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* Iraq : US missing 2 FA 18's ... developing ...
* Iraq : Car bomb kills 6, starts fire ... and a wrap-up from a bloody weekend ... condolences & prayers for all those over there; and to our armed forces - keep up the good work ... and Australians (rightly) not negotiating with terrorists ... prayers for Douglas Wood ...
* Plane carrying Honduras' President makes an 'emergency landing' at sea ... President Ricardo Maduro is unhurt ...
* Iran : "US 'deserved a punch in the mouth'" ... yeah, no reason we should see them as a threat ... "Khamenei said it was not up to the U.S. to decide which countries needed nuclear technology" - correct, it is, however, as part of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation agreement, the world's decision ...
* 25 car pileup @ Talladega ... IMHO, they need to get rid of the restrictor plates and make it a real sport again (and I don't even watch Nascar)
* N.Carolina : Two teens adrift for 6 days, rescued & OK ... Troy Driscoll(15) and Josh Long(18)
* Oil : Nearing $49 ... only ~$14 more to be right-priced!
* PFC Lynndie England to plead guilty ... and she is aka UGMO ... hahahha!
* Georgia : 'Runaway Bride May Face Charges' ... good - fine her, make her do community service, make her do jail time ... pic, links to more story, below
* AOL potenitally loses 600k employee's info ... whoops! (Hi Kim, hope your info wasn't included!)
* BLEGGING : Military family needs help

