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* Hey, it's Friday. Grab a cup of coffee, mentally prepare yourself, and then spend all day watching Today's NIF grow :) ... well, while watching this spot you should also do the right thing, help those in need (self included, but I digress) :
* Re-Blegging : Military family needs help
* Re-Blegging : Charlotte Wyatt needs help
* Blegging : Trey needs help with bandwidth costs
(I know, not on the same 'level' as those above - but still a good cause!)
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* Hurricane / El Salvador : Adrian runs aground
* NYT spends 6k words on publicizing 2 inmates' deaths ... don't get me wrong, it is bad - but : 1) when you know this is almost certainly going to result in the deaths of innocent civilians as well as US Armed Forces ... and ... 2) This is a war, and mistakes will happen! ... and 3) These were suspected criminals ... how can you justify publishing that? (and I rel=nofollow'd the link :P) ... and 'If this is how liberals support the troops, then could they please f*cking STOP already?' ... what media bias?
* Filibuster : Motion for cloture inbound today'ish ... "If five Democrats do not join with the Senate's 55 Republicans to give Frist the 60 votes he needs to proceed to an up-or-down vote for Owen, Frist plans to carry through his threat to lower the threshold needed to cut off judicial filibusters from 60 to 51. That vote -- known alternately as the 'nuclear' or 'constitutional' option -- is likely to occur on Tuesday" (emphasis mine :P )

* KoranGate'ish / MUST READ : Ali al-Ahmed : "Muslims should show some respect to others' religions" ... "This anger would have been understandable if the U.S. government's adopted policy was to desecrate our Quran. But even before the Newsweek report was discredited, that was never part of the allegations ... Indeed, the Saudi government desecrates and burns Bibles that its security forces confiscate at immigration points into the kingdom or during raids on Christian expatriates worshiping privately ... If Muslims wish other religions to respect their beliefs and their Holy book, they should lead by example" ... read the article for the rest; sadly, (free) registration reqd
* 'Intellectual property and the trade deficit' ... excellent article! ... "We are running a trade deficit because our wages are too high; we are running a trade deficit because their wages are too low; we are running a trade deficit because our currency is overvalued; we are running a trade deficit because their currencies are undervalued; we are running a trade deficit because we're buying too many foreign products. These would all be great answers if they were true. Let me add another explanation: we are running a trade deficit because we re-directed our economy away from producing hard goods and towards services and the production of intellectual property and the world is just full of people who don't believe that intellectual property makes any sense" ... found via Rick @ RWNH
* UselessNations : "United Nations Reform Act of 2005" ... US could withhold $$$ until UN reforms ... SWEET, I really wish this would pass! (not too likely, but we'll see!)
* 'Critical Shortage of IT Workers in Coming Years' ... I smell a raise! ... On the other hand, 'Technology Paradise Lost' ... :(
* Separation of Church and State ... NOT ... Cao brings us some quotes from the founders of this country, and a little gem from the SCOTUS itself
* More on FoleyGate ... "Jean-Francois al Qerry"
* Chase is deploying 'touchless' credit cards ... I am thinking "more credit card fraud", "more identity theft" ... how about you?
* Social inSecurity : MSM distorts, omits, lies ... what media bias?
* MS : WinXP/2k3 "LAND vuln = no big threat"
* Texas / DeLay : Conflict of interest? DA Earle stumping for Dems ... and even more ironic/moronic - Earle also said the following, AT A FUND RAISER - "Money brings power and power corrupts" - so, I think everyone should help him 'not be further corrupted' by not giving him any money :P ... and more here
* Autonomous Toureg to hit the desert in DARPA Grand Challenge 2005
* XBOX360 : Price rising?
* Global Warming : Ice cap growing ... again, I am apparently a 'coolist'
* Islamofascists are OK, it is the US that must change
* Women in combat? ... no
* Democracy in Ethiopia? Sadly, no.
* Beth brings us Bill Whittles' Sanctuary ... "Civilizations fall because the people inside the Sanctuary throw open the gates" ... indeed!
* Japan : Freak RoboCat ... found via DIGG ... "creators of the NeCord cat robot should be fined and jailed for ignoring the the Uncanny Valley study, which found that robots that are almost-but-not-quite-completely lifelike are scary"
* US will provide W protection during G8 ... since we cannot afford to rely on others (think grenade in Georgia)!
* Walmart's DVD rental-by-mail ceded to NetFlix ... now all NetFlix has to do is lower their cost and beat BlockBuster, that's all ... :)
* Freak calf has +1 leg and +2 hooves ... may still make a tasty steak one day
* Illegal Immigration : Introducing the "2005 Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act" ... sign me up!
* How about an English language ... llamas included!
* Google : Have you seen IG? "My Google"
* "People need to lose their jobs at Newsweek" ... and, just for good measure, KoranGate
* SWEPIII = good, except for the recurring Anti-Bushiness?
* North Carolina : Kids sick, play hooky, etc? Parents go to jail
* Unions screw the people
* Grenade @ Bush ... Madonna's idea? ... I have never scene the video in question, but surprised noone else mad the connection!
* Lefties : "Support for War = Go enlist" ... Rightie response : "Support of gay marriage = _______" ... you can fill in the blank, yes? :)
* Basil beats me to too many cool stories ... so, um, you should go there. But not until you are done here! ... and then you should go to MadTech's recurring "Friday WTF"! for more! (there is a better than even chance that I copied atleast one link from him)
* Filibuster : "I think the Democrats started this fight. I think they did" :)

