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* Saudi : 7 suspected terrorists killed
* Oil : Sets new record, again ... $57.79 ... other : OPEC says they will try to raise production in May (but they don't have a whole lot of spare capacity) ... kinda related : ChevronTexaco to buy Unocal ($16.4B) ... now all we need is ExxonMobil to buy ChevronTexacoUnocal to make ExxonMobilChevronTexacoUnocal! :)
* Pope : More on John Paul II, a great man who will never be forgotten ... and criticisms coming forth? ... isn't it poor taste to criticize the just-deceased? Perhaps waiting more than 2 days would be more appropriate?
* 'Minuteman' project yields first results ... 18 illegals caught ... keep up the good work! ... and Apparently having no interest in helping keep the US safe, the ACLUseless is fighting the Minuteman project
* 'Real ID' caught in legislative limbo
* MS recruiting black / gray hats ... "Can you tell me what \x90\x90\x90\x90\x90\x90\x90\x90 is?"
* Terri : Remains cremated
* Bush to meet Yushchenko
* Canada stifling free speech? ... "a Canadian site that simply linked to his blog may be under threat of legal action" ... and good background here ... "Gomery Inquiry into the Sponsorship program" ... and CQ created a category just for this, click here to see the latest & greatest as it happens ... the keyword is "Adscam" ... developing ...
* Speaking of Canada ... Free Heroin for addicts! ... meanwhile, you hafta wait 3 months for real medical treatments ...
* Sergeant First Class Paul Ray Smith receives the Medal of Honor
* Zimbabwe : Election stolen
* China : Sneak Attack on Taiwan? ... 'Out of The Blue (OOTB) attack' ...

* al Qaeda's grand strategy
* Immigration : Yet more immigration stupidity ... "Our border with Mexico is completely open. Anyone who wants to get into this country can (and does) simply walk across the border. Our government has done jack shit to solve this problem. Conversely, the son of a former British prime minister, who has an American wife and children living in Dallas, has had his visa application denied."
* MSM = Morbid, Sullen, Mean ... what media bias?
* ACLU vs the Bible
* On Iraq, from Iraq
* Cao introduces the United Americans (yet another) Leftist Attack Squad
* People's Republic of San Francisco : Blogger Regulation?? ... SF pundits beware ... this is tangentially related to the McCain-Feingold Insurrection ...
* Terri : Honest, unbiased poll reveals that most Americans are fans of the Death Trifecta (Mssrs. Schiavo, Felos, Greer)
* Google (News) still doesn't like Bloggers
* Daylight savings time : dumb & dangerous? ... I agree that it is a total waste! ... "Washington is much better at wasting things than saving them" ... Hmm, did you know DST has nothing to do with farmers? I didn't.
* Google Hacking ... fun and profit?
* Blood Cells can make insulin?
* Sam Fisher back in it - "Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory" ... great sound, better AI, and about the graphics - "he best looking game out right now"
* Al GoreGoogle? ... Google, sadly - as blue as ever ...
* Some thoughts on Social inSecurity
* Hitachi to yield HDD w/ 230gb / square inch ... "perpendicular recording" ... 3D data storage
* Dems ignore Pope, Edwards knifing Kerry, (Bill) Clinton still a publicity-desperate hypocrite
* Saddam = Nazi?
* WaPo pulls a CBS/Rather - refuses to admit they were attempting to mislead ... what media bias?
* FCC makes a bad call ... does not require 'naked DSL service' to be offered, permits bundling requirements
* VA to elect another 'blue' governor? Not if Kilgore gets his way! ... expected ticket = Kilgore vs Kaine ... let's get Kilgore in!
* Missile Defense funding being pondered
* Database Rootkits?
* Autonomous spacecraft! ... "Demonstration of Autonomous Rendezvous Technology (DART) spacecraft"
* FDA goes nuclear on Elidel and Protopic
* Gamers : meet your next mouse?
* Hardware != secure
* Arianna 'I have more dollars than sense' Huffington launching a blog-hosting service ... 'the Huffington Report' ... all politics, and probably all wrong.
* Software pulls 'emotion' out of online articles ... one step closer to EPIC :)
* Robots gaining ground in Japan? ... as their population dwindles?
* NR vs CAIR, round 2? ... NR thrown down once, but not out yet ...
* Opinion Duel : Liberalism and the Economy, continues!
* PHEV - car that runs on compressed air (and electric motor) ... "Pneumatic Hybrid Electric Vehicle"
* 'Stealthy' Cel Phone towers / 'masts'
* Patent system failures : reinventing the wheel
* Climate change research is big Business ... it has become the thing it is fighting against? Oh, and newsflash : it is a very left leaning 'business'.
* Keep pushing Democracy!
* World Cup tickets +RFID
* 'All weather' LCD TV
* VideoHelp : need to backup DVDs, download DivX, etc? They can help
* ImageAfter : Bunches o' images
* Icons for Firefox
* Terri'ish : Innocents sentenced to death while illegal alien rapist get due process
* Public Schools + parents = raising whiny kids? ... "Our Islamist enemies raise their children on violence and dogma, and our kids get raised to think that a grade in red pen is something to get upset about"
* Stupid Law : Bill would impose a $100 fine on professional athletes and entertainers who charge anyone under 16 for an autograph
* Go order a limited-run T-Shirt ... and Ace says he is retiring; we shall see ...

* New OOTS! ... good shot Roy, sorry Belkar! And who knew Dwarves made such good backpacks?
* Rooster Teeth is 1yr old! ... so go watch REDvsBLUE ... NOW!
* UF : Eula?
* Bloggers : Grand Theft Comment
* True : Jawa tackles the important issues : Lauren Bush is hot ... in the comments - "Cheeze Stake Sammich Hot"
* O'Reilly interviews Yoda ... found via ItsAPundit

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