ... and Illegals cost Texas $4.7B/yr ... and Canada still an open-sieve ... a nation that cannot secure her borders is not secure!
* Oil : Nigeria not willing to raise production if oil is less than $55 ... not to be impolite, but they can eat one - oil belongs closer to $35 and this just emphasizes why the US needs to lessen our dependency on foreign oil (and stop exporting our oil!)
* New York : No Death Penalty ... so sad; as Basil put it - "Bin Laden to serve life sentence if tried, convicted"

* Mapping GoogleNews ... be sure to check out BuzzTracker ... sweet! ... speaking of mapping and Google : CraigsList Housing + GoogleMaps .. excellent bolt-on ... found via SlackerManager
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : Taking on the By Scouts, again ... I know, a big early for Thursday's burst ... but I am sure in 2-3 days there will be enough new reasons to host a diatribe against them
* MS : May 12th - XBOX2 on display ... ""MTV Presents: The Next Generation XBOX Revealed""
* China + India to rule the tech world? ... from the comments : "The avg developer makes 90-110K here…the avg in India is 18k" ... it is damned hard to compete with that rate, on $s alone ...
* BotV93 @ Beth's MVRWC ... quite a round-up!
* Some thoughts on Computer Forensics
* Employer's rights?
* Laptops getting fuel cells
* QuickZip ... free, scriptable, ad-free alt. to other *zip tools
* Tired of Judicial Activism? ... let the world know!
* College : Prospective students starting to shun 'extreme' universities? ... excellent!
* Florida : Thoughts on the updated self-defense law (the bill is just awaiting Jeb's signature)
* Living ______ ... documents, religions, words, etc.
* MS : Magneto vs BlackBerry ... the battle over mobile email
* Israel : Hizbollah flies drone over northern Israel
* NRO hits the finance boards ... "Despite their silliness and the worthlessness of their advice, there are several useful life lessons one can learn from the boards"
* The real way to succeed (via failure) in the US? ... sad but (often) true ...
* Gen X, Gen Y - religion a la carte? ... not a good sign ...
* Sun's 'Becky Boxes' details emerging
* 'SOXing It to Small Businesses' ... "It's now beyond dispute that Sarbanes-Oxley has imposed a much higher regulatory burden on US public corporations than the law's sponsors ever imagined. It's also beyond dispute that those costs are disproportionately borne by small business" ... "some companies will incur 20,000 staff hours to comply with Section 404, something the SEC estimated would take only 383 staff hours" ... and this is why some companies are going private
* 'How I learned to assume the worst for Social inSecurity and despise the AARP'
* OAS doing it best impersonation of the UNa rudderless ship
* Sudan + $.26B in pledges ... $1-2 of that is from the stingy US, with the little condition that they quit committing genocide
* Berger : A few thoughts on Berger's wrist getting viscously slapped
* Fox News going radio? ... sweet!
* Satellite, fixes other satellites ... well. not quite yet ... but I smell a takeover of the world by the robotic overlords coming ... :P ... More Proof of imminent robo-takeover : self-assembling machines! ... more proof : Using lasers to remotely stimulate neurons, creating movement! ... orbital mind control satellites next! ... :)
* Moore : A few thoughts on Moore's Fable (aka Fahrenheit 9/11) ... and SH comments on Moore's Fable here ... and go buy / read VLWC
* Some GOP members 'acting ahistorically'? ... 'notably Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and ... Baker (Louisiana) seek to reverse course -- toward a narrower, not wider, distribution of property' ... "The issue is the proposed transformation of the ... Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac"
* Nuclear Power : Not so safe when the plant is just dumping its waste
* Mass Extinction Event 450M years ago ... caused by gamma ray burst from exploding star ... Hmm, dunno if there is any way to save us from that type of event - atleast a meteor we can try something (probably futile, but makes us feel good to try)
* DeLay : The truth ... "The very fact that the Mainstream Media are so desperately struggling to smear Tom DeLay is proof positive of what a good job he is doing at leveling the electoral playing field." ... and Democrats, envious of all of the press DeLay is getting, decide to have an even bigger morass ... much to their disappointment, the MSM refuses to comment ... what media bias?
* Global Warming : Kyoto's science questioned
* Colliding galaxies, inter-galactic homebuilders
* Jacko : Mother of '93 victim "testified Monday that she allowed her son to start spending nights alone with the pop star after a sobbing Jackson pleaded with her to let them sleep together" ... and then she let him ... if that is all true, there are two people at fault in that equation - Jackson for being weird/sick and the mother for saying yes! What kind of parenting is that??
* Linus going closed source?
* Pope : Acknowledges his own mixed legacy, but tries to bring the Pope down to his level ... "Thankfully for the Catholic Church, the Bill Clintons and Bill O'Reillys of the world will not be in the Sistine Chapel choosing a successor to St. Peter. That job belongs to the Church's College of Cardinals, men who, one hopes, have a better grasp of clergy statistics and a more universal picture of the Catholic Church" ... (although I regard Mr. O'Reilly highly and agree with a few of his relevant points)
* Pocket Cell Phone Jammer
* Faster DNA sequencing ... color coded using dye ...
* Coulter : 'The Purpose Driven Left' ... "At least before he killed again, the dangerous fugitive would have warm feelings toward homosexuals"
* Wanna see GhostRider's 'Hellcycle'? ... Sony ... "Superhero Hype"
* Project ELT moving forward ... ELT = Extremely Large Telescope; to be ground-based but still more powerful than (aging) Hubble
* India : Elephant goes wild, kills 2
* Cartoon Fridge : streaming cartoons!? (requires WinAmp) ... and not working just yet in Firefox, any ideas?
* Miss NC is now Miss USA
* An example of why the music industry sucks ... Fiona Apple's situation with Sony, and how BitTorrent is changing things :)
* WiMax standards continue to be a broken situation
* Some Dems begrudgingly give W some credit
* Firefox : Demystifying about:config
* Browser Forensics
* History of perpetual motion / energy schemesmachines
* MJ doesn't care about Adscam
* Dirtypillows?
* Jawa looks at, and drools over, Bail Ling ... I suspect John approves?
* Adscam : "The most beautifully constructed, elegantly conceived, political scandal I've ever seen" ... dunno how I missed SH's Adscam post awhile back, as always - worth a read! (even though the event is nearing terminus)

* True : 'Patton's ghost', on terror, atrocities and frat pranks
* Rumsfeld encouraged by Iraqis chanting ‘You go, America!’
* Butt Kickery required
* Flash Game : MiniTrack ... make the jumps, scores points ... I got ~14.5k
* (language) :... "IRC is a cesspool of e-misfits" ... funny IRC rap ...
* Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity - In Words of Four Letters or Less
* Ariel Sharon New Miss Texas
* Define bachelor
* John Edwards threatens to channel Schiavo ... "Says Dems Will 'raise Christopher Reeve from dead' to defeat GOP in midterms"
* True : Cat Litter Cake ... "If you can take the look of it, it really tastes good and Kids LOVE it"
* Flash : IconWars!
* A quick stab at Puppy Blender ... long live puppy blender!
* Pelosi loves Texas?
* True : "Gentlemen....your womans friends know details about your sex life that you wouldn't scrawl in crayon in gibberish to an illiterate anonymous therapist in another galaxy." ...secrets of the sisterhood

Quotes of the Day
The important thing concerning Mae, IMO, is that she should have been in a hospital getting treatment and not in a hospice.
thanks EA!

Don't pursue happiness; pursue excellence.
thanks Flightpundit!

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