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* I have returned! South Carolina was excellent, thanks to Stacey & Brett (my Sister and Brother-in-Law) for inviting us (My Grandmother, My Mom, My Wife, my Daughter and I) down to visit - and thanks to Brett for taking me out to the quarry for some offroadin'. It was sweet, and although I got stuck (had to get pulled out by two quads! :( ) nothing of mine got broke ... I hope the other guy's quad gets better (he hydro-locked it and now it will only idle) ... oh, and my Jeep started leaking coolant about half-way down to SC - that seems to have been fixed by a can of stop-leak, I wish the steering pump leak would be addressed that easily ...
* It's Kerry180 Tuesday!
Today marks 107 days since John Kerry promised, on national TV, to sign form SF-180 and release his military records. I wonder why the good senator hasn't made good on his promise yet. Perhaps he's having trouble getting the form? To help him out, you could fax him a copy of the form. It's only 3 pages, and is available online here.
Here are the fax numbers for the senator's offices:
Washington D.C. - (202) 224-8525
Boston, MA - (617) 248-3870
Springfield, MA - (413) 736-1049
Fall River, MA - (508) 677-0275

If you don't have access to a fax machine, you can e-mail the fax by using a service like MaxEmail or eFax.
To avoid any confusion, you might include a cover letter which mentions the senator's promise, 107 days ago, to sign form 180 and release his military records. Please be polite. Cao wrote an example of a letter you could send on her last Kerry 180 post which had about the same verbiage - Don't cut / paste / send; alter it in some way / use your own words! ... Go here for more! (or to join!)
* Please continue (or start) praying for Jim, who is still in a coma (but his lungs are starting to clear up)

* Amber Alert / Idaho : Shasta(8) and Dylan(9) Groene missing, triple homicide in their house
* Uzbekistan : Slaughter of hundreds?! ... "Streets turned purple with blood, the world has not witnessed a similar scene of this magnitude since Tienanmen Square in 1989" ... condolences and prayers!
* Iraq : 24 killed, and 50 (other) bodies found ... condolences
* Newsweek runs a probably false story, 15 die in ensuing riots in Afghanistan ... they have now retracted the story altogether (that is a big deal) ... and Newsweek radio program dropped! ... and Islamic hypocrisy? ... "Islamic world blasted for protesting Quran 'story' yet staying silent on trashing of other faiths' sites" ... and media intentionally guaranteeing that Muslims gets pissed? ... and more here ... "I failed to renew my decades-long subscription to Newsweek, after realizing that I wasn't interested in the "lifestyle" features that the magazine was increasingly filled with, and that the rest of the content was freely available to me on the web by linking to the Democratic National Committee's talking points"
* President Fox retracts racist statements
* Oklahoma : +1 earthquake ... only a 2.8 ... and Clickable world map ... see earthquakes from Today, or the last week, by region (and keep click to narrow the scope) ... cool!
* Norway : "By July 1 of this year, the law mandates that companies must have a governing board made up of at least 40 percent women" or "face liquidation by the hands of the Norwegian state" ... wow, such a terrible approach! Their very corrupt Old Boy Network now to include women? ... "The primary group of people who will benefit from a situation where companies are rushing to find qualified people are women with established political careers, the ones who pushed the law through in the first place"
* Eiffel Tower parachutist falls to death ... "Investigators believe his parachute got caught in the tower's structure, causing it to detach from his body ... He continued his fall without the parachute, crashing onto the 55-meter-high (182-foot-high) first deck" (and some interesting history on other tower-jumpers
* Congress vs W ... methinks W is right, the "Highway Bill" is too costly!