* OOTS #183 is in the hizzle! ... vomit at the halfling? (and doesn't that mean the dragon can't breath?)
* "We in the West have to understand that Muslims are basically a backward people, really just children who are easily stirred up into a frenzy any time they are insulted. It's in their blood. They're like Latinos. They can't control themselves like us Westerners."
* Mohammed was a Jewish baker ... "Ayatollahs, Arab terrorists and assistant managers of 7-11s ..."
* Dave Chappelle : "I'm not crazy" ... "the runaway bride has said she would like to meet the runaway comedian"
* 'Bush vows revenge against Sith'
* Andrew Sullivan Parody ... sweet! (and check the sidebar for the ASFOAS!) ... found via Ace!
* Gates pledges $250M to WHO to combat WinXP Virii
* NBC's peacock has lost the will to live, starving self
* W issues a challenge to America - produce the Perfect Romantic Comedy
* Star Wars, in ASCII!
* "Andrew Sullivan's thighs quivered. He hadn't been this turned on since he saw the Abu Ghraib photos. The boyfriend and the beagle were in for a rough night." ... you have to click to see :)
* Introducing the "Koran-Accommodating Islamoflusher" ... "'If Krap King can make an extra buck by being able to flush all the major religious books,' said another employee, 'get ready for our Atheist 4000 model'"
* "With the ballyhooed release of yet another sub-par George Lucas vehicle, which will undoubtedly rely on overwhelming special effects to distract from horrible acting and even worse dialog, I thought I would share some Star Wars-related items as seen through the eyes of my 3"
* True : Disabled man saved by breast milk ... I think the focus should be more on the scumbag kids who would set anyone on fire, let alone a disabled vet!
* HowTo : Make a Jedi Robe
* If only SATs were based Star Wars knowledge! ... "These results should leave little doubt that the president’s ‘No Child Left Behind’ program is making a difference" ... "Harvard President Lawrence Summers said he would spend $50 million to make Harvard’s faculty more diverse and an additional $10 million to send flowers and candy to female faculty members" ... HA!
* God's plan involves this man kidnapping Ford's CEO
* Obese rabbit sues McD's
* 'Muslim teen abducts puppy, threatens decapitation unless Philippino teacher cancels algebra test'
* "Internet celebrity checked himself into a mental health facility in Yugoslavia"
* Runaway Bride intrudes on White House airspace
* Humor, delayed
* Communist China? ... not what you think!
* 'Principal hates underachievers, overachievers'
* Cop gets away with speeding, time travel
* 'Shi’ites vow to hold breath until US leaves Iraq' ... self-resolving problem? :)
* 'Russian Grenadiers only "days away" from acquiring pin-pulling technology'
* 'Kerry threatens to talk for one hour' ... "Could be violation of Geneva Conventions, legal scholars say"
* Brazil : New delicious species of Monkey discovered
* Misappropriated Star Wars quotes
* Flat-chested Sorenstam only a perky set of c-cups away from super-stardom
* (Waiting for) ALP #114!
* ItsAPundit is Clown-Blogging
* Quotes from Team America: World Police ... not for kids; and mine is in the mail (Amazon holding me back)
* Flash : Star Wars, the 'cliff notes version :P ... not safe for kids ... and links to other cool (not safe for kids) stuff!

Quotes of the Day
Above all, we must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today’s world do not have.
--thanks Ronald Reagan, viaMichael!

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.
--thanks Andrew Carnegie viaRaven!

CardiacVio : Dude, are you skipping home school again?
Metatag : Yep, I'm in the computer lab at the high school.
--thanks BASH!

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