Quick Thoughts
* It is now a Comment and Trackback party @ Beth's! (wild, baby) ... I'm gonna copy her again - so leave one here as well! :P

Quick Thoughts
* Forget everything else -

I just cleared 25,000 hits!
(started counting ~01/01/05 ... although, my blogiversary is May 7th(wwkk)) ... Unbelievable!
Whoever the 25kth person was - have a virtual beer on me!
* It is Thursday! That means it is time to remind you, yes YOU, about the evil ACLU. This week's 'burst is focused on how they oppose tax exemption of all churches ... but they support it for Satanic cultists! ... Oh, and go buy something to help the cause! (Bulldozer pic now along the right also!) ... and "Let's look at some examples of the ACLU's Christians Need Not Apply hypocrisy." ... and, from Merri : "...one nation, under the ACLU..."
* It is also Cinco de Mayo .. and is it not just an excuse to get blisteringly drunk?
* Trackback party @ Beth's! ... hey, wait a minute - every day is a Trackback party here ... so leave one here too :P
* From Drudge : Today at 5:05:05 am & pm the time will be 05:05:05 05/05/005.... 05.05.005 comes only once in 1000 years and coinciding with Thursday (5th Day of the week) comes only once in 7000 yrs...

* Iraq'ish : No Court Martial for Corporal (unnamed) ... you shouldn't play possum with the USMC! (and still waiting to hear more on 2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano's case)
* Iraq : Terrorists kill ~20 outside of Baghdad ... condolences & prayers
* New York : 2 grenades blowuptify outside UK Consulate
* Afghanistan : 40 Rebels killed by American troops and Afghan police
* US : Tax receipts exceed expectations, Treasury says we just went from a deficit to a surplus ... a $54B swing (instead of borrowing another $42B, they will pay down $12B) ... partially due to the odious Capital Gains taxes and Alternative Minimum Taxes ... turning a corner, but deficit still damn high! ... "a billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking real money"! (ahem)
* Iraq : $100M missing? ... while that is newsworthy, and needs to be investigated 'Speed of Thought' wants us to remember that good news happens to - like the fact that we have captured 84 terrorists this month
* Earthquake : Panama, 6.9
* Palestine : Hamas winning election? ... not good for Mahmoud (can I call you Mahmoud?), really not good for world
* UselessNations : Kofi / OFFF (Oil for Food Fiasco)docs handed over to Congress by Robert Parton! ... go read Ace's comments!
* People's Republic ofWashington (State) : YET more on Election Theft by Gregoire
*Cali : Establishing a "Border Patrol"? ... let's hope it passes! ... and let's hope this doesn't : Bill would allow illegals to get their impounded car returned, sans penalty? ... two "get out of jail free" cards in one! ... WTF?? ... speaking of Illegal Immigration : REAL ID passes House ... Senate approval next week? ... check out FairUS for more!
* Florida : World's Tallest Condo building (110 stories) being built
* National Day of Prayer