* Terri'ish : Amazing what having a caring family & doctor can do ... refreshing change of pace ...
* UselessNations / Bolton : CSP's letter to Voinovich ... and amusing, barely literate rant from a Bolton-hater ... do you see what we are dealing with here?
* WASTE : secure, private file-sharing?
* UselessNations'ish : George Galloway () very fervent in hisoffense defense WRT his Oil for Food Fiasco involvement
* FCC : VOIP e911 to be required
* 38 Ways to Win an Argument ... I don't think I need help in that regard, but I'll check it out later anyway ...
* 'Join ICANN, run the Internet, see the world ' ... run the net, see the world - count me in!
* Filibuster : Time to go nuclear Constitutional? ... yes, I think it is ... and Some thoughts on the Constitution ... "Democratic "moderate" judges recognize that the Constitution is not really a binding legal document and can be altered and amended by judges based on what they perceive to be the feelings of the day. And that goes for any law -- federal or state" ... " while we get the Democrats wailing about dangerous conservative extremist judicial nominees, Democrat-appointed judges, at the federal and state levels, have made such recent rulings as that the Boy Scouts must be barred from using government property, that the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional, that homosexuals must have the right to 'marriage,' and that on election night, polls in Democrat strongholds in St. Louis have to remain open longer than in the rest of Missouri" ... "Filibusters are not part of our constitutional protections; they are the result of Senate rules. And for more than 200 years, no Senate has thought it appropriate to use the filibuster against judicial nominees as the Democrats are now using it"
* I love it when I read an article that says exactly what I just said in conversation a day or three ago, namely that the Cessna piddling over DC should have been shot down
* Buchanan : "Conservatism is dead"? ... dead is an awful strong word, Pat ... but I agree we have lost a lot of ground on social issues and the government is too damn big ... but the title of his latest book: "Where the Right Went Wrong: How Neoconservatives Subverted the Reagan Revolution and Hijacked the Bush Presidency" is going way over the top! (IMHO, naturally)
* 'Bush's battlefield position trumps the Democrats' ... "President Clinton and his team wanted to build a 'legacy.' President Bush, on the other hand, wants to get things done"
* NASA : Hubble to be saved! ... search for extra-solar planets to be delayed
* Google : The end of the Internet (as we know it)?
* Ward I am about to be fired Churchill! ... no more "little Eichmanns" for you, scumbag ... let's hope & pray that his dismissal goes through, and that we never hear from him again ...
* Aging - more than just free radicals?
* Kudzu, having conquered the South, now taking on alcohol consumption? ... "Researchers believe that an isoflavone called puerarin is the active ingredient" ... "We suspect the kudzu treatment is causing the alcohol to get into the brain more quickly" - SWEET!
* UselessNations / Iraq / Russia : Putin - bought and paid for (by Saddam) ... "it's easy to see why the Volcker team hasn't even attempted to chase the leads that were staring them in the face" ... and US a little guilty as well?
* Social inSecurity : Bait & Switch? ... "Roughly 32 months after enactment, and four years before the first American is supposed to receive benefits, the creator of Social Security proposed 'liberalizing' it by extending coverage to those not originally included, starting payments earlier than agreed upon, and making distributions larger than prescribed in the 1935 bill"
* Sony : "Ultra Compact" HD video camera ("HDR-HC1 Handycam camcorder")
* BBC to put programming online!
* HowTo : "How to Bypass Your Corporate Firewall Using SSH Tunneling" ... in case you didn't know :P
* Don't count gay marriage out yet ... "... if judges increasingly accept the argument that traditional marriage discriminates against same-sex couples out of animus ... Despite the success of state constitutional amendments, social conservatives will need to continue to make the case for traditional marriage. They can't take victory for granted in federal courts -- or the court of public opinion"
* Liver cells (modified) vs Diabetes
* Internet2 1k-10k times faster ... mmmmm, Internet2 ...
* Need to pick a color scheme for your site? ... no black!?
* ISS -1 Oxygen generator (again) ... running on reserves, 5M and counting
* France : MSM vs Bloggers, in court
* Interstate wine shipments now a go! ... SCOTUS tackling the really key issues :P
* Hey look, a group of young stars 'very close' to black hole ... "'What's amazing is that this little group of stars can survive in this hostile environment,' says Jessica Lu. 'You would think that the stars would be quickly torn apart.'"
* XBOX360 : Gates + console on cover of Time
* Sony fires back with the PSP3
* Star Wars round-up ... but they don't mention Revelations at all ... :(
* Sober-P spews right-wing 'Hate-Spam' from your (infected) machine ... in German :P ... and more here (thanks Randy)
* UselessNations : Fighting itself (WRT World Health)
* Toyota Camry to go Hybrid ... meanwhile, the Prius' are having a stalling problem
* Binary star systems fairly common
* Lab-made diamonds getting better, faster ... chemical vapor deposition (CVD) 10x faster than high-pressure/high-temperature (HPHT)
* Time Warner -AOL? ... spin-off possible
* Clustering UAVs! ... neat!
* GoogleMaps can locate your IP, and traceroute (geographically) to another! ... neat hack!
* Intel's HyperThreading is a security risk?
* The increased fuel economy Catch22 ... states punishing people for doing the right thing - that's why you need to keep the government(s) in check!
* Microsoft : Red Hat Acquisition?
* Sony : No more 3.5" FDDs! ... ah, the memories!

* OOTS#181 ... I don't think the darkness will save them ...
* 'Newsweek Reports Star Wars Episode III Script Flushed Down Toilet - Widespread Riots Ensue'
* RVB#57 available ... for sponsors; thus ends Season 3 (new DVD in the mail!)
* Who makes movies? ... zombies, writers, fluffers! ... A response to the MPAA :P
* True'ish : How do we know Star Trek will be back? ... "Because Hollywood is as creatively bankrupt as it is mortally bankrupt"
* 'They Don't Make Child-proof Journalists, So You Need to Journalist-proof Your Child'
* True : Inmates want new underwear? ... How about YOU NOT BREAK THE LAW in the first place??
* True : Geek tattoos
* True?/HowTo? : Dishwasher'ize your keyboard

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