* BLEGGING : Charlotte Wyatt needs help too

* Prebuttal to Italy ... short version - Sgrena lied, guard died, Italy sighed, American Pride ... and Jawa wants to believe - help him believe, provide technical info on how satellites work ... and NOfP has some ideas, and does some math ... doesn't answer all of Jawa's questions ... Jawa has updated his site with two possibilities; one from Trader Rob and one from a 19yr USAF veteran (read at the Jawa link)
* AntiCivilLibertiesUnion : More on their two faces ... trying to reverse a ruling that they are responsible for
* PBS, biased? NYT says no ... pot, meet kettle ...
* More on the EMP threat we face, and what we should be doing now to mitigate the damage
* Time Traveler convention @ MIT ... come one, come all ... well, if you can travel through time, that is ... "Technically, you would only need one time traveler convention. Time travelers from all eras could meet at a specific place at a specific time, and they could make as many repeat visits as they wanted."
* Being a loner is bad for your heart ... if you are male, anyway
* 'Blu-ray and HD-DVD join forces'
* "Terry McAuliffe's legacy as the worst DNC head in history may come under threat from this current lunacy"
* Russia, Syria, Iran - making their own axis of evil? ... quotes Thatcher, "The worst error, as always in dealing with Russia, is naivete" ... indeed!
* Democracy - Why now? ... "the role of information and communication technology in these recent revolutions is one prominent factor that is utterly new, as the amount of attention this phenomenon has received suggests. Indeed, the Internet, blogs, cell phones, and satellite television have been prominent players in democratic movements from Egypt to Ukraine, and these technologies have served as both international and intra-national catalysts for political change"
* Historical perspective : Why Arabs lose wars
* Aaron's observations on Bush-Arafat hand-holding
* UK : 'Academic ban' - Nazi connection ... Sue Blackwell & Wendy Campbell - Holocaust denial, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories
* Commissar encourages all non-Brit's to help break their election - "Write a Brit and get him to vote" ... you remember, like the Guardian UK tried to do to ours :)
* 'Is South Park A Conservative Show?'
* 'Nanny-Staters Strike Again' ... "fixing the energy problem will take us conservatives nearly as long as the liberals took creating it"
* Math : Pi is not so random ... still non-terminating & non-repeating though ...
* StopIE ... nice!
* 'Not-so-unwelcome anti-Americanism' ...their ire means we are doing the right thing(s) ... "Is that risky and dangerous? Yes. Bad? Hardly" and "the Americans alone push for more facts about the Oil-for-Food scandal, question Kofi Annan's breaches of ethics, and want investigations about U.N. crimes in Africa. If we are mistrusted for caring about those thousands who are inhumanely treated by a supposedly humane organization, then why in the world should we wish to be liked by such a group?" ... Can I get an Amen?
* Google : Still trying to improve quality of results
* Dogs in space ... constellations, not space travelers :P
* 4th man arrested in 'buried treasure hoax'
* Iraq : Hope for a secular government?
* Fuel cells, energy sources, and technology
* Some thoughts on Bush's recent prime time press conference ... "President Bush has racked up an impressive set of victories and has repeatedly surprised the experts" ... "By managing the politics in this way, President Bush has reduced the political risk associated with Social Security reform, and probably maximized the chance that something positive can happen"
* UselessNations : Kofi is desperate - reaching out to Jews ... don't get me wrong, this is something he should have done LONG AGO ... for him, it is a major flip-flop (waffles, anyone?) - "The UN is notoriously anti-Israel, and Kofi Annan supports, in direct and indirect ways, this policy" ... It never ceases to amaze me that Kofi still has a job
* NanoTechnology : good for life, LCDs
* "Sun going private" rumor bolsters stock price
* US Forest Service 100 this year, and still savingkilling our forests? ... "environmentalists for the past thirty years have manipulated the courts and relied on activist liberal judges to obstruct the "multiple-use" models on the national forests, such as logging. Say what you want about logging, but for years commercial timber harvest provided firebreaks that checked the spread of wildfire"
* Applying 'secular logic' to Islamofascist doesn't work ... while that may seem intuitive / obvious, it is still being done by 'the west' (US) ... NOTE:NEIN doesn't provide permalinks for recent articles, so you may need to scroll down ... look for "U.S. Showing Lack of Understanding – or Honesty" (dated 2 May 2005)
* Global Warming, or less so? ... "Hint to taxpayers, who fund over $4 billion per year in climate change research ... all of these calculations are pretty much unnecessary" ... and NOfP has some thoughts on this too
* Illegal Immigration : 'Illegals Want Higher Education Discounts'
* TV show .torrents! ... decent selection!
* Sony drops the security ball for PSP's WiFi ... and the bigger question - if they had made it better, would anyone enable/configure it?
* Review of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
* Verizon ups their bid for MCI ... $26/share ... ball back to Qwest ... update : Qwest has begrudgingly given up
* Attempted abortion survivors' mother sues ... there is a language warning on this one; Beth is NOT happy
* Blair less-than-honest about UK's Nuclear intentions? ... doing the right thing in keeping their weapons up to date, however (reportedly) mis-leading his people is not the right way to approach it!
* Laura (Bush) makes some funnies
* 'The Chimera Dilemma Manifested in Sheep'
* " How many drivers licenses did the 19 hijackers who destroyed the Twin Towers have?" ... and all the more reason we need to quit pussyfooting around this topic (and that of illegal immigration as well!)
* Illegal Immigration : Minutemen Phase 1 complete, details here
* Kingdom of Heaven : Propaganda Film?
* Social inSecurity : A few thoughts on FICA ... the password is "iron parachute"
* Jeff H's thoughts on creepy Burger-King-Jesus ... and some other misc thoughts, found via Beth
* Zero-Emission fossil fuels ... cool, but still limited use (unless oil is a geothermal / abiotic product :))
* Hacking Pepsi machines
* 'Racism causes cancer' ... WaPo : " the political incorrectness of white people 'has real health implications' for ethnic minorities"
* Misc Cool Programs ... worth a look!
* 'Hacker's Guide to Quicktime'
* AntiStudy - Free cliff notes, etc.
* SuperHawk is throwing a Trackback party ... like a comment party, but different!
* Bloggers : A few thoughts on how to blog, and do it right

* New OOTS ... halfling rage jump attack
* UF : How to throw a Hissy Fit, by Steve Jobs
* Kerry threatening to release plan
* 'Let's love armpit happy'
* True / UK : 'Flying' BMW hits house ... I wonder if excessive speed was involved?
* Star Wars Geek named "Chief Namer of Space Stuff"
* True : 'Russian Pranksters Turn Lenin Into Scream Killer' ... found via RTftLC
* Dems redefining 'majority' ... "a group compelled to do the will of a smaller group"
* New ALP ... Twilight Zone reference, always good!
* Some new medicines ... "Damnitol", etc.

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