* Buffet, on trade, taxes, terror ... not in that order, though :)
* Social inSecurity : A Win-Win? ... "That is why Social Security has a long-term deficit with a present value of $3.8 trillion. If the litmus test of a reform plan is not cutting scheduled benefits for any significant group of workers, then no viable plan to restore Social Security's solvency will pass muster" ... "If Congress decided to close the whole long-term deficit of Social Security through payroll taxes, it would have to extend this 12.4% rate to all earnings ... one of the largest tax increases in the history of the United States" ... and remember, TAX INCREASE = BAD ... found via Steve @ American Thinker ... amazing how it only takes on Ponzi scheme to wash this country in debt ...
* IBM swings axe, cuts ~13k employees ... mostly in Europe
* Cali / ESCR : More ($17M) govt handouts to ill-planned research
* Eugenics rearing its ugly head (no pun intended) ... all through the (cough) glory of baby murderingabortion
* Amazon's CEO Bezos patents 'information exchange' ... WTF??
* MS / Google : Gates vs Google ... long, but interesting, article! ... hey, speaking of Google : more Google News bias
* Spyware is a $2B/yr business!?
* (Potentially) Save Amanda, by letting her enroll in Medarex's RCT
* Italy : We will continue to stand with the US ... the right decision!
* Some thoughts on Conservative hypocrisy ... a good read; very thought provoking!
* Ford, GM - credit ratings = "junk"
* Iran : 'Know your enemy' ... some thoughts on, and history behind, the "Radioactive Mullahs" ... (also available atRightWing NutHouse) ... thanks SH!
* Clinton'ish : David Rosen facing felony charges ... "Unlike Republican Congressman Tom DeLay, Mr. Rosen is a Democratic fund-raiser, and thus has no questions swirling about him ... was the finance director for Hillary Clinton's Senate campaign" ... related, new site of the day: the Hillary Accountability Project ... "Documenting the largest campaign finance fraud in America's history"
* Qualcomm's 'Crunkies' ... location specific pseudo-blog?
* Terri'ish : More on Donald Herbert ... some setbacks, developing ...
* Coulter's obscene heckler is a wannabe/future journalist ... after Ajai Raj, 19 gets out of jail, that is ... "Do the people of Texas – hell, of America – feel that 'potty mouth' belongs on the list of punishable crimes", Raj- it is all about context and yes, sometimes it is punishable! ... and as for him becoming a journalist, doesn't the MSM have enough problems already?
* Fully map a real city into a virtual one in an hour? ... excellent for urban warfare, EMS people, and geeks!
* Some thoughts on the EU, and France's possible 'No' vote ... I truly hope France does reject the EU, the irony alone makes it worth it! ... which will probably yield "Europe 'a la carte' or a 'Two-speed Europe'"
* Project Management Dashboard via rawdog/RSS
* The myth of poor healthcare for the poor in the US
* Oil : 'Foreign Dependence' not the problem? ... while I may agree from a financial perspective, their is also the national security perspective ... and did you hear about the Utah find yesterday - a BILLION barrels! (read yesterdays NIF :P)
* UselessNations'ish : DailyKos : rescuer of clueless Dems? ... and singlehandedly responsible for the BS over Bolton's nomination? ... the good part : Blogs/Bloggers make a difference, the bad part : it was Das Kos that did it in this case ... :P ... speaking of Mr. Bolton : 'too controversial because he is too conventional'
* Kerry : Above and beyond the parking fines and baseball tickets, he also owes us ~$90k in salary that he collected whilst campaigning ... or, we could look at the bright side - we saved $215B by shooting down his legislation!
* HowTo : DIY 'Dream Notebook'?
* Seagate's 'Push Button' backup HDD (400GB) ... I have the 300GB model, and although the 'push button' part didn't work too well for me the drive itself works great and I use it all the time for backing up ... you do backup your personal computers, yes?
* In case you don't know - here is how to count in Binary!
* Fatal1ty to pwn E3
* Drive Snap Shot ... Trialware(~$53), makes lofty claims about backup capabilities (online backups, no reboots, no problems) ... direct DL here
* NIH funded research tested drugs on foster children ... state involved : "Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Colorado and Texas"
* Filibuster'ish : "For all their desire for 'unlimited debate,' the Democrats have failed to make the case that any of Bush's nominees are dangerous extremists" ... "California Supreme Court Justice Janice Rogers Brown ... her real problem is extreme Aunt Jemimahism --being a black woman who is a political conservative"
* Media bias, 'wedge issue' rhetoric and the DNC ... " When Republicans talk about same-sex marriage, it's a wedge issue. When Democrats do, it's a civil rights issue" ... goose, meet gander ... pot, meet kettle
* Go pre-order "Team America - World Police (Uncensored and Unrated Special Collector's Edition)" ... I just did!
* Muslim 'discrimination gravy train' ... "hypersensitivity can easily be converted into cash"
* Bloggers : Ogre shows us how to do "Read More" in Blogger! ... make long posts into short posts, with the 'read more' clickie!
* Kwame Kilpatrick, Detroit's mayor, likes spending your tax dollars ... and not even pretending to be for his constituents (Although the Navigator purchase helps Ford, and Ford is big in Detroit right? :P) ... PS - found this excellent blog via Jody! ... who was apparently on Dayquil yesterday ... and she has no updates today, hope she is OK!
* Some thoughts on Walmart ... and the 'much feared' Walmart Effect'
* Aaron, on movie filtering and the impact of "penis breath"
* WaPo "laments open debate; longs for smoke-filled rooms" ... yeah, what media bias? ... speaking of which : BBC - poor fact checking, or lying? ... (cough) no media bias here either!
* Insurgents or terrorists? ... I've been saying that for awhile now as well! ... found via Basil
* Rusty declare his home a Refugee Camp, invites UN's HCR to send ambassador ... wishful pics of Angelina Jolie ensue! ... let's not think about the hypocrisy post above until later, shall we? (jk)
* Idaho : 2m old gets pepper-sprayed!
* Chrenkoff shows us the downside of pissing off the US ... the last one, all I can say is DAMN ... !

* Coulter arrested for washing assailants mouth out with soap!
* True : 'IE-only sites 'useful as chocolate teapot'' ... not just IE-specific, but any browser-specific site REALLY needs to rethink what they are doing (that include MS's SharePoint-operated sites!)
* ' The Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster' ... Darth Vader's Autobiography ... found via Blogger's Buzz
* True'ish : The Worlds Funniest Joke
* Video : Steelers vs Browns ... that is just wrong, and thanks Cholup!
* DNC to counter "South Park Conservatives" with "Looney Tune Liberals" ... maybe that deserves a 'true' tag? :P

Quote of the Day
Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else. — Frederic Bastiat, French Economist (1801-1850)
--thanks Ross Putin!(lots of other excellent quotes there) ... found via CFG!

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Those wacky, "Peaceful" Dems, advocating killing Republicans:
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